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  Wheelock Building Undergoing Renovation

Posted: July 16, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Wheelock Building RenovationsIt's 9AM on a Monday morning.  Steve Rumpler, Sr. Project Manager for DND, works in the Office of Business Development where Boston's Restore program (to assist businesses with storefront presentation) is managed.

He is just crossing Columbia Rd and heading into the Wheelock Building, one day after a Renovations crew removed the signage backing that was precariously on its way down already.  Working from early on Sunday morning until well in the afternoon, the Renovations crew  carefully removed the signs and wood to reveal historic decorative stone molding and a building exterior in dire need of repair. 

The Wheelock Building is considered one of Uphams Corner's historic buildings and runs from 554 to 562 Columbia Road.

Constructed in 1890, this yellow brick building was named in honor of A.P. Wheelock, who operated a large livery stable at 531 Columbia Road. In earlier years, Wheelock Hall provided meeting spaces for local groups, and a dance hall (named Fox Hall) on the fourth floor.

Today, the building includes residential units, retail space on the ground level, and at 558 a bowling alley on the third floor and a billiard hall on the second. The building's fourth floor currently sits vacant.

Win-Win Situation for All

According to a spokesperson from Main Street, "No, the Renovations was not one of the Uphams Corner Main Street Design Committee official projects." 

"But," says Mr. Rumpler, "This looks like a wonderful potential improvement project that could take advantage of the Office of Business Development's Restore Program."  He smiled as he jauntily entered the building, ascending the beautiful staircase that leads to the pool hall and further up the stairs, to the dance hall.

Wheelock Building Renovations Wheelock Building Renovations
Wheelock Building Renovations Wheelock Building Renovations

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