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Welcome to a New Year for the Friends of the Uphams Corner Library

Friends of the Uphams Corner LibraryA New Year Begins at the Health Festival

After taking the summer off, the Friends of the Uphams Corner Library begin their new year of activities on September 9 with a table at the Uphams Corner Health Center 2012 Festival.
Plan to stop by the Strand Theatre between 11am and 2pm on September 9.  The Uphams Corner Health Festival will be in full swing and the Friends will be hosting an information table. 

Meet some Friends, learn more about the group and add your name to their mailing list.  Then plan to attend one of their monthly Friends meetings.

First Friends Meeting of the Year
Saturday, September 15, 2012 9:30 am
Uphams Corner Library

How the Friends Support the Library

 The Friends support the UC Library in several ways
  • Helping to fund existing programs
  • Helping to  create new programs
Last year, the Friends held a “Pool Party” to raise money for their activities and the year before that they held a book sale.  This year a new board member with three children, Dana Weaver, helped organize the Lego Club. 

Alexis Frobin who helped restart the Friends a couple years ago after a 10 year hiatus will be stepping down from active involvement because she is going back to school.  But she is enthusiastic about the new officers. “With totally new people in charge, it will be exciting to see how the talents and skills of the new people coming in will shape the focus of the Friends. Actually, our group has done quite a lot but it will be exciting to see if we can do more in the future. “

She added: “I think recruiting more people to work actively with the Friends would be a good priority for the group.”   

Recently elected officers and board members:

Willie Pleasants (president)
Katherine Jenkins (treasurer)
Josette Teneus (secretary)
Dana Weaver (board)
Carol Wideman (board)
Nahndi Moulta-Ali (teen board member)

About Willie Pleasants
Willie Pleasants
Willie Wideman-Pleasants is an author, poet, producer, and cable show host.  Her books are compilations of educational, entertaining, uplifting, and thought-provoking short stories and poems.   Her main goal is to encourage reading and inspire with her spoken word.

She is the producer and host of her own Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) cable television show called “Willie’s Web” where she interviews other authors and artists to share their journey.

As a volunteer Team Leader for a program called Jumpstart she inspires three and four year old children to help build crucial learning skills. 
She is also a co-founder of a professionally published author group called, “Authors Without Borders” that offers workshops, speaking engagements and panel discussions.

Books and other Publications:

1nd “Ain’t That The Truth,” April 4, 2007  
2nd “Make Truth A Habit,” March 3, 2009
3rd Co-authored book with Authors Without Borders, called “Loose Ends,” 2010

Boston Seniority Magazine has published several of her short stories.
Gift of the Great Spirit has published one of her famous poems.

Posted: August 28, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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