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Vote, Sweet Vote

Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Larry Fabian

Reported from the polling station at the corner of Columbia & Bird in the basement under the Upham's Corner lirary and the Bird Street Gym.
Just after 9am, our local polling place seemed busier than usual inside. In past elections, we remember seeing only one or two other voters - that is:  after walking down the ramp to our cozy voting area, and after running a gauntlet past 4-8 campaigners trying to convince us: 

"Vote for [my candidate]."  "No, vote for [MY candidate].  

This morning there were only two campaigners.

Voting Day - Upham's Corner - 11/2/10

Virginia Street resident Alma Finneran to the right with two later Lawton supporters.

Inside the Bird Street municipal building the voting room was crowded --  maybe ten residents waiting to cast their ballot.

It was the first time we ever had to wait in line to slip the ballot into a voting machine.

We tried but the police officer said:  "No pictures allowed inside and . . .you can't talk with the poll workers."
Outside the atmosphere was different.  The two sidewalk campaigners were happy to chat and smile. Neither lives in Upham's Corner. Both thought the turnout was light.

Julie of Charlestown, working for Barry Lawton, encouraged all to vote to increase our voice in the larger political system. She, of course, thought Barry would carry our voices farther on Beacon Hill. 

A man working for Henriquez wouldn't give his name, but said he lives in Mattapan and thinks Carlos is a great guy.

Voting Day - Upham's Corner - 11/2/10

Jill of Charlestown and Mr. X of Mattapan smile in rivalry

Tomorrow, we move on.

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