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Victory Programs Revision Urban Farm Offers Seedlings

Posted: February 24, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

What was the very first culture? According to food afficionados, the first culture was AGRI CULTURE.  Easy to believe.  What brings people together better than a table or plate of delicious and nutritious food?

AGRI BUSINESS has stolen away (we have allowed this) our responsibility for staying in touch with Mother / Father Earth from which much of our nutrition derives.

We have a chance to change all that.  Victory Programs with admin offices within walking distance of Upham's Corner and a REAL DORCHESTER Farm just off Blue Hill Ave is offering quality seedlings.  But the DEADLINE is soon.

Victory Revision Urban Farm
Victory Programs is a Boston wide, human services nonprofit with group homes, transition homes and a farm.  Officialy called the ReVision Urban Farm, it is part of their transitional housing program.

Victory Program administrative offices are located at 975 Dorchester Ave, a short walk from Upham's Corner.  See photo below

Located at 38 Fabyan Street in Dorchester, the farm's growing season starts early.  They plant seedlings for use on the farm as well as for sale to the general public.  While they know how many seedlings to grow for their own use, they will plant seedlings for the general public based on orders placed no later than the end of February, which is right now.

Their mantra is "Unique varieties of seedlings, grown locally and sustainably, at ReVision Urban Farm."

According to their brochure,

"We have selected the best tasting and easiest to grow varieties of vegetables to get your garden off to a great start. Our seedlings are grown using only sustainable growing practices and natural fertilizers and pest controls. We never use genetically modified seeds and we only use untreated seeds."

How Can I Participate in this Program?

Fill out order and mail
Due: Monday, Feb 27, 2012
Victory Programs
965 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02118
  • Include a check made out to Victory Programs, Inc with the following written on the memo line:

    "ReVision Urban Farm seedling payment"
The Last Minute Crowd
For those of us who do everything at the last minute, there is still hope.  Give Jolie a call and make an arrangement on how to get your order in.  If necessary, she will take the order over the phone.

Jolie Olivetti 617-822-3276

Pickup Date
Saturday May 19, 2012 9am - 3pm

Pick Location 38 Fabyan Street, Dorchester, MA (the farm)

**IMPORTANT! Please bring a box or tray to carry your plants home on May 19! We cannot provide trays for everyone.

Jolie explained that the term "certified organic" is fraught with both cost and bureaucracy these days. [UCN words]

"While we never order treated seeds, not all the seeds we order are grown organically because they can be very expensive.  We do not use any chemicals that are not approved for the organic production of our seedlings.  Although we are not a certified organic farm, we like to say people can come here and watch us work.  We don't need to pay for the middle man to give us the certification."

ReVision Urban Farm gets it's potting soil from Ideal Compost Company which is in New Hampshire.  This soil is brought in for their own use.

UCN:  Can you give a recommendation on where to get potting soil that isn't contaminated with heavy metals?

Jolie:  Actually we get that question a lot.  People not only want to have potting soil for growing their own seedlings but people in the city who want to have their own gardens scratch their heads about where they are going to get the soil. The build a garden program is a great resource.  People can get potting soil from a gardening store store.

Maybe they're growing their own compost.  Maybe they have a worm bin in their house.  Or maybe they have an earth machine out door compost bin.  They can then use the compost to mix in with topsoil they get from a community garden.

UCN:  So it sounds like the most trustworthy way to get good soil is to grow your own.

Jolie also recommended Apple D'Or Tree, Inc on American Legion Highway.  Anytime you're getting compost from a landscaping company you could have ask them to show you the results of their soil tests.   I have used Apple D'Or in my own home gardening .  Their quality may vary year-to-year.  You have to specifically ask what soil is recommended for vegetable gardening.


Victory Programs Admin Offices

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