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Urbanity Dance presents "The Story of Stuff"
Strand Theatre, December 4, 2010, 7pm

Urbanity Dance - The Story of StuffSustainability and dance? Is that possible?

 The city of Boston is blessed with a modern dance group, Urbanity Dance, that has gained international fame in a very few years. The word "urbanity" is gaining increased usage and refers to the characteristics, personality traits, and viewpoints associated with cities and urban areas.

The organization's dancers come from strong technical backgrounds in dance, and aim to use their formal training to push boundaries and affect change. Their performances are often a product of cross-disciplinary collaboration with other local musicians, fashion designers, even architects.

Their chosen name is more than a shingle hung out for passersby. It is a mantle that guides their work. Urban humanity, insanity, profanity and vitality make up a function they call "philosophy." It is the pair of glasses through which they see the world interpreted as dance. It is the mantle that protects them as they explore the edges of their reality. It is the spiritual energy that allows them to celebrate each other and express it through movement.

Urbanity Dance Website
In late 2007 Annie Leonard produced The Story of Stuff, an animated documentary focusing on consumerism.

In this video she takes us to the source of raw materials and guides us through their conversion into consumer materials and its impact on our planet. She concludes the journey - where else? - at the landfills, or worse, incinerators.

She emphasizes "linearity" of the mass consumerism process, that it operates without any consideration for sustainability.

"Use it" then "lose it."

Her 20 minute documentary packs into its short viewing a lengthy list of issues that block efforts to build a more sustainable and just world. 
(View the documentary below)
Urbanity Dance's visionaries and choreographers, because of how they approach the world, chose to take on "The Story of Stuff" and to interpret it in dance. What an incredibly exciting project!

For anyone interested in sustainability issues, economic justice and urban sanity, this is a can't-miss event.
Tickets are available only online through the organization known as Brown Paper Tickets.  They call themselves "The first and only fair-trade ticketing company."

Tickets are $24 with $1.99 service fee.  It's best to go with Will Call Tickets.  According to their website:

"You will not receive a physical ticket, rather your name will appear on the list at the door of the event. You will need to provide your ID for admittance. "Will-call" offers the greatest flexibility for making changes to your order, allows you to resell your tickets, and potentially allows the option for a full refund for up to 12 hours."

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See you there.
Do you have 20 minutes right now? Watch "The Story of Stuff."   You'll be one of over 1 million viewers, all of whom are looking to change our world.

Not right now? Be sure to come back soon.

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