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Uphams Corner Vaccinates Almost 400 Amidst Flu Pandemic

Emergency Public Health Crisis

Getting  a flu shotOver two days (Jan 11-12), the Uphams Corner Health Center saw and vaccinated nearly 400 people at their flu clinics. Considered an emergency public health crisis in Boston, flu clinics and vaccinations have been a top priority.

While the health center had been offering flu clinics throughout the Fall season and then Fridays in January, the astonishing number of confirmed flu cases in Boston prompted additional action.

In 2012, influenza rates in the area had been reported as 70 confirmed cases. This year, before the flu season is half way done, Boston has reported over 700 cases and a handful of deaths.

Close to 400 People Vaccinated

On Friday, January 11, the Upham’s Corner Health Center vaccinated 195 people. On Saturday, 199 people were vaccinated.

The population that came out was mixed among age and genders. What Peri Levina, a flu coordinator, noted was ,” There were more school aged children than we’re used to seeing.”  Yvonne Tse, a woman vaccinated on Saturday, said,” I live with a health care worker, and I thought it would be prudent to get a shot. She’s been needling me to get one.”

Flu clinics are still going on at Upham’s Corner Health Center every Friday in the month of January. If you would like additional information, contact the Upham’s Corner Health Center at 617-287-8000.


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Posted: January 14, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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