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Uphams Corner UP Market Debrief and 2014 Planning

The concept of a Soho-like market for Uphams Corner, dubbed UP Market, has evolved out of the Uphams Corner Art Place grant provided by the Boston Foundation. The final 2013 UP Market event took place at the Strand Theatre during the José Matteo presentation of The Nutcracker, the weekend of Dec 22. A follow up meeting has been scheduled for January 30, 2014 to debrief and to plan for future events – UCMS office. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Final 2013 UP Market at  the Strand

Sherwin Long and UP MarketOut of the Uphams Corner Art Place endeavor has evolved the concept of an UP Market, a periodic open market in Uphams Corner for small entrepreneurs, somewhat modeled after the very successful South End SoHo but on a much smaller scale. These efforts have been spearheaded by Max McCarthy of Uphams Corner Main Street and Liora Beer of Art Morpheus.

The final 2013 UP Market event took place on the weekend of December 22 while the José Matteo ballet was performing The Nutcracker at the Strand Theater. Arts vendors were given the opportunity to sell their products before the show began, at the intermission and at the end of the performance.  Over the course of three days, there were five performances and thousands of people in attendance. It has been reported that some vendors did well and others poorly.

Art shown is extracted from the Art of Sherwin Long who prepared a drawing depicting how the UP Market would look. 

More of Sherwin Long's art can be seen at his Facebook page: 
Long Way From Home: Art of Sherwin Long

Debrief and Planning for 2014

For the vendors present during any part of UP Market at the Strand, Max and Liora are asking for feedback (see below). They have also scheduled a meeting for January 30 to debrief the event and initiate a planning process for 2014.  Max states he will be giving "a presentation of a draft financial and event plan for a series of events in 2014."

The UP Market head honchos say they are planning year round engagement opportunities for artists and artisans. They plan to offer workshops on various business obligations and practices for artists including registering a business, permits, and marketing strategies. And they are open to other topics as well.

Anyone interested in the Uphams Corner UP Market and attending the January 30 meeting should contact Max McCarthy at max@uphamscorner.org.

UP Market Meeting
Thu 1/30/14 6pm
545 Columbia Rd, UCMS Office
2013 Debrief, feedback and planning 2014

Vendor Survey 

As a (potential) vendor, please fill out this survey to help us organize future markets.

Was this market a success for your business? Why or why not?
Did you promote yourself or the market before the event? How?
What did you think of the vendor profile sheet that was provided to the holiday market participants for their tables?
How would you improve it?
(Optional) Can you be specific in how much sales you did per event?
Would you like to participate in any upcoming UP Markets in 2014?
Based on your experience today, what would you change for future markets?
Are you interested in helping to plan these future markets? __Yes __No
Are you interested in attending workshops on best business practices for artists?  If so, what times are best?

Posted: Jan 25, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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