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Uphams Corner Street Festival 2013 - Planning Continues in March 2013

Purpose of Street Festival

Max MacCarthy thanked everyone for continuing their support of the Street Festival event and encouraged them to invite others to participate as well. The group is still very much in a planning phase.  Critical meetings have been canceled due to snow storms. 

What is the event focus – business involvement or people having fun?  Everyone agreed that making sure participants had a good time is the primary focus. Business involvement would naturally fall out of that. We want to sell the fun through the messaging and the marketing.

Information Pre-release

The group approved one of the logos submitted by Nancy Conrad.  Generating a "Pre-Release" early was a hot topic of conversation:  flyers tailored to different target audiences, multiple languages, simple flyers for some and more complete for others.  Ideas should be sent into Max.  The group agreed that making suggestions to businesses on how to participate so it would benefit them was a good idea because each business type of participation might be very different and ideas always help.

Assumption:  Businesses with a storefront will offer sidewalk sales.  For other businesses, the committee needs to provide tables in a central location.

Event Activities
  •      Walking tour of Uphams
  •      Stage with performances
  •      Sidewalk sales and information tables
  •      Strand events
  •      Tour Nonquit Green and agricultural activities
  •      Maybe tour of cemetery

Groups Participating so Far

This year's event is expected to be larger than 2012. There are already more people signed up in March than participated last year. Max suggested that we do some research on other similar events in other cities and states and see what we can learn. 

Goal:  Identify all participants by the end of March. 

  •      Health center is going to have an Information table, blood pressure screening , etc.
  •      Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre is looking for a potential collaboration with Bird St youth
  •      Teen empowerment is also on board.
  •      Beto has invitation to MAPS
  •      CV Unido said yes and will probably have an information table. 
  •      DBEDC Youth force – face painting and info table.
  •      But though contacted the Cape Verdean Adult Daycare Center.  No response yet.   
  •      City school is going to do a capoeira Brazilian dance something like that.
  •      Trotter Inst is thinking about doing a Stage reading at different sites around the city. 
  •      Still need to get Humphreys St Studios involved

Nonquit Green

Tony Durso, representing the Nonquit Green, and himself a huge fan of urban agriculture, talked about the Green as a focal point, not for activities (the Green is small) but rather for vision.  He is working now with The Food Project to bring in youth to help build a garden at the end of Nonquit Street.  At festival time (Aug 17), it would be great if fresh produce, locally grown, could be sold inexpensively to attendees or even given away.

Event Location

Concerns were raised that the event should be organized around a central location with the possibility of "spokes" leading out to additional activities. "We want to make sure that the central location is obvious and serves as a magnet for visitors. Max will be meeting with the City on March 21 to get advice and help - The City recently acquired a "popup stage" and Max will ask about that.

Event Logistics and Costs
Cost categories identified: Equipment, stage and audio, printing and promotion costs, permits and licenses, paying performers, cleanup, permitting, insurance and police detail. 

Empire Party Rental of Massachusetts rents tables for around $15 and chairs for around $3 each.  What is the best way to encourage involvement and recover costs?  Fred will contact Jose at DSNI to get more information about their Multicultural Festival set up and costs.  Ideas bantered about for cost recovery included charging for tables and chairs, have vendors contribute a portion of their sales or businesses contribute their own equipment.  "Bottomline," said Fred:  "Keep it simple."

Locations:  Possible locations include:
  • Columbia Rd
  • Citizens Bank parking lot at Cushing Ave
  • Stoughton Street
  • Behind CVS in the parking area
The group agreed that Columbia Road was the best location.  Identifying the event location and moving forward on permitting, etc, is one of the primary topics to be taken up at the meeting with the City.

Next meeting: March 25 6pm. 

Attendees:  Fred Woodard, Max MacCarthy, Nancy Conrad, Carol Lopez, Carolle Nau, Hermitao Rosa (Beto), Tony Durso.

Posted: March 19, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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