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Posted: March 13, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

"Reach Out and Touch Someone"

The Bell System's famous advertising line,
generates an image of caring,
understanding and community. 
  • We do not live alone.  
  • We live in a tightly interconnected world.
  • We are all related at some fundamental level.
Reach Out and Touch the World

Caring about ourselves, our families, our homes, our neighbors and our community
makes sense and adds so much meaning to our lives.

Reach out
- shake the hand of your neighbor. 

Reach out - help an elderly person into the clinic. 

Reach out - you see a child getting too close to the street.

Reach out - welcome the visitor to your hometown.

Reach out - bless the world around you with your kindness.
Reach Out and Touch the World

Reach Out and Touch the WorldUpham's Corner News maintains a focus within the greater Upham's Corner community.  That is our foundation, and we will continue to get to know the people, the businesses and other organizations that both live here and care about our community.  Yet we cannot operate with blinders on anymore than the world can stand still.  

Reaching out for an interview, for a photograph or for an understanding necessarily leads us, UC News, down paths created by others to new and previously unimagined adventures. 

Like catching the sight of an intricate spider web shimmering with sparkling dew in the early morning sun, we come alive, and are revitalized and energized by the people we meet.  

Unlike the spider waiting for its prey to get caught in the sticky strings of that nearly invisible web, we will be traveling the silken and flowing threads of a much larger web that ties our community into the world.  
The world at your fingertips
The juncture of Upham's Corner and the world around us is like the placental barrier separating mother and child.  We, the burgeoning community, are about to create for ourselves a distinct identity. 

But it can only happen if we reach out, touch the world around us and make a difference.

It is time for Upham's Corner to carve a unique identity, to create a name for itself - more than just a micro-community of Dorchester, more than just a village of Boston.

Come alive, Upham's Corner and beyond! 

Let us wake up each and every morning asking ourselves:  "How can I make a difference today?" 

Reach out, Upham's Corner.  Reach out and touch the world!

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