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Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A newspaper needs to know its target audience - geographic area, age range, special interests, etc.  By our very name, the term "Upham's Corner" will serve as a defining guide for what is included in the newspaper and what is not. 

So ... If it affects our community, we'll write about.  If people living in Upham's Corner are interested in it, we'll include it on our website.

We might say that our target audience is:

  • Anyone living or working in Upham's Corner
  • Any organization making decisions that affect Upham's Corner or
  • Anybody interested in Upham's Corner

As nice as these guidelines sound, we still do not have a clear definition of who/what constitutes the Upham's Corner community.  Still there is so much to write about, we are unlikely to run into the dilemma of finding an interesting topic that somebody says really isn't "Upham's Corner"(y) enough.

Anyone living close to the intersection of Columbia Road and Dudley Street has no problem saying: "Yes, I live in Upham's Corner."  But as you travel further out along the radius from these crossroads, you are more likely to find residents who say "no."

As a newspaper, we, too, can travel this radius in any direction and wonder: "Am I still in Upham's Corner?"  I can arrive some distance from the real Upham's Corner and encounter a newsworthy story.  But am I really still in Upham's Corner?  If no, then maybe I need to backtrack and find a different story.

Many social service and development organizations are home to Upham's Corner.  Some of their activities are clearly within our environs while others are focused on neighborhoods that include Upham's Corner but go well beyond.  What do we report on? What they do? Or what we care about?

So the first topic of interest is "boundaries."
  • When we look, what are we seeing and why?
  • When we look, what kinds of lenses are we wearing and does this make a difference?
  • If we ask an outsider what they see, what kind of answer do we get?
  • Is there more than one type of boundary and does that knowledge help us better understand who we are?
We like the idea of being clear about who we are.  That old expression: "There are boundaries!"  (meaning: "Don't trespass here”) helps to mediate what we should include in the newspaper and what we should not.  We still might decide to report on something outside the area because it looks interesting enough to be imported into Upham's Corner

The topic “Defining Upham's Corner” is diverse enough to warrant a series of articles.   

  1. Where did the name" Upham's Corner" come from?  
  2. How long has the term "Upham's Corner" been around?  
  3. When did Bostonians start to use the term "Upham’s Corner" to describe where they live?  
  4. Who else has defined Upham's Corner, how and why?  
And that's just the beginning.  Once we know the answer to the question "Where is Upham's Corner?" we can begin answering the question: "Who lives in Upham's Corner?" 

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