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Upham's Corner News - Major Milestones in Two Short Months

Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Upham's Corner News recently met milestones set at the onset of publication.  We're growing and already making a difference in the Upham's Corner community.
  • Over 100 pages of content 
  • Moved to a permanent domain name - www.uphamscornernews.com
Over the next several months, we'd like to add more contributing writers and substantially grow our readership.  This is all contingent on our continued ability to adhere to quality content and timely publications.  We look forward to serving you and our future community of readers.
Over the first two months of publication we evolved a set of presentation standards (CSS - scading stylesheet) and we acquired the right domain name:  www.uphamscornernews.com.

Moving our newspaper from one domain name to another was an opportunity to retrofit the earlier pages into the new standards.  Accomplishing this goal was  important.  Before too many readers set booksmarks or other websites create linkbacks, it was incumbent on us to locate ourselves in our new home.   What a relief!

BE SURE ... to update your links and bookmarks to the next website address.
We place a hgh emphasis on quality content and reporting - accuracy, balanced writing tone and a focus on our home base - who we are and what impacts us.  

At the same time, we want to "dress" well - professional, upbeat and no "missing buttons."  In other words everything about our presentation to the community is important.

Recently we asked our Advisory Board for feedback on a couple items:
  1. How are we doing? 
  2. Topics of interest
  3. Our "look"
Board feedback was positive.  We are doing well.  Board suggestions have been implemented in this issue.  We'd like to share these wiith you.
  1. Events option added
  2. News Index reorganized
  3. Header - color and layout changed
Events Option
UC News is now providing a convenient and useful link to several Upham's Corner area organizations that maintain online calendars.  Click on EVENTS.  Click on the organization of your choice and their online Calendar of Events opens.

This suggestion came from feedback that was focused on the Strand Theater. Our readers would like the Strand to better serve our local community.

News Index Reorganized
We have reached the 100 page milestone.  Providing a chronological listing of our articles was ok in the early days, but no longer.  During this next phase, we are using a "topical" approach.  In the future we will need to supplement with a search capability.

Header Design (see below)
We prepared at least ten optional header designs - background and text colors.  To our great surprise the "vote" was split along gender lines.  

The Mars component (males) selected a light gray color scheme and submitted arguments substantiating their choices.

The Venus component (females) had one requirement - color - and no reasons why.     

Color!  We want color.  Give us color!

Wow!  Talk about a dilemma.  One group prefers the absence of color; the other insists on the presence of color.

Our solution was to introduce a strong color through the font while minimizing the background color.  We sampled the color of the clouds in the cemetary photo and used a toned down version as the background color and an intensified version as the font color.  We'll stick with this new header for now.

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