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#68 1/09/13 Happy & Healthy New Year to All

For New Years, Promote your Strengths
UCMS Honors for Holiday Decorations
Uphams Corner Visioning Forum 2/2/13
Former Cape Verde Pres to Speak at Wellesley
BYF Hopeline Summer 2013 Job Registration

#69 1/11/13  Public Health Emergency

UCHC: Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Program
Health Emergency- Free Flu Clinics Provided

#70 1/25/13 Discovering Uphams Corner in 2013

Uphams Corner - Arts
Uphams Corner
City of Boston
More Articles

#71 2/1/13 Uphams Corner Visioning Forum

Uphams Corner
Mayors Against Gun Violence
City of Boston
General Information

#72 2/12/13 Roadway Improvements


Nemo SuperStorm
Earth Day
Black History Month Poetry

#73 2/15/13 Black History Month

Black History Month - Beginning 1926 in the United States Black History Month Index 2013
Boston Ballet at the Strand Theatre & ArtPLACE Open House
North Shore Transportation Forum Feb 25, 2013
Should we Celebrate Black History Month?
Planning the Uphams Corner Street Fair 2013

#74 2/25/13 Boston Ballet at the Strand

Boston Ballet at the Strand - Entertaining & Engaging
Huntington & SpeakEasy - Powerful Performances
Cultural Events Manager - Open Letter to Main Street
Successful Open Mic Poetry Night at the Uphams Corner Library

#75 2/28/13 Declaration of Indepence - Equality for All

Declaration of Independence - Equality for All
Awakening the Conscience of America
Black History Month Poetry & Prose

#76 3/07/13 South Bay Expansion Planned

South Bay Expansion Planned - Community Charette
Focus on People: G. Michael Tzerai
Boston NAACP Takes Youth to Harlem
Photos: Sarah Takagi Concert

#77 3/13/13 State Reps to Particpate in Evacuation Ceremonies

Evacuation Ceremonies
Early March Snowfall - Uphams Corner Wearing White
Sunday Morning at Christ the King Dorchester
Summer Jobs for 14-17 year olds at The Food Project
Phishing Scam Email from Mombasa Kenya

#78 3/19/13 Evacuation Day at Shirley-Eustis House

Evacuation Day at the Shirley-Eustis House    
First Annual Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference
Boston and Cambridge Hold Joint Hearings on Retaining MassTalent   
Dorchester Day Parade Fundraiser - Annual Meatloaf Dinner March 21, 2013
Uphams Corner Street Festival 2013 Planning Continues

#79 3/22/13 Sixth Annual Earth Hour

Sixth Annual Earth Hour and Lights Out Boston
Improve Your Eco-Awareness - Rechargeable Battery Recycling
Who is the Winner:  Highways, Public Trans or Education?
Photos: Evacuation Day at the Shirley-Eustis House
First Annual Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference
Uphams Corner Street Festival 2013 Planning Continues

#80 3/26/13 Safe Neighborhood Initiative Update

Uphams Corner SNI- March 2013 Update   
Citizens Connect to South Bay - Community Meeting #2
Focus on Women - Latorial Faison, African-American Poet
BPL to Host Compass Roundtable 3/28/13

#81 4/5/13 Public Works Listens to Residents of UC
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Public Works Listens to Residents of Uphams Corner
Giving Back to the Community - Boston Shines 2013   
Most Adorable Australian Shepherd and Spaniel Mix - Whose Dog is this?   
BCYF All Girls Sports Festival - Vacation Week, April 2013

#82 4/12/13 Celebrating Together - Poetry & Jazz
Early Spring Photos in Uphams Corner 2013
Celebrating Together: Poetry & Jazz at the UC Library April 18, 2013
Hydroponic Gardening: Hands-On Learning at the Kroc Center   
Posted Street Cleaning - East Uphams Corner Starts Week of April 8, 2013

#83 4/17/13 Prayers from Uphams Corner

Prayers from the People of Uphams Corner
Demarcation Line Separating Sanity from Insanity   
United Housing Breakfast Forum Celebrating Ten Years of Service to the Community
Temporary Closure for Uphams Corner Branch Library
City of Boston Recycling Program "Springs" into Action
Looking at Pilgrim Church on the Sunday after Easter
Victory Programs Dinnerfest 2013 Party and Auction Fundraiser
What is the Notion? A History of A Nubian Notion Inc

#84 5/03/13 Linda Dorcena Forry

Linda Dorcena Forry - New Image for 1st Suffolk District in Boston
I Will Never Forget Last Week
Poem for your Pocket to Celebrate Earth Year #43
Eyewitness to a Shooting April 18, 2013
Fiddlehead Theatre Company - Casting for 'A Little Princess'

Shirley-Eustis House Lecture: Immigrant-Built Tenements - Boston and New York   
Dorchester Day Parade Student Essay Contest - An Invention in the Last 50 Years   
ArtPlace Advisory Field Trip to SOWA
Charting an Empire:  The Atlantic Neptune - BPL Map Center Exhibit   
Bird Street Community Center Celebrates 35 Years - May 7, 2013

#85 6/6/13 Black History Month

Utility Contractors & New England Winters
Uphams Corner Sidewalks in Terrible Condition
Complimenting MBTA Drivers is Good for What Ails Us
Spiritual Sidelines - Walking with the Comforter

Uphams Corner Construction Work Begins and Leaves a Watery Mess
Uphams Corner ArtPlace Cultural Events Update
Boston Foundation, City Partnership Earns $480,000 to Stimulate UC   
Uphams Corner Main Street Fundraiser 2013 - Planning on-Track

Celebrating Creative Community - UCMS Fundraiser 2013

Shirley-Eustis House to Participate in Blue Star Museums
New Food-Store Idea for Codman Square-Four Corners
Perfect Birthday - Blue Ginger - Wellesley MA

#86 10/4/13 Romeo & Juliet at Strand

Fantastic - Romeo & Julet at the Strand
Castle Island - Perfect "Get-Away" Close to UC
AVIDemux - Open Source Utility for Trimming Video Files
Harry Potter Comes to Boston

#87, 11/25/13 - Broadway Quality at the Strand

Featured News

A Little Princess - Broadway Quality at the Strand
Grove Hall Families Demeaned with New Student Plan
Boston Police - Home Invasion - "We Came in Anyway."
Kroc-O-Treat 2013 Was Great Fun for All
Teens Disrupt Calm at Kroc Center

Environmental News

Change Your Lifestyle - Use only Safe Cleaners
Fall Leaf Collection Oct 15 to Nov 30, 2013

Theatre Arts

Fiddlehead Theatre :  A Little Princess at the Strand
The Hub Theatre Company : Sand Mountain

Events Upcoming

Thanksgiving Market from The Food Project
Franklin Park Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving Day
Pear Square Community Clean Day 11/30/13
Dorchester Bay Annual Meeting
Friends of the Uphams Corner Library 2014


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