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Vol II No 38 - 1/09/12 : 2011 a Very Good Year


Vol II No 39 - 1/19/12 : Seven Murders since 2011

Epitaphs for the Murdered
More News

Vol II No 40 - 2/2/12 : Fairmount Indigo Planning

An Acrostic Poem for Kristi
Grove Hall Library Presents
Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative
Good News from Uphams Corner
Main Street Proposes Kiosk
MBTA Fare Hikes Hearings
Parish Tries to Secure St. Kevin's
The Kiss of Death

Vol II No 41 - 2/10/12 : Kam Man Market to Open

Boston Lyric Opera at JFK Museum
Uphams Corner Library Fundraiser

Vol II No 42 - 2/17/12 : Planning Initiative Kickoff

The Fairmount Line
More News

Vol II No 43 - 2/24/12 : Fairmount at the Strand

Fairmount Event a Success

More News

Vol II No 44 - 5/4/12 : An Art Exhibit in Uphams Corner

Synonym for Change - an Art Exhibit

St. Kevin's
More News

Vol II No 45 - 5/11/12 : Art Exhibit a Great Success

UMass Art Exhibit
More News

Vol II No 46 - 6/11/12 : Placemaking in Uphams Corner

Project for Public Spaces - Placemaking
More News

Vol II No 47 - 7/13/12 : Orpheus in the Underworld 

Featured Articles
More News

Vol II No 48 - 7/27/12 : Orpheus in the Underworld

Featured Articles
More News

Vol II No 49 - 8/15/12: It's Pahty Time in Uphams Corner

Badly Needed Sidewalk Repairs
NAACP Calls for Swift Investigation
Summer Job Pipeline to Leadership
DSNI MultiCultural Festival
Jazz Duo at UC Library

Latest News & Events Issue 49
Lotus Touts for Uphams Corner
Mayor Menino Selects WAG
Project Right Annual Mtg

Summer Feast Gospel Concert
TD Garden Back to School
T-Mobile to Beautify Space
Uphams Corner Street Fair Scheduled

Vol II No 50 - 8/24/12 : Food Court for Uphams Corner?

Street Fair Great for Business
Street Fair - Meet the People - Photos 2
Street Fair - Meet the People - Photos 1
Street Fair - Meet the People

National Night Out - Sheriffs
Celebrating Rev John's BDay
NAACP - A Call to Everyone
Bottle Bill Killed (again)
Latest News & Events Issue 50

Jazz Duo - Exceptional Performance
A Food Court for Uphams Corner?
Grove Hall Lib - Ice Cream Social 8/24
All About Fresh Fridays

Masons Repoint the Pear
Great DSNI Festival
Communities of Color May Sue

Vol III No 51 - 8/30/12 : "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock

Dedicated to Katrina
Latest News and Events - Issue 51
Photos of the Day - Issue 51
Pics in the Parks - Review

Filming the Heat in UC
Filming the Heat - Photos
Virginia Monadnock Gardening
Friends of the UC Lib

Vol III No 52 - 9/4/12 : Dudley Charter School Opens

Welcome to Dudley School
Dessa Eason - Son Jovany
DSNI Community Workshop
Dunkin Donuts not Eco Friendly

Grove Hall Ice Cream Social - the Rave
Latest News & Events Issue 52
Launching the Charter School
NRT Sponsors Jobs Events

Plastic Bag Ban and Youth
Successful Street Fair
Safe Neighborhood Initiative
Urban Gardening at UC Lib

Vol III No 53 - 9/7/12 : Ralph Browne, in Memoriam

A Healthier Boston for Youth
Dudley Charter School Opens
Dudley Charter School - Photos

Latest News and Events Issue 53
NEIDL Seeking Members
In Memoriam, Ralph Browne

Vol III No 54 - 9/17/12 : Ragtime, the Musical

Adult Education Center Sorely Needed
Andreas & Willie are Gone
Area 324 Nbhd Watch Notes
Carpenters Apprenticeships

DAC Open Studios Announced
DSNI Job Opening
Matthew Mendes - Back to School
Ragtime, the Musical
Health Festival Best Ever

Families & Kids all Smiles
Gerason - the Band
Staff and Vendors
UCMS Annual Meeting Announced

Vol III No 55 9/27/12 : MBTA & the Fairmount Line

MBTA & the Fairmount Line - Ten Years & Counting
Phase I Fairmount Line Infrastructure almost Done
MBTA Director of Dev - Update and Q&A

Search Function added to UC News
Free Shred DayFree Household Electronics Recycling
Dorchester Bay Annual Meeting Oct 18, 2012

Dance Salsa and Celerate Hispanic Month at UC Lib
Food Processing Small Business Center
Urban Gardening Workshop Very Informative

Vol III No 56 10/4/12 : Best Community Garden

NAACP convening Tele-Town Hall Meeting
Best Community Garden 2012 - Ed Debortoli
Roxbury Open Studios
Suffolk Cty Sheriff: Honor Guards

#57 10/17/12 : Open Studios - Savor the Art
Parks Dept Open Studios
Stein & Johnson Presidential Debate
Meet artist Caroline Muir
Fort Point Open Studios
Erik Jean Center for the Arts

Improvement Association - 1st Year
Residents ask for help with St. Kevin's
Holiday Planning in Uphams Corner
Dorchester Open Studios
Jose Mateo Ballet - Strong Opening

#58 10/26/12 : Community Voices Initiative

Fort Point Open Studios Review
Grove Hall Lib - Wikipedia Loves Libraries
Grove Hall Lib - Unnatural Causes
Community Voices Initiative

ICA Visitor Assistants Exhibit
Bird Street Youth Councils
Fairmount Indigo Community Forum
Fun for Families Fall Festival
DAC Open Studios Review

#59 11/06/12 : Pilgrim Church 150 Years

ICA Visitor Assistants Exhibit in Review
Assistance after Hurricane Sandy
Capuano Visits Project Hope
Halloween Brings out the Best in UC

Halloween at the Kroc Center
Pilgrim Church - 150 Years in the Community
Letter of Invitation to Pilgrim Banquet
NAACP Urges Community to Vote

#60 11/13/12 : Best Asian Garden in Uphams Corner

Awards Presented at Groom Humphreys
Fall Festival at Dudley Greenhouse
Kim Song, Best Asian Gardener, 2012
My Mother, they call her Rose

#61 11/16/12 : Annapolis Neighborhood Mtg

Annapolis Nbhd Meeting - Anger
Bakersfield Arms - Recommendations
Salsa & Merengue at the UC Library
More photos of Salsa Dancing
Uphams Corner Holiday Tree Lighting

Food Ministry - Anchor to the Community
BWSC:  Make a difference in your Nbhd
UCHC Lauds Employee
South Station Expansion Open House

#62 11/22/12 : Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to All
Content Curation - Feature Magazines
Zoosk - Perils, Pain & Embarrassment
How to Live within your Means
NAACP Chapter Election Results
Sexy Cape Verde Posters

Roasted Trash Barrels for Dinner
Wendy Rist - Taking a Closer Look
Civility and Incivility - Annapolis Mtg
ReServe Boston - Hiring Outside the Box

#63 11/27/12 :  Fairmount Forum Exceeds Expectations

Community Forum Exceeds Expectations
Confessions of a Flu Shot Avoider
UCMS Meeting in Photos

Main Street Annual Mtg a Winner
Businessman Camilo Pichardo Loves UC
Wakeup Call for all Nonprofits

#64 12/03/12 Harvard's CI Lab Presentations

Important Meeting - CI Lab Presentations
Harvard Examines Community Issues
EE Square & 1299 Mass Ave - Early History
Public Works holding Community Mtg

Holiday Alert from Boston Police
Adopt-A-Hydrant Program
Chris Leinberger - featured at TOD Summit
Hyde Jackson Square Holiday Stroll

#65 12/10/12 Important Meetings in Uphams Corner

Important Meetings all Week
St. Kevin's - Dialogue Missing
Gertrude Rose Obituary
Video Poem by Liam Day

A Hosing by the Fire Dept
Small Business Saturday
Posted Street Sweeping Coming Soon
Arts Programming in UC

#66 12/13/12 Opinion: Save the Casey Overpass

Save the Casey Overpass
Casey Overpass Meetings
Biking in the Winter Workshop
Nutcracker Ballet at Reduced Prices

#67 12/28/12 Santa:  "I'm going to Carry a Gun"

A Christmas Hallelujah
Santa to Arm Himself with Guns
Conversation on the Rights of Passage
Love Tones add Grace Notes
CAG Responds to Globe Article
Hyde Jackson Sq Main Street Celebration

Community Letters on Bakersfield Arms
- McCormack Sends Letter
- UCIA Sends Letter
Grow Well Eat Well Workshops
BNAN helps Community Gardens


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