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First Issue of "Upham's Corner Online"

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

This issue of "Upham's Corner News" marks the inauguration of an online newspaper supporting our community. 

Upham's Corner is a complex fabric of races and ethnic groups, young people, middle age and elderly, the poor and the not so poor, retail and commercial business, streets, houses, trees, community organizations and both state and local government.

We, the people, businesses and infrastructure that define our community are created and renewed daily. We grow, stumble, fall, regroup and are reborn again in better form.  Quietly, without any fanfare,  we are social sculptors, changing the face of our community. 

There are also those of us who, in not hearing, in not directly benefitting or not in having had our voices heard, have turned away.  Jaded, we call ourselves.  "I tried for 30 years and I've given up."

Where's the proud voice - the town crier - shouting out the news for all the world to hear?
Considering how many news outlets already exist serving the Boston area -- cable news, public radio, local newspapers, and more - what purpose does another news media serve?

You could ask the same question slightly differently. Why take another picture of another person when there are already so many people in the world today?  

Without a central news voice that focuses just on us, we are like fruits and vegetables scattered in the fields.  Nobody knows they're out there except the ants and beetles and molds.
But gather them all together, cook up a storm and you've got yourself an incredible smorgasbord.  

Community - participation - a voice  - a chance to make a difference.

Upham's Corner - what a great place to live!

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