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Sculpture Retrospective:
Joseph Wheelwright Thru 5/31/14

Joseph Wheelwright RetrospectiveWorks of Uphams Corner sculptor, Joseph Wheelwright, will be on display at the Hargate Art Center beginning  May 6 through the  end of the month (May 31).  The art center is part of St. Paul's School in Concord NH.

Gallery hours are Tue-Sat and the exhibitions are free and open to the public.  Mr. Wheelwright is a principal in the Humphreys Street Studios located in Uphams Corner which many area artists call their (work) home.
Posted: May 5, 2014

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Uphams Corner UP Market Set for a Successful Summer 2014

UP MarketOpen Air Markets at the Paraiso Plaza on Dudley Street are scheduled monthly all  summer.

For August the UP Market will join the Uphams Corner Street Festival on Stoughton Street. 

Uphams Corner is asking the everyone to support UC local entrepreneurial efforts.

Plan to attend, bring some cash and a ton of ideas.  We need you, your $$ and your feedback.

Jun 21, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sep 20, Oct 18

Posted: May 8, 2014

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UP Market - First Open Air Market in Uphams Corner 9/14/13

UP Market 9/14/13The first solo open air market in Uphams Corner, dubbed the UP Market, was held on Saturday, September 14.  Making the event more festive were individual vendor "tents" providing cover from the elements, a sense of intimacy and the look of private storefronts.  The mood was exciting and festive as the vendors hoped for strong sales.

Posted: May 8, 2014

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Uphams Arts

New Line of Greeting Cards by Uphams Arts

Greeting Cards by Uphams ArtsUphams Arts Photos and Aphorisms have been combined to produce artistic, creative and unique greeting cards not available elsewhere. 

Every card generates an "AHA" moment for both  sender and receiver.  All cards are on the inspiring side of life:  God with us, inspiration, love and loving, motivation, self-actualization and spiritual.

Cards may be ordered and will be delivered by mail or plan to come to the Uphams Corner Up Market starting in June to visit the full line of products from Uphams Arts.

Posted: May 5, 2014

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Mother's Day Poem, "My Mother, Always"

Anastasia Nell SmithA Mother's Day poem, a reflection on the loving yet often tense relationship between the woman who called herself "Mom" and the growing child spreading her wings and yearning to be free. 

Yet, nothing can ever take away the memories of who was Mom?    Who shall she ever and always be?
My Mother, Always

Savor the taste of "Breakfast by Mom"
Steaming hot grits and slices of bacon,
Egg-drenched French Toast with real Maple Syrup,
Warm smells, frying, a kitchen alive.

o  o  o

Declaring my god-given right to become
A woman in charge, independent and free,
I only looked forward, no reflecting, no thought
That life could turn fragile and suddenly stop.

Posted: May 5, 2014

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