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Upham's Corner News - Best of 2011

Posted: January 1, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Articles in Upham's Corner News since August 2010 when UC News opened shop include investigative reporting, informational articles, general news, events, opinions, reflections and light-hearted stories. 

How do we know what was the most popular?  By the number of page views recorded by the website host. A look at the top 20 of over 500 articles published. 

#02 - Buttonwood Street abutters oppose ATS Equipment
#09 - Salvation Army MA Division names new leaders
#12 - Closing Mason Pool - disingenuous politics
#16 - Opposition to liquor license for Liriano Market
#19 - Vinfen Group House
#07 - Dorchester Day Parade
#10 - Violence in the Cape Verdean Community
#18 - Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
#20 - Getting help - BPD: B2 and C11 boundaries
#03 - Cristo Rey Boston offers new approach to college readiness
#04 - Aaron Wornum, in Memoriam
#05 - Upham's Corner youth writes legislation
#08 - Boston Youth Fund - How our youth get summer jobs
#17 - Peace Garden for the Winthrop
Main Streets
#11 - Dining on Main Street (Four Corners Main Street)
#15 - Zachary Cohen talks about Upham's Corner Main Street
#01 - Dogdom - Human donates bones
#06 - Letter to Paul Roiff Jan 28, 2011
#13 - Wild mulberry trees in Upham's Corner
#14 - Best Garden 2011
Dogdom - Human Donates Bones - Upham's Corner - Great Place to Live

Proof that Upham's Corner is a great place to live.  Two "grown puppies" who frequently walk their "human" through the streets of Upham's Corner tell a story about another human who donated 15# bones "to our Mum" with no leashes attached.

Woof! Woof!  Upham's Corner - a Truly Great Place to Live

Note:  Of all the "important" articles about neighborhood issues, crime, politics, etc, this article received more page views than any other. Looks like humor prevails.

Buttonwood Street Abutters & ATS Equipment
February 22, 2011

Buttonwood Street Abutters, ATS Equipment & NStar - NStar signed a lease with ATS Equipment to allow them to store their equipment on NStar that includes a transformer.  ATS was supposed to work out any issues in advance with the abutters.  They didi not.  The abutters want NStar to terminate the lease.

Cristo Rey Boston offers new approach to college readiness
May 3, 2011

The Cristo Rey Boston High School uses a highly successful model ensuring college readiness. Students follow a rigorous academic program yet are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities - from the arts to athletics. Students also contribute to the cost of their education (more than $10,000 per year) by participating in the school's work-study program. In both 2011 and 2010, 100% of their graduating class was accepted to four-year colleges.

Aaron Justin Wornum, In Memoriam
July 14, 2011

Aaron Wornum's life was taken from him on June 26, 2011 at the age of 25.  He was shot multiple times on Sumner Street in Dorchester.  Reflections on the words of his friend, my son. 

"Do you remember the kid, Aaron, who used to come to our house?  He was always polite and well dressed?"  My son, Damian, had come to visit and was offering me advice about the continuing violence in Upham's Corner.  "Mom, get out!" and he added:  "Aaron was murdered on Sumner Street."
Aaron was the second of Damian's friends, murdered in the last year.  "It's always about women or money," he said. My heart stopped.

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Upham's Corner Youth Writes Legislation
April 26, 2011

Little did this Upham's Corner youth realize the path she had chosen.  Alexandra Knowles completed her high school project and went on to write important 'fringe banking' legislation which will soon be up for vote in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Disturbed by the cost of check cashing and its impact in the poorer urban communities, Alex researched what other states are doing and formulated a good law for Massachusetts.

Follow-up article:  Check cashing legislation changes significantly

Letter to Paul Roiff
January 28, 2011

Letter to Paul Roiff, Boston Developer and Financier.  Letting him know how great we think he is and what wonderful things he has done for Boston.

Follow-up letter to Paul Feb 28, 2011

#07 Dorchester Day Parade
June 5, 2011

The Dorchester Day Parade committee schedules events months in advance of the June parade to help raise money for the parade and this starts with the annual meatloaf dinner, the chili cookoff and other events.

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#08 Boston Youth Fund - How our Youth get Summer Jobs
March 13, 2011

Boston Youth Fund - How our Youth Get Summer Jobs - BYF is one of three organizations under the Mayor's summer jobs programs but also the biggest.  Working exclusively with non-profits, the match city funding to the participating organizations to create meaningful youth jobs for six weeks in the summer.

Salvation Army Massachusetts Division Names New Leaders
June 12, 2011

Major William Bode's tenure as Divisional Commander of the Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army includes accomplishment and controversy. For Upham's Corner his crowning accomplishment, The Kroc Center, is what he leaves to us.  We follow the lives of three Salvation Army Major husband and wife teams - the Reel's, the Bode's and the Kelly's.  We bid the Bode's farewell and we welcome the Kelly's to Boston.

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Violence in the Cape Verdean Community
April 21, 2011

The Cape Verdean Community turned out in large numbers (268) to the 4th Henriquez Commitment to Community meeting on April 21, 2011.   Violence in the community and the potential loss of the Cape Verde Adult Daycare facility were the passionate topics of the night.

More Henriquez Commitment to Community Meetings
Dining on Main Street (Four Corners Main Street)
June 18, 2011

The 2011 Dining on Main Street sponsored by Four Corners Main Street included five restaurants on Washington St in Dorchester or very close by.  Free samples hallmarking the restaurants' scope of cuisine included jerk chicken, chicken livers, peas and rice, fried chicken, collards, fried fish and fries.

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"Closing the Mason Pool - Disingenuous Politics"
June 25, 2011

Closing the Mason Pool- Disingenuous Politics - So remarked Rep. Collins at a meeting regarding closing the Mason Pool.  "As the ONLY recreational facility available to the Mason School, it is essential to the health of the students."  So say many parents. Mason Pool is not the only pool associated with a school.  They are quite common, so what is the City of Boston up to?

Wild mulberry trees in Upham's Corner
July 4, 2011

As small as they are, mulberries attract attention when they begin to ripen and drop to the ground. You can hardly pass by without looking up. Popular with the birds, the mulberry tree brings music to the urban environment as the birds stop by regularly to eat tiny morsels from the ripe fruits.

Best Garden in Upham's Corner - 2011
July 23, 2011

Trees Gardens in Upham's Corner:  The Best Garden in Upham's Corner for 2011 went to Alex Galan at 51 Sumner St. He also took 2nd place in the Mayor's contest for small gardens. An avid gardener since his youth, he is focusing this year on tropical plants, color, shape and form.

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Zachary Cohen talks about Upham's Corner Main Street
May 25, 2011

Zachary Cohen, Executive Director, Upham's Corner Main Street is leaving the organization he has served for the last four years, leaving it in much better condition than it was back in 2007. He talks about the challenges, accomplishments and the future of UCMS.

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Opposition to liquor license for Liriano Market
February 24, 2011

Liriano Market - Opposition to Liquor License by Neighborhood - The Moreland Street residents are seeking support from Grove Hall residents to support a denial of Liriano's request for a liquor license.

Peace Garden for the Winthrop
April 19, 2011

As part of the beautification project held at the Winthrop School on Global Youth Services Day (4/16/11), City Year and other volunteers created the Louis D Brown Peace Garden.

Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
January 28, 2011

This article was written by "The Friends." Originally founded in 2000, the Friends of the Upham's Corner Library reactivated under the possible closure of the library.  In 2009 towards the end of public meetings about the library budget crisis, a group of people approached the Upham's Corner branch librarian, Georgia Titonis.  "What can we do to help keep the Upham's Corner branch open?" There is a silver lining in this cloud and it's called Friends of the Upham's Corner Library.
Vinfen Group House - Maybe we should notify DSS
September 20, 2010

The Vinfen Group House at 25 Virinia St in Upham's Corner is a residential setting for mentally-disabled people referred there by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. Neighbors have complained about noise,  trash,  panhandling and alcoholism. Do those sound like good neighbors to you?

Getting Help - Official Boundaries Separating Districts B2 & C11 in Upham's Corner
December 15, 2010

Getting Help - Two Boston Police Department Districts cover Upham's Corner - B2 and C11.  The boundaries are not clear.  We asked the Police Department for an official Statement.

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