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Prayers from the People of Uphams Corner
Demarcation Line between Sanity and Insanity
United Housing Breakfast Forum - Celebrating 10 Years
Uphams Corner Library - Temporary Closure May 26

Spring Leaf and Yard Waste Recycling Program
Rev. John Odams - New Interpretation of Doubting Thomas
What is the Notion? A History of A Nubian Notion Inc
Featured image: "No human being is illegal"

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Victory Programs DinnerFest  New
4/29 - 5/24
Leaf & Yard Waste Recycling  New

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Prayers from the People of Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner offers PrayersIn Uphams Corner on the day after the bombings, people talked about their pain, their confusion, their anger and their heartfelt sorrow. 

Several people wanted instant death delivered.  Some people said our world was F'Up.  Most people offered prayers and condolences. 

For what else is there but support, coming together in love, even for the one who planned it all.  May s/he/they also rest in peace.

Posted: April 17 2013

Demarcation Line Separating Sanity from Insanity

Boylston Street Boston On Marathon Day, a line separating sanity from insanity was marked on Boylston St. 

The traditional 116 year community gathering was destroyed by someone who wanted to inflict as much harm against all of humanity - anyone who had come to support the runners in their personal and community goals and commitments.

The lethal planning, executed with precision, randomly taking the lives of innocent people who were not present to harm anyone, lies beyond the world of the sane,

Posted: April 17 2013

United Housing Breakfast Forum

United Housing organized a breakfast forum to celebrate their tenth anniversary and invited a panel of community housing development experts.

United Housing Breakfast

"Creating Susccessful Parnerships in Community Building" with speakers:  Sheila Dillon from DND, Jeanne DuBois from Dorchester Bay and
Ceasar McDowell from MIT and a leader in 'disruptive ideas" on creating community.

Even the breakfast was a hit with food catered by "Seasoned with Soul."

Posted: April 17 2013

Temporary Closure for Uphams Corner Branch Library
May 25 - September 2013

Uphams Corner Branch LibraryA $3M Municipal Building renovation project is necessitating the closure of the Uphams Corner Branch Library beginning May 25 2013. 

The front entrance and stairs will be affected.  A side door will provide access for other tenants including the Health Center and the Bird Street Youth Center.

Library patrons are encouraged to use the Dudley and Grove Hall Branches.  The BPL will be posting the status of the Uphams Corner Library on its website.

Posted: April 16 2013

City of Boston Recycling Program "Springs" into Action

Spring Yard Waste ProgramEvery Spring, City of Boston Public Works offers a "Spring Leaf and Yard Waste" program and advertises it using tiny "hanging" flyers distributed to all households.  

This year at least one street was missed, but Recycling quickly notified their vendor - problem solved. From April 29 through May 24, the City will pickup your separated yard waste. 

Doing so prevents yard waste from going to landfills and provides useful mulching and composting material for the City.

Posted: April 16 2013

Looking at Pilgrim Church on the Sunday after Easter

Blessed are Those On the "low Sunday" following Easter, a day traditionally focused on Thomas, the "spiritual failure," Rev. John Odams took the story of Thomas 'demanding proof' to another level.

Citing several stories from the Bible, he said the story of Thomas is one of several Biblical lessons focused on our relationship with God. What is important with Thomas is not his doubting but rather that Jesus is giving Thomas permission to be in a relationship by making himself known to Thomas.

For this writer, that was a truly refreshing and surprising reinterpretation of a classic Biblical story and one that promoted self-reflection.

Posted: April 16 2013

Victory Programs Dinnerfest 2013 Party and Auction Fundraiser

Victory FundraiserSun, April 21, 2013 3:00-6:00pm
The Brahmin Restaurant,
Back Bay, Boston


Dig into a steak from Mooo...Or a tiramisu from Finale  Say bonjour to L'Espalier...Or hola to Estragon  Have a romantic night for two at Henrietta's Table... Or catch a Sox game with five friends at Jerry Remy's  There's a dining experience for EVERYONE at Dinnerfest!

Posted: April 16 2013

  History of Boston's First Afrocentric Store: A Nubian Notion Inc

A Nubian Notion Members of the Malik Abdal Khallaq family will share their history. A panel will reflect on the impact A Nubian Notion Inc had on them and on the Black community in Boston.

Included on the panel is Ekua Holmes (a prominent Boston artist who worked in the store from age 14-21). Ekua says "A Nubian Notion was family, whether you were a biological child or not. Malik especially let us know that he expected and desired great things for all of us. He could see and appreciate our individual talents and skills sometimes before we did."

Dinner available for purchase from 5PM
Free parking in the Haley House lot.

Posted: April 12, 2013


"Human beings can be beautiful or more beautiful, they can be fat or skinny, they can be right or wrong, but illegal? How can a human being be illegal?" 

   - Elie Wiesel

Click image to enlarge
No Human Being is Illegal

Permission to share provided by artist Favianna Rodriguez.
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