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Touched by the Heart of Truth by Carolle Nau

One never really knows the true
pain which strikes another.

But if your heart still beats you’ll
feel it when you read someone
else’s story.

I felt my heart being touched when
a well of water cupped an eye as
I read them.

Amazing people like Desmond Tutu,
Booker T Washington, Ella Fitzgerald
and Nelson Mandela, and many, many
more changed the world just by
being alive.

Posted:  February 12, 2013

The Sounds of Blackness from 28 Days of Poetry
Celebrating Black History

by Latorial Faison (2006)

In my heart there lies no defeat
But in my bosom a triumphant and rhythmic beat
And while my spirit dances with gladness
I am quick to recall the sounds of blackness.

I hear the moaning and the wailing
Of native Africans held captive on ships sailing
As though it were my youth of yesterday
Whispering truths to ears in dark dismay.

The long, persistent motherland call
Of anxious hope and justice for all
As though it beckoned from higher heights
I hear the songs of steal away nights.

Posted:  February 12, 2013


I Need to Know from 28 Days of Poetry
Celebrating Black History 2

by Latorial Faison (2008)

I need to know
My original name
I need to know
Without any shame

I need to know
About African slave castles
I need to know
About White slave masters

I need to know
About the slave trade
I need to know
How America was made

Posted:  Feb 12, 2013

Nemo - Blizzard of 2013 - Photos of Kids & Nature
Feb 9, 2013
Dad and son out in the snow
Walking around, as difficult as it was, led to kids playing everywhere, - throwing snowballs and huge clumps of snow at each other and just having a lot of fun.

For the adults, taking a walk before the snow evaporated, got trampled and covered with soot - that was like going on vacation.

What was there to find?  All the different ways the buildings and trees and signs and fences had been painted in lacy white.

Nemo - Blizzard of 2013 - Photos of Uphams Corner Business District
Feb 9, 2013

Covered in whiteThe main streets, Dudley, Columbia Rd and Stoughton, remained devoid of cars for hours after the storm dissipated but pedestrians and bicyclists were heading over to the few businesses open early: CVS, Brothers Market and the liquor store. 

Everywhere the snow had artistically decorated the buildings in layers of white, each painting unique and each adding ephemeral beauty to the business district.

Following the Seige by Nemo, Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino Deserve Praise
Feb 10, 2013

Suffolk Cty Long Island NYBoston Business Journal took Gov Patrick to task for 'protecting us from ourselves' with the driving ban, suggesting with light but earnest sarcasm:  "Thanks but no thanks.  Our freedoms, not big government, come first."

Citing conditions in another Suffolk County (NY) that led to hundreds of abandoned cars because there was no driving ban, UC News  praises both the Governor and Mayor Menino for handling Nemo challenges admirably. 

The Sinking of The Dorchester - 70th Anniversary - Honoring Those who Died
Posted:  Feb 9, 2013

USAT DorchesterOn February 3, 1943, a German U-Boat captain gave the command to attack The Dorchester.  Within 27 minutes, the transport ship with 902 people on board sank, taking the lives of 700 officers, servicemen and civilian workers. 

In that final half hour, the selfless efforts of four clergy on board helped save many lives.  2013 marked the 70th anniversary of this tragic event. 

Counting Down to Earth Day 2013
April 22, 2013

Ecology Flag According to Earth Day Network, more than one billion people from around the world will be taking part in the 43rd Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2013.

With unprecedented occurrences of extreme weather, loss of species, and pollution, this year's event is focused on "Climate Change." Organizing groups will be reaching out to their peers to help them understand how to be part of the solution.

Uphams Corner News is starting early, marking the countdown towards Earth Day with articles focused on our stewardship responsibility for taking care of Planet Earth. 

We begin with a look back on the Earth Days since its founding in 1970.

(see article following)

Earth WeekEarth Day International - April 22 - Largest Civic Event in the World
Posted:  Feb 7, 2013

Gaylord Nelson, environmental activist and US senator from Wisconsin, is credited as having created the first Earth Day in 1970.   Today, it is is the largest civic event in the world, uniting more than 1 billion people under the Flag of Planetary Stewardship. 

Earth Day  helps remind us that we live in a world that requires personal commitments from everyone.  "Every day is Earth Day." 

Earth Day helps to rekindle public commitment, build community activism and broaden the base of support for environmental programs.

73 Days Until Earth Day

Current Event
Victory Programs Dinnerfest Party + Auction
Sun, Feb 24, 2013
Victory Programs
Over 100 packages from some of Boston’s most exciting and acclaimed restaurants will be up for auction plus raffling off 2 round-trip tickets courtesy of JetBlue and live auctioning of a few incredible vacation packages! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Brahmin Restaurant
Back Bay, Boston

Current Event
Art Morpheus & DAC Collaborating on: New Art Love App
Thu, Feb 14, 2013 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

DACUnveiling of the New Art Love app which provides artists' communities with access to Open Studios info and a website you can use to discover local artists 365 days/year.

Join ARTMORPHEUS Director, Liora Beer, and Dorchester Arts Collaborative's Andrea Kunst on Thu Feb 14, 2013 for more information about the app and a Dorchester Arts Collaborative update.

Please RSVP by 2/11 akunst@comcast.net

Current Event
Information Session for Boston University Metropolitan College!
Wed, Feb 27, 2013 City Hall

BU Metro College Offered to City of Boston employees by the Metropolitan College at Boston University -  a limited number of scholarships for master’s level degree and graduate certificate  rograms - part-time and in the evening programs. 

Areas the City considers for these scholarship awards: City Planning, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Project Management and Urban Affairs.

Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) Setting the Ground Rules
Feb 2, 2013

Boston Redevelopment Authority At the Uphams Corner Visioning Forum on Feb 2, the BRA included in their attendee information packets a set of "Ground Rules" they have accumulated over the course of many community meetings . 

The rules are updated whenever anyone finds another quality standard that helps participants understand acceptable behavior in a community context.  'Yes, they helped,' said Jeremy Rosenberger, co-chair of the Fairmount Initiative, though he admitted a couple attendees refused to take off their 'naysayer hats.'

Excellent set of rules, applicable to all community groups.  Adopt them!!

Elected Officials: More Time Needed to Review BPS School Choice Plans

EAC School Choice PlansFeb 4, 2013

Twelve Boston area elected officials have signed a letter stating their constituents, stakeholders and families are requesting more time to review and understand the most recent school choice plans. 

The EAC is moving too quickly - planning a final vote within two weeks of its unveiling to the public.  The letter co-signers are asking the EAC to delay the scheduled February 9th vote to allow the public more time.

Project R.I.G.H.T February Full Membership Meeting
Feb 5, 2013 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Project R.I.G.H.T
The community is invited to Project R.I.G.H.T's Full Membership Meeting.  Councillor Felix Arroyo will provide introductory remarks. 

The many constituent groups comprising Project R.I.G.H.T will provide updates including Grove Hall Getting Healthier, the Grove Hall Peace Council and the Neighborhood Response Team, among others.

Several organizing campaigns being led by Grove Hall residents will also be providing updates.  Arrive by 5:30 for delicious dinnner.  The meeting starts at 6:00pm.

Boston and Cambridge Joint Hearing to Focus on Metropolitan Area Talent Retention

WCCP LogoBoston and Cambridge are both centers for technology and innovation but many challenges lie ahead including how to retain the talent needed to maintain and grow each city’s economic vibrancy.

According to an upcoming 'Talent Magnets' report by the World Class Cities Partnership (WCCP), approximately 53% of 2005 college graduates left Boston for another city.

At the WCCP-sponsored Chatham Forum on January 25, 2013, Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson and Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung announced a partnership to generate further technological advancement and next-generation employment opportunities for the metropolitan area.

Public Works Meeting: Uphams Corner Roadway and Urban Design Improvements
Feb 12, 2013 6:00 PM

Public Works LogoAt a community meeting in Uphams Corner on Feb 12, the Public Works Department will be presenting a set of recommended designs for the improvement of the "corridor" between the Strand Theatre and the City Parking Lot behind the businesses (CVS) on Dudley Street in Uphams Corner. 

This is an important meeting because it gives residents and all stakeholders an opportunity to express their opinions on what is right for Uphams Corner.

Posted:  Feb 4, 2013

DPW Schedules Marijuana Law "Listening Sessions"
Feb 3, 2013

cannabisQuestion 3, passed in 2012,  allows for the physician-authorized use of cannabis as a therapeutic option for qualified patients.

The Commonwealth's Department of Public Health has until May 1, 2013 to devise regulations for implemention. hree 'listening sessions' are scheduled statewide, on in Boston on February 14, 2013. Other organizations are holding information sessions as well.

The Marijuana Policy Project is a nonprofit founded in 1995 to reform US marijuana laws provides a history of reforming marijuana laws in Massachusetts.

Congressman Capuano Files Legislation Restricting Access to DMF Data
Feb 2, 2013Congressman Capuano

Congressman Capuano has filed legislation to restrict access to SSNs in the DMF (Death Master File) based on a recommendation from the Taxpayer Advocacy Service (TAS). 

While this will stop some tax-related identity theft, it will also unduly restrict access to key information for genealogy research.

This is especially if SSN's in the DMF are permanently restricted. 

In-depth look at history of the problem.

Urban Edge Open House
Thu, Feb 14, 2013Urban Edge

Urban Edge:  'We love our neighborhoods!'

Open house thu feb 14, 2013.  Information on programs and services, latest updates on renovation projects, new building projects, tasty refreshments.


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