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Vol III No 86, 10/4/2013
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Quincy Corridor Public Meeting Sponsored by BRA

Quincy Corridor Public Realm Project

Meeting Quincy Corridor Public Realm Improvement Project
When Monday, October 7, 2013 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where Haynes Early Education Center
263 Blue Hill Ave
Roxbury MA

The City of Boston invites you to attend the 2nd community meeting regarding improving Quincy Street between Blue Hill Ave and Columbia Rd. The purpose of this meeting is to present preliminary designs based on feedback from the 1st community meeting held in March 2013.

The City of Boston is seeking to enhance the quality of life along Quincy Street by improving roadways, signals, sidewalks, trees and lighting. You are invited to participate in this discussion.

Uphams Corner InSight into the News

Fantastic! Romeo & Juliet
In Uphams Corner at the Strand
Oct 2-Nov 3, 2013

We're very excited!  Everyone is! from Mayor Menino to the young actors in the production to the entire Actors' Shakespeare Project (ASP) in its tenth anniversary season.  Romeo & Juliet in Uphams Corner, at the Strand Theatre in a mixed cast with people of color (Uphams Corner is 89% POC) dominating. 

Romeo & Juliet

You have ONE ENTIRE MONTH to schedule your visit.  Dorchester residents get a break on the tickets ($10 with proof of residency).

ASP is delivering authentic Shakespeare and intense drama to the Strand Theatre's hallowed halls.  You can't miss this opportunity.

Castle Island - Perfect "Get-Away" Close to Uphams Corner

Castle Island Boats Castle Island provides a perfect pause for those of us living in Uphams Corner, a way to take a deep breath and forget about our worldly responsibilities or, better still, to look at our lives afresh.

Close by, beautiful and relaxing, this state park needs to be on our list of nearby treasures. Two local residents in need of one more stretch of vacation, spent a wonderful couple hours there. 

Story and beautiful photos.

AVIDemux - Open Source Utility for Trimming Video Files

AVI-Demux Video EditorWhere, O where, can I find a simple utility for trimming an MP4? 

Most video editors make the editing process into a "project" and for good reason.  Video editing wants to combine video, audio, images, subtitles and more into a package which is then rendered into a specific video format (codec). 

All I wanted was a simple trimmer (as in trimming the hedges, not uprooting them).  I found AVI-Demux and couldn't be more delighted. 

How to install avidemux and how to use it to trim an MP4 - no muss, no fuss.  Great utility for all videographers.  Article and VIDEO

Watch Video:  Installing AVI-Demux and using it to Trim an MP4


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