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Vol III No 77 - 03/13/2013
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Thoughtful Humor - Population Control

Population Control

Planning the Future of Uphams Corner
Mon, Mar 18, 2013 6:30 pm

Meeting held at Pilgrim Church
540 Columbia Rd.

The Uphams Corner Fairmount Advisory Group is encouraging members of the community who did NOT get a chance to attend the Uphams Corner Visioning Forum on February 2 to express their visions and ideas at local meetings.

NOT ENOUGH RESIDENTS attended the Fairmount Forum.  More resident input is needed.

So how did this work?

During the break-out sessions, each table was given a "kit" of supplies including a large map of the Uphams Corner area and template pieces to scale that could be placed on the map to indicate the changes desired.

Example changes included new parking, infill housing, open green spaces, changes to streets and more. 
  • What changes do we want at the Fairmount train station?
  • What about the Leon Building or the empty lot next door?
  • How about the empty office space throughout the business district.  What would help to revitalize our community?
  • What changes would bring you more often to shop in Uphams Corner?
  • How could the Burying Ground become a high point of attraction for our community?
Questions raised by residents along with their suggestions generated new and creative approaches to the future of our community.

YOUR IDEAS ARE NEEDED.  Meeting sponsored by the Uphams Corner Main Streeet and the Improvement Association.

For more information or to RSVP, contact:  UCImprove@gmail.com

Events in Detail

Two Organizations Partner: Toiletries Donation Drive

Toiletries Drive 3/16/13
Serving Our Neighbors: A Toiletries Donation Drive

Sat Mar 16, 2013
10am to 3pm

500 Talbot Ave Dorchester.

Two non-profits are sponsoring a toiletries donation drive - small items - easy to contribute but which will make a HUGE difference in the lives of people living on the street and families where funds are in limited supply.

This event sponsored by: The Intersection, a community of faith focused on doing what matters to care for neighbors and  Invisible Families, a non-profit organization that exists to raise awareness about homeless and strives to ensure that children and their families have their needs met.

Posted: March 12 2013

Jones Hill Association
Wed, Feb 13, 2013 7pm

St. Mary's Women and Infants Center
90 Cushing Avenue

MARCH 13, 2013
  • Police Report
  • 533-541 Columbia Road proposal for Restaurant w/Take Out ZBA - Mai Phung
  • Treasurer's Report - Dee Bell
  • Traffic Committee Update - Bridget Curd
  • Nick Collins, Candidate for State Senator
  • Other business

Boston School Committee Hearing & School Assignment Plan
Wed, Mar 13, 2013 5:00pm

The Boston NAACP joins the Black Educator's Alliance of Massachusetts (BEAM) in encouraging attendance at the March 13 Boston School Committee Hearing, where committee members will take up a proposed School Assignment Plan

March 13, 2013 5:00 p.m.
26 Court Street, Boston
Improving School Choice Hearing

Be There For All of Our Children!

"We want to make sure the voice of our community is loud and clear on the need to address the quality issues in the Boston Public Schools, and the importance of selecting a School Assignment Plan that does not disadvantage our communities."

The questions before parents, concerned residents and the members of the NAACP:
  • If not you, then who?
  • If not now, then when?
We absolutely need to have a strong presence at this hearing! Invite friends and family to join you. Your involvement makes a difference!

Michael Curry - NAACP

Current Event
Area 324 Neighborhood Watch Meeting
March 17, 2013 3pm

Out with the Old and in with the CLEAN!
Meeting Sunday, March 17th 3 pm
15 Brookford Street
Dorchester, Ma 02125

***Food Provided by DSNI

Neighbors helping Neighbors!
We will discuss:
- an effort for neighborhood clean up and beautification thorugh Boston Shines
- City street cleaning efforts and effective plan of action
- Public lighting needs

Any other agenda items, please email:area324neighborhoodwatch@gmail.com

Posted: March 12 2013

Current Event
Walking in their Shoes: Historic Women of Uphams Corner
Sat, Mar 23, 2013

Boston Women's Heritage TrailIn celebration of Women's History Month, Uphams Corner Library presesnts:  Walking in their Shoes: Historic Women of Uphams Corner, a walking tour led by Boston Women's Heritage Trail members. 

Rain or shine, the tour - real or virtual if it rains - covers six sites on the Dorchester Trail.  Sat Mar 23, 2013, 10:30 AM.

Posted:  March 5, 2013

Current Event
Project Right Offers VIP Neighborhood Mobilizer Training
Thu, Mar 28, 2013

Project RightThe Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (VIP) is a community organizing violence prevention strategy. VIP Mobilizers are residents that come together to lead a community responjse when violence occurs in their neighborhood. 

Project Right is offering VIP Mobilizer training on Thursday Mar 28, 2013.  Requirements to become a mobilizer include where you live, training, community meetings and more.

Posted:  February 27, 2013

Current Event

Grove Hall Library Upcoming Events

Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir
Thu Mar 14, 6:00 pm

The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir is an internationally acclaimed community handbell choir from Fort Worth, Texas. The choir is made up of 30 students age 12-18, and performs its repertoire completely from memory and without the aid of a conductor.

Book Reading: Mango Drive Days
Saturday March 23, 2:00 pm

Join us for a presentation and reading by local author Dwight. Dwight will read from his book The Mango Drive Days and give a multimedia presentation on Jamaican culture, including the effects of European and Arab religious influences on the country.

Grove Hall Reading Series
Saturday March 30, 2:00 pm

Dorchester-based reading series Write on the DOT and the Grove Hall Branch Library present the Grove Hall Reading Series, hosted by Dorchester poet Arthur Collins and featuring local writers Véronique Epiter and Kurt Klopmeier.

The series will include an open mic where writers will be encouraged to read their work to the group, as well as a writing exercise with Boston Public Library Writer in Residence Hollis Shore. Writers of all experience levels are welcome. Refreshments from the Haley House Bakery and Cafe will be served.

Grove Hall Memory Project

Thursday, March 7, 5-7 pm
Saturday, March 9, 12-4 pm
Thursday, March 14, 5-7 pm
Saturday, March 23, 12-4 pm

Do you live in Grove Hall or Roxbury?
Do you have old photographs?

We want to hear your story. Bring in your Grove Hall or Roxbury related photographs to be digitally scanned and included in the Boston Public Library’s local, statewide, and national online initiatives. You will have the opportunity to tell us the story connected to the photo.

Employment Resource Center Round table Summit
Tuesday April 30, 12:00 pm

In the coming months the Grove Hall Branch Library will be creating an Employment Resource Center and offering workshops such as:
  • Interview Primer and Preparation
  • Cover Letter/Resume
  • On-line Job Application
  • GED Prep
We have the facilities to offer workshops and the space to set aside for meetings and drop-in counseling sessions. But we cannot do this alone. We need your creativity and ideas to build a transformative program for our community.

Uphams Corner InSight into the News

State Reps to Participate in Evacuation Ceremonies
Mar 16, 2013

Evacuation DayEvacuation Day (March 17) commemorates the evacuation of British forces from the city of Boston following the Siege of Boston, early in the American Revolutionary War.  March 17 is also St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrations in honor of Boston's heritage will be held in multiple locations throughout the morning including Roxbury and South Boston beginning with a church service in South Boston and ending with a closing lunch (free) at the Shirley Eustice House in Roxbury hosted by State Rep. Carlos Henriquez.

Posted: March 12 2013

Photos: Early March Snowfall - Uphams Corner Wearing White
Mar 7-8, 2013

Early March snow in Uphams CornerA long-lasting and heavy early March snowfall dropped over 12" of snow in Boston and turned Uphams Corner into a sea of white .

All, that is, except for the brightly painted snow plows and salt trucks, their yellow glowing like a sun and standing out in any weather.

Trees, homes, burying ground, streets, light poles, churches, business district - all wearing crowns of white, at least for a couple days.

Posted: March 8 2013

Uphams News Blog

Sunday Morning at Christ the King, Dorchester
Mar 10, 2013

Christ the KingChrist the King Dorchester holds worship in Uphams Corner at 50 Stoughton Street. The liturgy is traditional with the Bible at its center. Presbyterian denomination with a Praise Team modern feel.

The church is filled with young people and kids - a sign of vitality. People seem to care about each other, hanging around after service and not rushing out. Choir practice after church getting ready for Easter.

Posted: March 8 2013

The Food Project
Summer Jobs for 14-17 year olds at The Food Project

  Hi farmers market friends!

I'm writing in case any of you know any 14-17 year olds that would like to apply for a summer job at The Food Project.

The application deadline is March 19.

You can find more info and the online application at http://thefoodproject.org/summer-youth-program.

I was in the Summer Youth Program when I was a teenager many years ago. It's a fantastic opportunity! Please pass the word along.

Thanks,  Jess Liborio <jliborio@thefoodproject.org>

Posted: March 11, 2013

Phishing Scam Email from Mombasa Kenya
Mar 7, 2013

Web ForgeryUsing an email identity stolen from a colleague, an email in your inbox certainly looks legit.

Follow the instructions and "Click Here," then provide your email address and password. Why? To access a document your "so-called" colleague wants your opinion about.

Confirmed malicious by PhishTank but maybe not until it is too late, if you are so gullible.

Posted: March 8 2013

Events in Detail

Peter Blanchette Guitarist : 
JS Bach's Birthday and St. Patty's Day

Mar 16, 2013

Peter BlanchetteCelebrating the Works of J.S. Bach's birthday and St. Patrick's Day, Peter Blanchette, guitarist.

Greater Boston House Concerts,
Sat, March 16, 2013
21 Virginia St, Dorchester. 

"Blanchette is an ace on this, his self-designed instrument." - Billboard Magazine

Posted: March 12 2013

Current Event
Boston NAACP: Young Professionals' Mixer
Wed, Mar 13, 2013, 6:00 to 9:00pm

Boston NAACPThe Boston NAACP's Youth Works Committee Presents

Young Professionals' Mixer
Wed, Mar 13, 2013,
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen

No cover, 100% free entry free appetizers / live music cash bar (no free drinks) dress code: business casual great networking, great vibe, great cause and great music 

Posted: March 11 2013

Current Event
Dorchester Bay - Fundraiser Celebrating 34 Years
April 25, 2013

At their 34th Anniversary fundraiser, Dorchester Bay will be honoring former Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle. Governor Deval Patrick has beeninvited as keynote speaker.
Dorchester Bay
Their goal is to raise $100,000 to support work in :
  • economic development,
  • community organizing,
  • home ownership and
  • rental housing.
Dorchester Bay EDC is a non-profit community development corporation helping to build a strong, diverse, and thriving community in the neighborhoods of Dorchester and Roxbury.

Posted:  February 26, 2013

Current Event
Boston Shines 2013, 11th Annual Citywide Neighborhood Clean-up.
April 26, April 27

Boston Shines 2013Please join Mayor Thomas M. Menino for Boston Shines 2013 the eleventh annual citywide neighborhood clean up 

Friday, April 26th
Saturday April 27th
8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Contact the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services at 617.635.3485 to volunteer or for more information.

This event is part of the Mayor's year-round clean up and community service program, Boston Shines 365.

Posted:  February 19, 2013

From the past

South Bay Expansion Planned - Community Charrette Organized
March 9, 2013
South Bay Expansion Charrette
Citizens Connect To South Bay invites you to attend a Community Planning Charrette.  South Bay is probably expanding. 

Come to discuss its impact on the adjacent residential communities, especially on traffic and congestion. 

Sat, Mar 9 at Local 12 on Mass Ave.  Citizens Connect to South Bay is a community advocacy group recently formed to represent the views, concerns and ideas of residents living in close proximity to the South Bay Mall.

Posted:  March 6, 2013

Sarah TakagiPhotos: Sarah Takagi Concert
Feb 24, 2013

At the Greater Boston House Concert on Feb 24, 2013, accomplished pianist, Sarah Takagi, played from her extensive (memorized) repertoire include Walktz in D flat major by Chopin, Haydn's Sonata in F Major and her own composition "A Journey.". 

Click link below to see photos from the concert on the Uphams Corner News Facebook page.

Photos from Concert

Focus on People: G. Michael Tzerai
Mar 6, 2013

G. Michael Tzerai Uphams Corner News is pleased to share with you a focus on one of our content providers, G. Michael Tzerai.  A Dorchester resident, he has worked as an architect in the Boston area for over 20 years - on the Big Dig, Harbor Point and assisting many CDC's. 

He recently contributed an article to our Black History Month 2013 special edition:  'Awakening the Conscience of America'

Michael is also active in efforts to resolve a humanitarian crisis affecting the youth of his native country, Eritrea.

Posted:  March 6, 2013

Boston NAACP Takes Youth to Harlem for the Great Debate
Mar 2, 2013

Forty (40) Boston Youth Traveled to Harlem, NY on Saturday, March 2, 2013 to tour sections of New York City important to Black History. The youth came from the NAACP's Pipeline to Leadership Program, Freedom House, METCO, MassVote and Mount Ida College.

NAACPFollowing the tour, the Boston contingent attended 'The Great Debate" held at the First Corinthian Baptist Church.  It was Howard University (a historically black college) vs Columbia University (Ivy League) on the issues of 'Stop and Frisk' and 'Gun Control.'

Posted:  March 5, 2013


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