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Vol III No 69 - 01/11/2013
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Mayor Declares Public Health Emergency - Free Flu Clinics Provided

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Public Health Emergency - Free Flu Clinics
Urban Mechanics Flu Shot App

New Years:  Promoting your Strengths
Pedro Pires at Wellesley College
Deck the City Dinner
Uphams Corner Visioning Forum

Boston Youth Fund Hopeline
Fairmount Corridor-wide Meeting
Friends of the UC Library Meeting

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Santa to Arm Himself with Guns
A Christmas Hallelujah
Conversation on the Rights of Passage
Love Tones add Grace Notes
CAG Responds to Globe Article

Hyde Jackson Sq Main Street Celebration
BNAN helps Community Gardens
Community Letters on Bakersfield Arms
   - McCormack Sends Letter
   - UCIA Sends Letter
Grow Well Eat Well Workshops

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Friends of the Uphams Corner Library Invite You
Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:30am Hi Friends!

Happy New Year and best wishes!!!

Announcing the next Friends of the Uphams Corner Branch Library. Please come and bring a neighbor, friend, or family member! We look forward to seeing you then!

Josette Teneus
Sat, Jan 12th at 9:30 am
In the "round room" off of the children's library
Uphams Corner Branch Library
500 Columbia Rd

Featured from Prior Issues

Grow Well Eat Well - The Food Project Workshops
Jan - April 2013

Grow Well Eat WellThis winter and early spring, plan to exercise your green thumb and your growing interest in ethnic cooking by attending The Food Project workshops. 

Grow Well Gardening Workshops are held at the Dudley Greenhouse while the Eat Well Cooking Workshops are at The Food Project Kitchen. 

Learn how to plan your garden, have an indoor garden, grow from seeds and getting an early start.  Cooking will introduce Chinese, Guyanese and Cape Verdean styles.

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Community Letters to the Problem Properties Task Force
December 14, 2012

Bakersfield Street (27-37) recently came under the radar of the Problem Properties Task Force (PPTF). Despite concerted efforts on the part of the Task Force to effect a property "turnaround" by working with the owner, the City was forced to escalate its enforcement efforts including six weeks of 24 hour police coverage.

The PPTF levied a fine of $24k against the property owner and she is appealing. 

Residents have responded with at least two letters in support of the PPTF's decision because of how much harm was done to their community through her negligence.  One is from the McCormack Civic Association and the second, from the Uphams Corner Improvement Association.

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McCormack Civic Supports Problem Properties Task Force
Dec 4, 2012

The Executive Board of the John W. McCormack Civic Association supports the Problem Properties Task Force for actions taken on the Bakersfield Arms property and urges them to reject the landlord's appeal.  The landlord's actions came only after the city instituted extreme measures to highlight the issues and protect the area residents.

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UCIA Letter of Support for the Problem Properties Task Force
Dec 12, 2012

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association supports actions taken by the Problem Properties Task Force (PPTF) on Bakersfield Arms. 

Based on the property owner's slow, negligent and many month response to City of Boston requests, UCIA believes that the actions taken by the PPTF on behalf of the residents living near the property were appropriate and necessary for effecting change.  We ask that you do not rescind the fines levied for City services rendered.'

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Hyde Jackson Square Main Street Open House - Great Success
Dec 6, 2012

Hyde Jackson Main StreetThe Dec 6, 2012 Holiday Open House was the first Hyde Jackson Square Main Street event since Gerald Robbins took over in late July, 2012.  

Held at Gail's Cafe, 268 Centre St, the event seemed almost boisterous. 

People were laughing, trading stories and eating spicy chicken, pasta with broccoli, sauteed tangy potatoes, meat balls in meat sauce, salad and spinach pie. Just excellent.

Mr. Robbins has already introduced himself to 130 of the 139 businesses along this long and interesting "Main Street."  He encourages everyone to drop by and get to know him and the Main Street program.

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Boston Natural Areas Network Helping Community Gardens to Prepare for Winter
Dec 21, 2012

Savin Maywood Community GardenCommunity leaders manage community gardens but Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN - they own the property) works to support the gardeners' efforts. Best practices that promote the best gardens and relationships with the surrounding neighbors is part of the BNAN staff effort. 

Recently they created "Best Practices for Closing Down Gardens for the Winter," which you might think would be obvious but they are not.  WIth its focus on safety, protection of tools, equipment and infrastructure, gardening best practices can be learned but hopefully with BNAN procedures, not the hard way.

Boston Natural Areas Network is sharing their procedures with EVERYONE.  We all have a lot to learn because the new normal is LOCAL.

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Corridor-Wide Advisory Group (CAG) responds to Globe article on Transportation Inequity
Dec 14, 2012
Fairmount Indigo
 The Fairmount Indigo Planning Intiative (FIPI) is a two year BRA study announced in February 2012 by Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.  The planning initiative will identify corridor wide opportunities for commercial and residential development, transit access, public realm enhancements, and community building initiatives. 

Members of a corridor-wide advisory group (CAG), working with the BRA and the consultants, are mindful of transportation equity issues such as fair fares, expanded daily service and increasing the number of station areas. 

The Boston Globe's 11/25/12 article: 'Black Commuters Face Longer Trips to Workl' energized members of the CAG to respond enthusiastically with a "Letter to the Boston Globe Editor."

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Flu MapPublic Health Emergency - Free Flu Clinics Provided
Jan 11, 2013

In response to the dramatic rise in cases of the flu in Boston, Mayor Menino has declared a public health emergency.  Compared with last year, there has been a 10-fold increase in the number of flu cases (700 vs 70) with the flu season extending through March.

A more colorful reproduction of the CDC Influenza Surveillance Report, the map at right shows the extent to which (red) the influenza has spread throughout the US including Alaska.

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) has authorized many clinics (21) throughout the city to maintain flu clinic hours Jan 11-13, 2013.  This includes the Uphams Corner Health Center which will offer clinics both Friday and Saturday.

Mayor Menino and the Health Commission are  encouraging everyone to get a "flu shot" ASAP (now!).

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New Urban Mechanics App - Locate Nearest Flu Shot

Fri Jan 11, 2013

Based on an application first developed in Chicago, the application was adapted to the City of Boston.

Click here to open the app and find your closest flu shot.

Uphams Corner Health Center World AIDS EventUphams Corner Health Center Offers Comprehensive Approach to HIV/AIDS
Jan 10, 2013

Uphams Corner Health Center Offers Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Program and actively participates in community AIDS efforts. In fact, the UCHC AIDS Outreach program was one of the first programs in Boston willing to work with AIDS patients, back when fear, stigma, and misinformation were the norm.  

On November 29, 2012, the clinic held an all afternoon World AIDS Day event with prayer, stories, food and a keynote speaker who lives with AIDS and who is integral to the UCHC support network. 

They then released balloons in honor of AIDS patients who had passed. 

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New Years : "I Promise to Promote my Strengths and what I love Doing!!"

Happy New Year

For the new year,  plan to emphasize your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • What am I good at? What do I love doing?
  • How can I make sure I thank myself always and continue to shine in what I do?
Rather than trying to fix "your problems" for the new year, plan to ramp up your personal energy by working with your personal strengths.

Focusing on problems and issues - while popular - is not sustainable.  Strengths, assets and uniqueness bring us joy and the energy to improve our lives. 

Focus on the good  - issues, problems and  complaints will quietly fade away.

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Former Pres. Cape Verde, Pedro Pires, to Speak at Wellesley College
Pedro Pires, Former Pres. Cape VerdeFri, Jan 11, 2013, 3pm - 4:30pm

Former President of Cape Verde Pedro Pires will be speaking at Wellesley College on Fri, Jan 11 and discussing his country's transition to democracy. 

Sponsored by the Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs, the event will include remarks by  United States Congressman Barney Frank, Layli Maparyan, the Katherine Stone Kaufmann ‘67 Executive Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women, H. Kim Bottomly, president of Wellesley College.

Mr. Pires was the winner of The Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership in 2011. The award is given to African heads of state who are considered to be exceptional role models for the continent. 

The event is free and open to the public.

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UCMS Honors "Deck the Windows" Participants and Winners
Jan 9, 2013

Deck the Windows - Uphams Corner Businesses in 2012You are invited to the Uphams Corner Deck the Windows Holiday Wrap-Up Awards Dinner sponsored by Uphams Corner Main Street.

On Wed Jan 9, 2013, UCMS will be honoring the businesses that participated in the Mayor's Deck the City contest here in Uphams Corner. Dinner will be provided.

Certificates will be given to business participants as well as awards to the top three businesses that decorated the best.

Read More & Lots of Photos

Uphams Corner Visioning Forum
Feb 2, 2013

Uphams Corner Visioning ForumFor all people who live, work, play, visit or care about the Uphams Corner neighborhood, please attend the Uphams Corner Visioning Forum.

Saturday, February 2, 2013
9:30 am -1:00 pm
The Kroc Center
650 Dudley Street

The goal is to involve as many people as possible directly into the short and long term planning for the Uphams Corner area including economic development, jobs, transit, housing and quality of life.  

Everyone's voice is needed to help develop a comprehensive vision for the future, one that starts with the people and reflects their priorities and needs.

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Boston Youth Fund Hopeline 2013 Registration
Feb 1 - Mar 3, 2013

Boston Youth Fund HopelineApply to the BYF HOPELINE to be considered for employment with the Boston Youth Fund for the summer of 2013!

Positive job experiences for youth are essential for teens, not just a paycheck.  A quality  work experience allows the youth of Boston an opportunity to discover and explore their talents while contributing to the well being of their community.

Boston Youth Fund Goals

  • Discover and develop new skills
  • Gain an understanding of the workforce
  • Acquire a sense of responsibility and teamwork
  • Broaden the sense of community
  • Form lasting relationships

More Information

Featured from Prior Issues

Santa Claus: I'm Going to Arm Myself and my Sleigh with Guns
 Dec 23, 2012

Santa from Harper's in 1863 Santa had agreed to meet with UC News - an exclusive. 

He planned to travel all the way from the North Pole down to Uphams Corner - to talk about his happy life in the 21st-century.

Instead, when he arrived, he opened the conversation with a pronouncement:  

"'Enough is Enough.  I am going to turn to guns to protect myself and my Sleigh."

Why has his life and his love - making kids smile with gifts - turned to a reliance on weapons?  Santa describes his reason in detail then does a double-take.

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A New Hallelujah Dedicated to All those who have been Lost to Violence
Dec 24, 2012A Christmas Hallelujah

Sandy Hook Elementary is forever emblazoned on our memories as a place of suffering and mourning. 'A Christmas Hallelujah' is a new work celebrating the birth of Jesus but written within the context of pain. 

We remember all those who have died at the hands of violence. Based on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, 'A Christmas Hallelujah' retains the original melancholic tune and song structure but adds new lyrics.

The "story" of the new hallelujah includes a retrospective look at Sandy Hook, "The Voice" singing Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen and his 1984 creation and the new lyrics.

"A Christmas Hallelujah" reaches out to everyone who has lost a loved one to violence and especially to those whose lives have been forever altered by December 14.   This work is also part of the continuing celebration of the 150th anniversary of Pilgrim Church.

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For Newtown: "Rights of Passage" Missing from the Conversation
Dec 23, 2012Sandy Hook Elementary

From guest writer Shannon Flattery:  "Beyond the need for so many to come together to end the kind of violence witnessed in Newtown, CT, there is one discussion that I’ve not seen."

Her focus is on the "Rights of Passage" tradition which she says is missing from our culture.  Yes, there are "showy" teen-year rituals glorified with extravagant expenditures of money, but a real test of our young people’s gifts and abilities, an authentic induction into adulthood? No.

Consider, she says, this African proverb:  "If we fail to initiate our youth into the center of the tribe, they will burn down the village just to feel the heat."

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Love Tones add a Note of Grace to the Christmas Season
Dec 23, 2012Love Tones

The Love Tones blessed Pilgrim Church on Sunday, December 23, 2012 with an hour long
concert of traditional gospel and spiritual music. Ministering with words of healing and encouragement, their singing offered distinctly graceful notes to the Christmas Season.  

Their almost non-stop singing included many favorites:  Steal Away, Walk with Jesus, Break Bread Together and familiar Christmas carols. 

Love Tones has produced two CD's - Jubilee and Standing on the Rock. 

Read More and Event Photos


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