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Vol III No 64 - 12/03/2012
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Harvard's CI Lab Presents "Realizable" Proposals on Community Issues

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Important Meeting - CI Lab Presentations
Harvard Examines Community Issues
EE Square & 1299 Mass Ave - Early History
Public Works holding Community Mtg

Holiday Alert from Boston Police
Adopt-A-Hydrant Program
Chris Leinberger - featured at TOD Summit
Hyde Jackson Square Holiday Stroll

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From the Past
Fairmount Community Forum - Top Notch
Excellent Main Street Event
Photos - Main Street Annual Meeting
Camilo Pichardo Loves Uphams Corner
Wakeup Call for Main Street
Confessions:  No Flu shot for Me

Events Coming up

Dec 5: Fairmount WAG Meeting
Dec 6: How to Live within Your Means
Dec 8:  Friends of the UC Library Mtg
Dec 9: Ashmont Hill - Free music concert

Library - Overdue Book Drive
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Hyde Jackson Square Main Street -  Open House and Holiday Window Stroll
When:    Thursday, December 6, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Where:    Gail’s Cafe, 268 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain

Hyde Jackson Square Main StreetMayor Thomas M. Menino and Hyde Jackson Square Main Street invite the community to an Open House and Holiday Window Stroll. 

Come  celebrate Hyde Jackson Square Main Street’s work to strengthen the commercial business district in Hyde Square and Jackson Square in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

The event will be a great opportunity for residents, business owners, property owners, and representatives of neighborhood organizations to talk to staff, the Board of Directors, and volunteers of Hyde Jackson
Square Main Street about the state of the neighborhood.

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Chris Leinberger - Guest Speaker - Transit-Oriented Development Seminar
Chris Leinberger
On Thursday, December 6, 2012, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) will be holding a transit-oriented development seminar: 'TOD Finance Summit' with guest speaker, Chris Leinberger.

Attendees will learn why transit-oriented development is important now, where it can be located, ways it can be funded, and the challenges to getting TOD built. Featured speaker, Chris Leinberger, will talk about the shift toward more walkable places and the impact this is having on real estate and development.

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About Town in Greater Uphams Corner -  more news and events

December's Monday Wine Club at Ashmont Grill (3rd, 10th and 17th) benefits the DAC and the Erick Jean Center for the Arts. 

ArtRox Holiday Pop-up Shop Nov 30 thru Dec 24

Hyde Jackson Square Holiday Stroll Dec 6

Grove Hall Library presents the Harper Schiller Jazz Duo Dec 15

Boston City Singers - Four Concerts:  Dec 1, 8, 16, 18

Sustainable Planet - Plants, Animals, Humanity, the Earth - our Future


I like the format--it's nice that you can insert color photos, which helps draw people in, and the headlines are prominent and easy to read. Thank you for adding our events! I appreciate your help in getting the word out for us.
Katrina Morse
Generalist Librarian
Boston Public Library
Grove Hall Branch Library

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Highlights on Events in Greater Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative
Wed Dec 5, 2012

The Uphams Corner Working Advisory Group meeting will be:

Wednesday, DECEMBER 5, 2012
6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Salvation Army Kroc Center
650 Dudley Street, Dorchester

For more information, please visit our website www.fairmountindigoplanning.org or contact:

Ines Palmarin, Co-Director
617.918.4434  Ines.Palmarin.BRA@cityofboston.gov 
Jeremy Rosenberger, Co-Director 
617.918.4431  Jeremy.Rosenberger.BRA@cityofboston.gov
Boston Redevelopment Authority
One City Hall Square | Boston, MA 02201-1007

Boston Home Center How to Live within Your Means
Dec 6 2011 5:45 pm

The Uphams Corner Library and the Boston Home Center present:  "How to Live within your Means," a workshop designed to help you
  • understand your finances
  • assess your finances
  • create a budget
  • tailor your finances to accommodate your personal needs
Plus they will offer some helpful tax tips.

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Friends of the Uphams Corner Library Meeting
Sat Dec 8 9:30am

A message from the Friends .....

"Greetings, everyone.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and that everyone is doing well. This is a friendly reminder that our next Friends of the Uphams Corner Branch Library meeting will be this Saturday, December 8th, at 9:30am in the "round room" off of the children's section.   

This is our last meeting of the year (2012). Let's come together to plan more exciting programs for year 2013!  We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Thank you.  Josette Teneus "

Questions?  Contact Josette at josetteten1@gmail.com

Ashmont Hill"WINTER CONCERT Free for All"
Sunday, December 9, 2012 3 PM

 Ashmont Hill Chamber Music and
Rachel Goodwin, Artist Director
Presents a "free" winter concert

Peabody Hall
Parish of All Saints
209 Ashmont Street, Dorchester, MA

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Featured from Prior Issues

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Important Community Meeting - Presentations on "Realizable" Proposals
Mon Dec 3, 2012

The PUBLIC is invited!!

Hibernia Hall
184 Dudley St, Roxbury
Mon, Dec 3, 2012
4:00pm - 8:00pm

 Graduate students from Harvard's Community Innovation (CI) Lab will give final (nine) presentations - 'realizable' proposals to important local issues - all featuring technological solutions.  Three of the proposals focus on Uphams Corner.  Others look at DSNI issues and the Orchard Gardens Residents Association.

The CI Lab course paired graduate students with community partners who identified important local issues.  The students then worked collaboratively to develop proposals.  Everyone is invited to this exciting event.

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Harvard Schools Work Together to Solve Community Problems
Dec 2, 2012

Students from two Harvard University schools are working together on challenges in "marginalized Boston communities."
  • Solving Problems Using Technology, taught by Susan Crawford from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Advanced Workshop in Participatory Urban Planning and Design, taught by Michael Hooper from the Harvard Design School. 
Students from both courses are working with the City of Boston Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics to focus on 'realizable' proposals to local issues identified by three community partners: DSNI, Orchard Gardens Residents Assoc and Uphams Corner Main Street.

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1299 Mass Ave and EE Square in Boston's Early History

1299 Mass AveSince 1874 there have been many road and land changes in the section of Dorchester we now call Edward Everett Square.

Did you know that in 1874 ...
  • Edward Everett Square did not exist
  • Massachusetts Avenue did not terminate here
  • The major N/S road was Cottage Street
  • The triangular lot at 1299 Mass Ave did not exist
The 1874 Boston atlas shows a section of Dorchester with quaint, almost country-like, roads.  Rapid residential and commercial development ensued.  A new road was cut into the intersection and in 1917, the owner of 1299 Mass Ave built a garage that covered the entire plot of land. 

Almost 100 years later in 2010, Living Stream Ministry  has purchased the property and is converting the original garage (with substantial improvements) into a building to be used by the Christian congregation, "Church in Boston" as shown in the rendering above.

Detailed Maps and Building Photos

Tue, Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm

Public Works The City of Boston Public Works Department invites you to attend a kick-off meeting to discuss the reconstruction of roadways at Uphams Corner. 

The scope of work will include new sidewalks, street lights, upgraded traffic signals, tree plantings, way-finding signage, and improved connectivity for pedestrians. The meeting will be held on:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 6:00 PM
Cape Verdean Adult Center
34 Hancock Street
Dorchester, MA

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  SAVE THAT APP!!   Adopt a Hydrant
January 2011 snowstormDec 4, 2012


Earlier in 2012, Mayor Thomas M. Menino launched the Adopt-A-Hydrant program, a first-of-its-kind effort, designed to tap into community spirit. 

The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics is preparing to announce the 2013 version of Adopt-A-Hydrant program where residents can name and adopt fire hydrants - which means keeping them free of snow.  Easy to use.  Go to the special website, login and pick out your favorite fire hydrant.  When it snows, ... well ... you know what to do.

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C-11 Police Alert for the Holidays
November 2012

Captain Sexton, Area C11 of the Boston Police Department, reminds all residents of Boston to be careful during the holidays.  He cites package theft as a growing concern.

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Featured from Prior Issues

Fairmount Community Forum
Fairmount Community Forum Exceeds Expectations
Nov 17, 2012

Opening with a one-hour overview of the planning initiative, the BRA led the over 200 attendees quickly into engaging exercises that set the stage for the several hours of breakout session brainstorming. 

What changes do they want to see in their communities that will promote sustainability and economic feasibility in the areas of
  • jobs
  • housing
  • quality of life
  • transportation and more?
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Nicholas Chernoff
Excellent Turnout for Main Street Annual Meeting

Uphams Corner Main Street held their 2012 annual meeting at Paraiso Restaurant on Dudley Street.  Hoping to attract business representatives before the businesses opened for the day, Main Street offered a light breakfast and an early start time (8AM).

The meeting was well attended (close to 50) and the speakers interesting including several business owners. Main Street also shared upcoming developments with the business community.

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Main Street Annual Meeting in Photos

UCMS Annual MeetingParaiso Restaurant's front room in the "glass dome" was a good fit for the crowd that attended Uphams Corner Main Street's Annual Meeting. 

With a light breakfast - especially the excellent fresh fruit selection, a well maintained schedule and interesting speakers, the meeting created an enjoyable opening for "just another day" in Uphams Corner. Photos show attendees listening intently and enjoying themselves.

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Camilo Pichardo Businessman Camilo Pichardo Loves Uphams Corner

Businessman Camilo Pichardo has much to say about the Uphams Corner neighborhood and the people he interfaces with regularly and all of it very positive.

"Listen" to his speech at the Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting, find out more about his business (YELP) and learn more about him - his principles, his attitude, his family and why he cares so much about Uphams Corner.

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Wakeup Call for Main Streets and all Nonprofits
Carlos Schillaci
The indictment of Carolos Schillaci, former executive director of the Hyde / Jackson Square Main Street, provides an opportunity for all groups specifically involved in this incident to review the sequence of events, to learn from the errors and to assess if adequate controls have been put in place to prevent a recurrence.

The seriousness of what happened, how easily it happened and how apparently naive the 'victims' were is pause for reflection. All nonprofits, certainly all Boston Main Street groups including Uphams Corner would do well to view this incident as a 'wake-up call.'

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Confessions of a Died-in-the-Wool Flu Shot Avoider
Nov 24, 2012
Get your flu shot now
Ten days into the almost overwhelming marathon of coughing, phlegm, sneezing, sore throat, swollen tonsils, chills and weakness (though, thank goodness, no fever) ...  'How could I have passed up the brief pain of a flu shot?' 

Too busy?  I never get sick! I'm healthy ...

Whatever the excuse, it may not be worth clinging to a tenuous lifelline.  Pharmacies and health centers - all of them are stocked with untainted, high quality anti-viral doses of what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says are the likely culprits this flu season."

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