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Fairmount Initiative Community Forum Exceeds Expectations

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Fairmount Community Forum - Top Notch
Excellent Main Street Event
Photos - Main Street Annual Meeting
Camilo Pichardo Loves Uphams Corner
Wakeup Call for Main Street
Confessions:  No Flu shot for Me

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Happy Thanksgiving to All
UC Tree Lighting Nov 24
Fairmount Advisory Group Mtg
Content Curation - Feature Magazines

Civility and Incivility - Annapolis Mtg
Wendy Rist - Taking a Closer Look
Roasted Trash Barrels for Dinner
Sexy Cape Verde Posters

NAACP Chapter Election Results
Zoosk - Perils, Pain & Embarrassment
ReServe Boston - Hiring Outside the Box
How to Live within your Means

Events Coming up

Nov 27: Four Corners MS Annual Mtg
Nov 1-29: GH Lib  - Scholarship Series
Dec 6: How to Live within Your Means
Dec 9:  Ashmont Hill - Free music concert

Library - Overdue Book Drive
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Content Curation Comes of Age with New Feature Magazines
Nov 20, 2012

Scoop.it! LogoOne of the fastest growing areas of digital media mangement is known as 'digital curation' or 'content curation.' The digital curator selects digital assets (text, images, video, etc) from a potentially wide range available publicly and privately and presents the information to a narrow / broad targeted audience for further interpretation.

The curation tool selected by Uphams Corner News is Scoop.It  Thus far, we have migrated some content normally in UCNews into these two feature magazines.

Highlighting Greater Uphams Corner - presents news articles from other media sources plus event information that is easier to package in the Feature Magazine format

Sustainable Planet - will replace the series "Recommended from Around the Globe" which has been running for the last several months.

A link at the top of each magazine gets you back "home" to UCNews.

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Highlighting Greater Uphams Corner -  more news and events

Mass Dot Hearing on Transportation
Grove Hall Tree Lighting & Party
Mayor's Holiday Specials
11/30 - 12/24 ArtRox Holiday Pop-up Shop
Hyde Jackson Sq Holiday Stroll
GH Lib:  Harper Schiller Jazz Duo
Dec 1, 8, 16, 18
Four concerts - Boston City Singers

Sustainable Planet - Plants, Animals, Humanity, the Earth - our Future


I like the format--it's nice that you can insert color photos, which helps draw people in, and the headlines are prominent and easy to read. Thank you for adding our events! I appreciate your help in getting the word out for us.
Katrina Morse
Generalist Librarian
Boston Public Library
Grove Hall Branch Library

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Highlights on Events in Greater Uphams Corner


Four Corners Main Street Annual Meeting
Nov 27, 2012 6-8pm

RSVP 617.287.1651
Dynell or contact director@fourcornersms.org

More Information

Unnatural Causes - Is Inequality Making us Sick?

Unnatural Causes Grove Hall Library
Harvard Scholarship in the Community Series
Thursdays at 6pm

November 29: "Collateral Damage" and "Not Just a Paycheck"

November 1: "In Sickness and In Wealth"
November 8: "When the Bough Breaks" and "Becoming American"
November 15: "Bad Sugar" and "Place Matters"

Ashmont Hill"WINTER CONCERT Free for All"
Sunday, December 9, 2012 3 PM

 Ashmont Hill Chamber Music and
Rachel Goodwin, Artist Director
Presents a "free" winter concert

Peabody Hall
Parish of All Saints
209 Ashmont Street, Dorchester, MA

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News from the Boston Public Library
Overdue Thanks: A 3-Week Overdue Book Drive in November 2012

The Boston Public Library is running a three-week drive to encourage the return of overdue materials to our shelves. Any overdue book, CD, or DVD returned to a Boston Public Library location from November 1 through Thanksgiving will have the associated fine cleared. This is in effect for library users of all ages whether a book is one day late, one year late, or more. If an item is permanently lost, users will be responsible for paying only the replacement fee.

This overdue book drive applies only to the actual return of physical materials from November 1 through Thanksgiving. Library users with outstanding fines on already-returned books will be asked to clear their record the usual way: by paying their fines.

We hope you'll participate in this very special book drive and accept our overdue thanks for using the Boston Public Library.

Featured from Prior Issues

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Fairmount Community Forum
Fairmount Community Forum Exceeds Expectations
Nov 17, 2012

Opening with a one-hour overview of the planning initiative, the BRA led the over 200 attendees quickly into engaging exercises that set the stage for the several hours of breakout session brainstorming. 

What changes do they want to see in their communities that will promote sustainability and economic feasibility in the areas of
  • jobs
  • housing
  • quality of life
  • transportation and more?
Read More & Photos

Nicholas Chernoff
Excellent Turnout for Main Street Annual Meeting

Uphams Corner Main Street held their 2012 annual meeting at Paraiso Restaurant on Dudley Street.  Hoping to attract business representatives before the businesses opened for the day, Main Street offered a light breakfast and an early start time (8AM).

The meeting was well attended (close to 50) and the speakers interesting including several business owners. Main Street also shared upcoming developments with the business community.

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Main Street Annual Meeting in Photos

UCMS Annual MeetingParaiso Restaurant's front room in the "glass dome" was a good fit for the crowd that attended Uphams Corner Main Street's Annual Meeting. 

With a light breakfast - especially the excellent fresh fruit selection, a well maintained schedule and interesting speakers, the meeting created an enjoyable opening for "just another day" in Uphams Corner. Photos show attendees listening intently and enjoying themselves.

View Photos

Camilo Pichardo Businessman Camilo Pichardo Loves Uphams Corner

Businessman Camilo Pichardo has much to say about the Uphams Corner neighborhood and the people he interfaces with regularly and all of it very positive.

"Listen" to his speech at the Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting, find out more about his business (YELP) and learn more about him - his principles, his attitude, his family and why he cares so much about Uphams Corner.

Read More

Wakeup Call for Main Streets and all Nonprofits
Carlos Schillaci
The indictment of Carolos Schillaci, former executive director of the Hyde / Jackson Square Main Street, provides an opportunity for all groups specifically involved in this incident to review the sequence of events, to learn from the errors and to assess if adequate controls have been put in place to prevent a recurrence.

The seriousness of what happened, how easily it happened and how apparently naive the 'victims' were is pause for reflection. All nonprofits, certainly all Boston Main Street groups including Uphams Corner would do well to view this incident as a 'wake-up call.'

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Confessions of a Died-in-the-Wool Flu Shot Avoider
Nov 24, 2012
Get your flu shot now
Ten days into the almost overwhelming marathon of coughing, phlegm, sneezing, sore throat, swollen tonsils, chills and weakness (though, thank goodness, no fever) ...  'How could I have passed up the brief pain of a flu shot?' 

Too busy?  I never get sick! I'm healthy ...

Whatever the excuse, it may not be worth clinging to a tenuous lifelline.  Pharmacies and health centers - all of them are stocked with untainted, high quality anti-viral doses of what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says are the likely culprits this flu season."

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Featured from Prior Issues

Happy Thanksgiving to All from Uphams Corner News
Nov 22, 2012

ThanksgivingSomething changes in the air around the best of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. 

People seem to want to come out of their private worlds filled with worries, stress, ambition and yearnings - all of it hidden from view. 

The spontaneous greetings, days before the real Thanksgiving, are like the touch of midas, a glow of golden sunlight bursting through an overcast sky, a reminder of the classic turkey freshly removed from the oven after hours of cooking.

"Happy Thanksgiving."  "Happy Thanksgiving to you, too."

Life Continues as Usual

Richard waves.  He's heading to the bus stop to go to a day program. 

Philip, dressed up, not looking his usual scruffy self, not causing a rush of empathetic worry, is going somewhere.  Where are you heading?  Why do you look so well dressed today?  Philip now has a job at McDonald's in Framingham (he says).  He gets a ride there and looks forward to rising in their management.  I am so proud of you, I tell him.

William who never stops talking is worried about his friend, Jeannette, who, he says, is a serious heroine addict.  You know she's sick, right? HIV? Talk to her, he says, see if you can make a difference.

May the Feast be with You

We sit down to a table of plenty and hold fast to a tradition that never ends, where time is barely moving, where years pass like days and time stands quite still. (Seems like only yesterday.)   Who, indeed, would pass up an entire smorgasbord of multi-colored food, festive salads and dressings, mega-calorie desserts and bubbling cider layed out like artwork?

For others, the quiet of a day when the phone never rings and the emails have stopped is a sacred form of respite.  We embrace our traditions beause they symbolize relationships, meaning, acknowledgement - a chance to sit back, take a deep breath and appreciate life.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the Greater Uphams Corner area and to all the residents of China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Ukraine, the Russian Federation and everyone in the world who also read Uphams Corner News. 

Let us continue to lift ourselves beyond the ordinary.  Let us extend ourselves to those around us in need, moving always towards a sense of the greater good.

Nancy Conrad
Editor, Uphams Corner News

Read as article

Civility and Incivility at the Annapolis Neighborhood Meeting

Annapolis Neighborhood Mtg Oct 25Bill Bonnice sent a Letter to the Editor taking issue with our emphasis on "breaking down" at the Oct 25 Annpolis meeting. 

He emphasized the presence of restraint, civility, respect and courage.  Indeed, if you were to measure the time spent in restraint versus 'chaos' at the meeting, restraint wins by a mile. 

A compliment to Mr. Bonnice for his emphasis on the positive and to the whole neighborhood for its endurance in the face of change and challenge. 

At times the collective energy that communicates an emergency situation takes priority over restraint to convey to each other (in the neighborhood) and to the world that help is needed.  At times, we need to pay attention to those crying out for help.

Read More

Wendy Rist, Property Owner, Bakersfield Arms, a Closer Look
Wendy Rist Nov 22, 2012

Known only as the owner of 27-37 Bakersfield St, at the Annapolis neighborhood meeting, Wendy Rist presented herself as contrite and humble, wanting to do good for the community.  She cited a long list of accomplishments. 

At the same time, several of her admissions including 'I do the best I can,' suggested she was just an amateur, who doesn't yet know the ropes. 'I just want to get this behind me'. 

The facts suggest otherwise.  She not only rehabbed Bakersfield Arms but also built a condominium close by.  Her humble presentation and her actions do not add up.  Who is the real Wendy Rist?

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Roasted trash barrels for Thanksgiving dinnerRoasted Plastic Trash Barrels for Thanksgiving Dinner in Uphams Corner?
Nov 22, 2012 2am

A police cruiser pulled a U-y and stopped in the middle of Dudley Street.  'Be careful," he said. "Some clown is setting the trash barrels on fire.'

That was at 2am.

Fifteen minutes earlier, the rubber trash barrel in front of L&M Bargain was on fire.  Further up on Dudley, there was another barrel in flames in front of the Brazilian church.  That's where the police cruiser and a fire truck sat.

Read More & Photos

Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Party Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Posters Taken Down
Nov 16, 2012

Last week (prior to the party date of Nov 16), someone (The Creative Studio) made up posters advertising "Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Official Party", then wrapped them securely around light poles on Dudley St. 

Due to the graphic nature of the posters, residents removed them but not before UCNews was able to capture the situation and its effect on the Uphams Corner business district.

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Boston NAACP 2012 Elections - Atty Michael Curry Staying on
Nov 21, 2012

Boston NAACPMonday, November 19, 2012, Boston NAACP members re-elected Attorney Michael Curry as President  for another two-year term, while also returning a slate of officers and voting in an even younger leadership team.

The uncontested election is seen as a direct result of the work done by the Boston NAACP to reestablish its presence and influence in the City of Boston. The new Administration will begin serving their two-year term in January 2013.

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Zoosk - The Perils of Trusting - The Pain of Embarrassment

The online 'Complaints Board' has an entire section on Zoosk with three pages of complaints dating back to early 2010. One person wrote:

"Zoosk is like a virus! it pretends to be a pix sharing site when in reality it is a very aggressive and poorly designed dating site.

By agreeing to join and purportedly just to see a friend's pix, zoosk steals all your contacts and sends them an invitation to join to see your pix. i dont even have any pix anywhere.

It must be stopped"

This author and many others in the Boston area have had the misfortune of becoming victims to the Zoosk virus-like behavior.  Presenting the chronology of what happened, steps taken and what you can do to make Zoosk go away.

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Fairmount Advisory Group Meeting October 24, 2012 Fairmount Advisory Group

 At the third Fairmount Advisory group meeting (which is focused on Uphams Corner), the group welcomed the new co-chairs, Max MacCarthy and Chris Jones.  After introductory remarks by Jeremy Rosenberger from the BRA, Josh Fiala provided updates to the previous meeting, going through data analysis in detail.

Zachary Wassmouth from Public Works talked about the infrastructure project and Ina Anderson from Mass Smart Growth reported on the Project for Public Spaces.  Finally, they discussed two upcoming community forums.

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ReServe Greater Boston - Thinking Outside the Hiring Box

ReServe Boston ReServe is a new workforce strategy, connecting continuing professionals age 55+ with part-time service opportunities in community-based organizations, public institutions, and government agencies. JVS (Jewish Vocational Services) is the Greater Boston ReServe affiliate and has just announced the new initiative at seminars in Boston and Newton. 

With more emphasis on heart than on wallet, the program appeals to people who want to pursue their passions while also helping out in the nonprofit world.

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Boston Home Center How to Live within Your Means
Dec 6 2011 5:45 pm

The Uphams Corner Library and the Boston Home Center present:  "How to Live within your Means," a workshop designed to help you
  • understand your finances
  • assess your finances
  • create a budget
  • tailor your finances to accommodate your personal needs
Plus they will offer some helpful tax tips.

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