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Annapolis Neighborhood Meeting Breaks Down with Shouting and Anger

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Annapolis Nbhd Meeting - Anger
Bakersfield Arms - Recommendations
Food Ministry - Anchor to the Community
Salsa & Merengue at the UC Library
BWSC:  Make a difference in your Nbhd
Flu Clinics at UCHC !!
UCHC Lauds Employee

Events Coming up

Nov 1-29: GH Lib  -Scholarship Series
Nov 16:  Turkey Give Away
Nov 17: Fairmount Community Forum
Nov 19,20: S Station Expansion Opn Hses
Nov 24: Holiday Tree Lighting
Nov 24:  Pilgrim Church 150 Banquet

Boston City Singers Concerts
Library - Overdue Book Drive

UC News CALENDAR - All Events

From the Past

Best Asian Garden in UC 2012
My mother, they call her "Rose"
Pilgrim Church - Final Call for Banquet
Dudley Greenhouse Fall Festival

Pilgrim Church - 150 Years Service
Pilgrim Church - Letter from Rev. Odams
Awards Presented at Groom Humphreys

Final Beautification Awards Issued
  • 713 Dudley St
  • 37 Humphreys
  • 21 Annabel St
  • 15 Annapolis
  • 39 Pleasant St
  • 52 Sumner St
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#60 11/13/12
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From Issue #61

Worldmap shows which provide Universal Healthcare (not US)

Highlights on Events in Greater Uphams Corner

Unnatural Causes - Is Inequality Making us Sick?

Unnatural Causes Grove Hall Library
Harvard Scholarship in the Community Series
Thursdays at 6pm

November 29: "Collateral Damage" and "Not Just a Paycheck"

November 1: "In Sickness and In Wealth"
November 8: "When the Bough Breaks" and "Becoming American"
November 15: "Bad Sugar" and "Place Matters"

Read More

News from the Boston Public Library
Overdue Thanks: A 3-Week Overdue Book Drive in November 2012

The Boston Public Library is running a three-week drive to encourage the return of overdue materials to our shelves. Any overdue book, CD, or DVD returned to a Boston Public Library location from November 1 through Thanksgiving will have the associated fine cleared. This is in effect for library users of all ages whether a book is one day late, one year late, or more. If an item is permanently lost, users will be responsible for paying only the replacement fee.

This overdue book drive applies only to the actual return of physical materials from November 1 through Thanksgiving. Library users with outstanding fines on already-returned books will be asked to clear their record the usual way: by paying their fines.

We hope you'll participate in this very special book drive and accept our overdue thanks for using the Boston Public Library.

Dorchester Community Food CoopDorchester Community Food Co-op Potluck Dinner & General Meeting
Sunday, November 18, 2012
5:30pm until 7:30pm

You are invited to attend
DATE: Sunday, November 18th 5:30-7:30 pm
LOCATION: First Parish Church in Dorchester 10 Parish St., Meeting House Hill
Bring a healthy dish to share
Bring a friend to learn about the co-op

Membership Drive:
We are on track to have 200 household members-owners by the end of the year.
Come learn how you can help with the drive, and join the co-op if you aren;t yet a member
Meet your neighbors: gather in small groups to create neighborhood organizing teams!

Update on our accomplishments so far:
We have raised the funds for our feasibility and market studies and are choosing our consultants
Learn about our fundraising accomplishments, partnerships, and site possibilities

Next Steps & Projects
Year two of Dorchester Winter Farmers' Market
Grand Opening: Sunday Jan 6!
Codman Square Great Hall. Sundays Jan-March 12-4pm

We will talk about ideas for other innovative projects as we plan for the retail store.

Save the date!
Our first Annual Meeting and HOLIDAY PARTY will be on Sunday Evening Dec 16
Board Elections will take place at the Annual Meeting

Dudley Greenhouse Fall Festival & Market
Nov 20, 2012  4 - 7 PM
Dudley Greenhouse Fall Festival
The Dudley Green Greenhouse invites you to a family fun event on November 20, 2012 from 4 to 7pm with a chance to buy fresh and healthy food at a family friendly fall harvest.

Supporting local food production to grow the community, the Dudley Greenhouse will be celebrating:
  • The Fall
  • Thanksgiving
  • The end of the harvest season
There will be vegetables to purchase, activities for children and the Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck.

Read More

Holiday Tree LightingUphams Corner Community Holiday Tree Lighting
Sat, Nov 24 2012

Volunteer and Celebrate in the Holiday Spirit: 
  • 3-5pm Decorate Uphams Corner business district
  • 5-6pm Enjoy Santa and the Trolley
Come enjoy Goodie Bags, Hot Chocolate, Cookies, Holiday Music, Caroling, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, and of course the Tree Lighting!

Meet at the Strand Theatre, mingle, spread good cheer and wait for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to arrive in their modern trolley.

(Corner of Columbia Rd and Hancock Street)

Read More

Boston City Singers Jamaica Plain Winter Stars Concert
Sat, Dec 8, 2012

Boston City Singers Jamaica Plain Winter Stars Concert featuring Jamaica Plain Training Chorus and Dorchester & Jamaica Plain Kodaly Classes - 11:00 am - Hope Central Church, 85 Severans Street, Jamaica Plain

Also in Uphams Corner Calendar

Boston City Singers Winter Stars Concert
Sun, Dec 16, 2012

Winter Stars Concert featuring Boston City Singers Concert Chorus (3 divisions and Dorchester Training Chorus at Holy Family Church, 24 Hartford St., Uphamâ₉„¢s Corner, Dorchester. Doors open at 2:30; Concert at 3:00

Also in Uphams Corner Calendar

Boston City Singers - Dorchester Community Concert
Tue, Dec 18, 2012

Dorchester Community Concert featuring Boston City Singers Concert Chorus and All Saints Choirs to benefit All Saints Church, 209 Ashmont Street, Dorchester, 7:00 pm

Also in Uphams Corner Calendar

Featured from Prior Issues

Pilgrim Church - Celebrating 150 Years Unbroken Service to the Community
Nov 2, 2012

Pilgrim ChurchPilgrim Church formally begins their year-long 150th anniversary celebration on Nov 24, 2012 with a banquet at Florian Hall in Dorchester.  A time to honor the past, it is also a chance to look forward to another 150 years of service. 

The banquet marks the start of a building repair fund raising campaign.  Pilgrim Church is a proud member of the Uphams Corner community and seeks to wear its heritage well.

This year's important anniversary is much more than the celebration of a church and its spiritual message. As a strong community entity, the church has established a track record of 150 years continuous service.  Their history represents the heritage and longevity of the Uphams Corner community itself.

Read More

Chip in!!  Support the Pilgrim Church.  How You Can Help.
Letter from Rev. John Odams

UCC Emblem For one-hundred and fifty years, Pilgrim Church has been a source of help, hope, and home to not just the Uphams Corner neighborhood but to the world around.

Our Urban Ministry consists of: providing emergency shelter for homeless men, distributing food on the Boston Common, serving a free Saturday community lunch, flea market, food pantry, sponsoring the Dorchester Deaf Club, free bread, Browse Thrift Shop, service every Sunday morning 11am.

150th Celebration Banquet and Building Repair Campaign

To continue our urban ministry and to maintain our position as a unique historical landmark to Uphams Corner, we must address the most urgently needed repairs to our building.  Please consider attending the banquet, purchasing angel tickets, advertising in our program, contributing to our building campaign.

Thank you in advance for your much needed assistance!

Rev. John Odams

Read more - Invitation & Application to Support Pilgrim Church

Best Asian Garden 2012Best Asian Garden 2012 - Kim Song
Nov 12, 2012

Kim Song is devoted to her gardening. Every morning throughout the growing season, you can find her tending her plants, flowers, bushes and arrangements. 

What makes her gardening stand out is the replication. 

Think of a miniature garden created in a small pot, then multiply that a thousand fold and there you have her creation and her love.

Read More

Our Community Voices

My Mother, They Call her Rose
Nov 5, 2012

Bakersfield Corner LaundromatBarbara Duggan shares the love she has for her mother, knowing her time is near.

"My mother - they call her Rose - is the reason that people (multiple generations now) choose to come to our laundromat.

She is the person whose presence impacts them.  Her simplicity, her spirituality, her thoughtfulness, her selflessness, her angelic ways are authentic and unique. She has touched countless lives in countless ways."

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Beautification Awards Presented at Groom Humphreys
September 19, 2012

Beautification AwardsThe September meeting of the Groom Humphreys Neighborhood Association included the presentation of beautification awards to area residents by members of the Uphams Corner Improvement Association (UCIA). 

Mr. Hal Cohen who officiates these meetings made a special effort to contact the award recipients encouraging them to attend the meeting to personally receive their awards.

The Improvement Association congratulated everyone for how much they care about their section of Dorchester.  "The four awards issued is proof that residents care.  All you have to do is take the time to look and you will see the hidden beauty."

Mr. Octavio Miranda and family received the award for 56 Belden Street.
Mr. Eugene Hendrix and Mrs. Almarita Hendrix received the award for 20 Humphreys Street.

Congratulations to all.  Read More

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Annapolis Neighborhood Meeting Breaks Down in Shouting and Anger
Nov 25, 2012

Annapolis Nbhd MtgThe newly restarted Annapolis Neighborhood Meeting (after a one-year hiatus) focused on the City of Boston designated "Problem Property", 27-37 Bakersfield Arms, that has negatively impacted the entire neighborhood.  

Multiple times, the meeting broke down in shouting and anger. Wendy Risty, property owner, and Peter MacCarthy owner of Steps to Solutions, a sober house operating out of that property responded to residents' questions.

Read More - Complete meeting report and Photos

Pilgrim Church's "Food Ministry" - An Anchor to the Community
Food Ministry at Pilgrim Church
One of its most important of Pilgrim Church's urban ministries focuses on ministering to the hungry - be it physically or spiritually hungry. 

Feeding people promotes the growth of community, sharing and caring for one another. 

Whether distributing food on the Boston Common, serving free Saturday lunch, operating the church's Emergency Food Pantry or giving out free bread, the church is seen as a source of help and a place to go to just "be."

Read More

Pilgrim Church 150th Anniversary Banquet
Nov 24, 2012

Pilgrim Church On the evening of November 2, 1862, during the Civil War, sixteen persons gathered and formed Pilgrim Church. For one-hundred and fifty years, Pilgrim Church has continued to be a source of help, hope, and home to the world around.

On November 24, 2012, Pilgrim Church is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a celebratory dinner. The event will take place at 6pm at Florian Hall (55 Hallet Street).

From Rev. John Odams:  "There's still time to order your tickets for the banquet.  Deadline is 12 NOON - Monday November 19, 2012."

After that please call the church (617-282-0456) to get "special seating" set aside for those who always ... make ... decisions ... at the last minute.

Details at www.pilgrimchurch1862.org/150thanniversary.html

Tito Jackson Turkey Give Away
Tito Jackson 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away
Fri Nov 16, 2012 4pm-7pm

District 7 City Councillor Tito Jackson invites you to: 2nd Annual Tito Jackson Turkey Give Away, in partnership with Yawkee Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury - to provide for families in need of help

Friday, November 16th, 2012, 4PM-7PM,
Roxbury Boys & Girls Club, 115 Warren Street

Read More

South Station Expansion Open Houses Nov 19 & Nov 20
Nov 19 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Nov 20 8:00am to 9:15am

South Station Expansion Open HousesMassDOT is leading an effort to improve and expand Boston South Station, and we want to invite your participation and hear your ideas.

The open houses are opportunities to meet the project team and to provide input.  Located only a short walk from South Station, the open houses will provde the same information  - one for those who prefer "before work" and one for "after work."

Read More

Community Voices Initiative

Roberto BeltranUphams Corner Health Center Lauds Roberto Beltran
Nov 14, 2012

 Roksana Pirog, Marketing and Promotions Manager for the Uphams Corner Health Center, represents the health center and the community in lauding the work of one of their employees, Roberto Beltran.

"The Health Center was pleased that one of their model, hardworking employees, Roberto Beltran, was interviewed, especially about his work with the geriatric populations of Dorchester and profiled by the Federal Government̢۪s Health and Human Services Department (HHS)."

Roksana asked that Uphams Corner News let everyone know about Mr. Beltran’s work as part of the Community Voices Initiative. 

Read More

From the Editor's Desk

Bakersfield Arms - Affected Residents Left out of the Conversations
Nov 15, 2012

Bakersfield ArmsNot without reason did the City’s Problem Property Task Force attach the "problem property" label to Bakersfield Arms.  Whoever was living there or visiting there, be it the sober house or regular housing, someone or group of someones was bringing crime and a dramatic reduction in the quality of life to this neighborhood. 

Over the last two years, people / organizations made decisions that had an immediate (negative) impact on the residents and the neighborhood, but NOT ONCE did the decision makers including the City of Boston ask the residents for their opinion.

Read More

Salsa at the LibrarySalsa and Merengue, Spanish Dancing at the Uphams Corner Branch
Oct 25, 2012

Salsa, merengue,fun, good teaching, great percussive instruments and a terrific merengue performance is just part of the treasure MetaMovements brought to the Uphams Corner library.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, learning new rhythms on instruments, dancing to a Spanish beat on the dance floor or sitting back and feeling the salsa rhythm imbue their bodies with a bit of toe-tapping bounce.

MetaMovements is a dancing/gymnastics company in the Boston area that helps participants attain a new fitness level through the medium of dance.

Read More

Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Community Forum
Nov 17, 2012

Fairmount Indigo Community ForumMayor Thomas M. Menino invites you to the Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Community Forum -
"Building new connections to your neighborhood."

Please join us in the conversation about connecting the communities along the Fairmount Corridor to economic opportunities, jobs, transit, and housing.

We need your voice to help develop a vision for the future.

Childcare will be provided and there will be plenty of food to tide you over for the four hours of planning time.  Also prizes will be awarded.

**Translation services available upon request

Boston Water & Sewer:  Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood
Oct 15 - Nov 30, 2012

Fall Cleanup Boston Water & Sewer supports the City of Boston's "Autumn Clean-up" from October 15 to November 30, 2012.  While the focus of their message is the fallen leaves blocking the drainage system,  BWSC also says we (all of us) can make a difference by getting together with our neighbors to clean up our "micro" areas (neighborhoods). 

Wouldn't it be nice if each tiny neighborhood (and there are literally thousands) would clean up in partnership with the City

After all, the City promises to pick up the leaves if we manage to get them into appropriately labelled barrels and paper bags.

Read More

Flu Clinics at the Uphams Corner Health Center

Roksana Pirog from the Uphams Corner Health Center says:

Go ... Get ... Your ... Flushot.  Boston Medical Center is already reporting flu hospitalizations, and in the elderly population.  The health center has a few more flu clinics going on.  Get your flushot now before you get the flu since they don't help people once theyâ₉„¢re been infected.
Get your Flushot

Featured from Prior Issues

Congratulations - Final Homes & Gardens Awards for 2012
Nov 12, 2012

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) has issued the final six Beautification Awards to area homes for a total of 22 properties in 2012.  This includes the Best Asian Garden award at 39 Pleasant Street. 

View Beautification Awards Index to see all awards issued in 2012.

The Homes & Gardens Beautification Award is given to Uphams Corner area residents and businesses who maintain their property with pride, enhancing its "curb appeal" and contributing to the overall beauty of Uphams Corner.  We consider condition and attractiveness of the property and grounds, and how well the property fosters a spirit of beauty and sustainability in the community. 

For more information, contact the Uphams Corner Improvement Association at   UCImprove@gmail.com

713 Dudley Street


Abrams Management is to be commended for their quality landscaping at 713 Dudley Street.

Wrought iron fencing secures the garden plots which are covered in attractive red mulch.

Planters brimming with colorful flowers transform the front of the building to an idyllic setting. Flowers include petunias, argeratum, marigolds, ivy geranium and bacopa, all from Exotic Flowers in Roslindale.
713 Dudley St

37 Humphreys Street


A neat and well cared for home on a narrow lot with a small raised bed plot that the owner has planted with vegetables (beans) and ornamentals. 

Showcasing the garden is a statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by Silver Cinneraria.
37 Humphreys Street

21 Annabel Street


Perched atop a hill, the ground is reached by climbing a set of stairs making the visual landscaping easy to miss unless it is created to attract the eye colorfully. 

The gardener has selected a dense set of plantings whose colors complement the blue and rust color tones of the house.

21 Annabel Street

15 Annapolis Street


This home is neat and trim and well kept because the garden is behind a chain-link fence.

However, the true beauty of the gardening is showcased only if you climb the stairs and look down from the front porch. 

From the distance, the red mulch is particularly effective at making the flowers stand out.

15 Annapolis Street

39 Pleasant Street


Kim Song is devoted to her gardening.  Every morning throughout the growing season, you will find her tending her plants, flowers, bushes and arrangements. 

What makes her gardening stand out is the replication.

Think of a miniature garden created in a small pot, then multiply that a thousand fold and there you have her creation and her love.
39 Pleasant Street

52 Sumner Street

Annapolis Housing, maintained by the Boston Housing Authority, is a blocksized set of apartment buildings, set close to the sidewalks. 

Yet interior to the complex is a remarkable courtyard with plants and flowers that hug the foundations. 

'Substantial gardens create an artist's brushstroke to the rectilinear lines of the buildings.  Color, texture and surely the buzzinig bees add to the beauty.
52 Sumner Street

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