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Vol III No 59 - 11/06/2012
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Pilgrim Church - Celebrating 150 Years Unbroken Service to the Community

The News

Pilgrim Church - 150 Years Service
Pilgrim Church - Letter from Rev. Odams
Halloween in UC - Kids "Rock"
Halloween in UC - Adults do Too!
Kroc-o-Treat at Kroc Center

News Capsules for October 26
NAACP Initiative - This is My Vote!!'
Sellout Crowd for Howard Project's "Ask Me"
Capuano visits in Uphams Corner
Assistance after Sandy
Library - 3 Week Overdue Book Drive

Events Coming up

Nov 1-29: GH Lib  -Scholarship Series
Nov 10: Friends of UC Lib Meeting
Nov 10: GH Lib - Wikipedia Loves Libraries
Nov 15:  UC Lib - African Doll-Making
Nov 17: Fairmount Initiative Community Forum

UC News CALENDAR - All Events

From Past Issues

Community Voices Initiative
Creativity abounds at Dot Open Studios
Fort Point - Discover the Artists and their Art
Bird St Youth Writes about the Youth Councils
Save the Date:  Community Forum

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150th Celebration Banquet and Building Repair Campaign

To continue our urban ministry and to maintain our position as a unique historical landmark to Uphams Corner, we must address the most urgently needed repairs to our building.  Please consider attending the banquet, purchasing angel tickets, advertising in our program, contributing to our building campaign.

Thank you in advance for your much needed assistance!

Rev. John Odams

Read more - Invitation & Application to Support Pilgrim Church

NAACP Initiative - This is my Vote!!

Campaign Aimed at Increasing Voter Turnout in Communities of ColorNAACP

The Boston NAACP has joined NAACP branches throughout the country in launching the next phase of a nation-wide initiative to register, educate and turn out African-American, Hispanic and minority voters for the Tuesday, November 6, 2012 election.

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Halloween Brings out the Best in Uphams Corner - Young Kids "Rock"
Oct 31, 3012

Halloween in Uphams Corner 2012 With permission for participants to dress in unique and eye-catching form, Halloween brings out the best in everyone, especially in Uphams Corner.

Halloween is a time devoted to the youth, a time for kids and their families to encourage experimenting with new looks, new behavior - acting a new role. 

The year 2012 brought out creative beauty and enthusiasm:
  • Young princesses in waiting
  • Ballerinas
  • Carriages pushed by moms and who was having more fun?
  • Youth proud of the younger siblings
  • Shy youth - demure and graceful
  • Families excited to pose for the camera
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Halloween Brings out the Best - Witches, Goblins & Ghouls
Halloween in Uphams Corner 2012Oct 31, 3012

Halloween brings out the best in everyone.  So  WHY would anyone past the age of 15 costume up? 

Just ask the older youth and adults about their costumes or if they want to pose for a photo.  You get your answer.  YES! - a resounding vote of enthusiasm for Halloween.

Show them the results - all smiles, cheers and laughter - validation that their costumers were worth the effort.  They are having so much fun!

A day of festivities for everyone, even if you are an adult just coming back from shopping or students waiting for the bus. 

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Kroc-o-Treat - Fun at the Kroc Center
Oct 31, 2012

2012 was the 2nd annual Kroc-o-Treat at Dorchester's Kroc Center.  Intended to create a safe place for families and children to gather for Halloween, it attracted a whirlwind of urchins dressed from the beautiful to the beastly. 

Word of the Halloween event must have spread quickly through the neighborhood because  families began arriving as soon as the doors opened at 6pm. 

A birds eye view on Dudley Street stretching from East Cottage down to Columbia Road showed a progression of travelers, both in car and on foot, heading to the center point of attraction. 

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City of BostonAssistance to Home and Business Owners Affected by Hurricane Sandy
October 30, 2012

Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced City officials will work closely with home and business owners affected by Hurricane Sandy in an effort to reopen local businesses and get people back to work.

In addition to providing resources to affected businesses, Boston Home Center staff will be working with homeowners and senior homeowners to help facilitate any necessary renovations due to the storm.

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Sellout Crowd for "Ask Me" at The Howard Art Project
Oct 27, 2012

ICA Visitor Assistant Art ExhibitThe Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) visitor assistants (VA's) have their own works on exhibit at the Howard Art Project on Dot Ave.  Most of the VA's are recent arts program graduates.  In their work at the ICA, they are forever pitching the work of others while neglecting their own (or so it feels). 

Now that has changed. An impressive 29 past and current ICA VA's are participating in "Ask Me," their work demonstrating a continuing journey into new ways of exploring art - medium, process and message.

Opening night drew a sellout crowd coming to support their friends, enjoying the work and spreading some good cheer.

Read more - Photos of opening night, the art and interviews with artists.

Congressman Capuano Visits Project Hope and Project Right
Michael CapuanoOct 26, 2012

 Recently, Congressman Capuano had a chance to visit two organizations in the Uphams Corner area.
  1. He attended an open house at Project Hope, an organization that helps families that are struggling financially.

  2. He also attended the annual awards celebration and board meeting for Project RIGHT.
Read his full comments

Featured from Prior Issues

The "Community Voices Initiative" at Uphams Corner News
Oct 24 2012

As a vehicle for the presentation of Community Voices and Community Conversation, Uphams Corner News was founded in 2010.  It is the people, each person, expressing their fundamental humanity and purpose that defines the real power of this country.

Uphams Corner, like all neighborhoods in Boston, has unique demographics and needs.  The individuality does not separate us because we are united within our stories.  Uphams Corner is a neighborhood of people whose stories lay the foundations for true humanity.  We want those stories told.  We want those voices heard.  

I Love Uphams Corner

The Community Voices Initiative is simple.  Just tell us your story (in person, over the phone, in writing) in your own special words and we'll help you do the rest.  Add a photo or graphic image (or lots) and you're done.

Like a grass roots megaphone, the community is welcome to use Uphams Corner News to share news, ideas, visions, dreams, concerns and a sense of purpose, all of which will help take use closer to a better tomorrow.

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Creativity Abounds at Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios 2012
Dorchester Open StudiosOct 21, 2012

Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios, was held at many public and private venues through out Dorchester on the weekend of Oct 19-21.

At First Parish Church, the busy, colorful and artistically eclectic 'arts community on display' felt welcoming. Smiling faces, beautiful displays of unique and original arts and crafts, friendly artists and stories that you could never know if you look only at the art.

Open Studios demonstrates the excitement of the arts community - those who make the art and those who appreciate the art.

Read More & Photos

Fort Point Open Studios - Discovering the Artists and their Art
Oct 20, 2012

Fort Point Open Studios More than 150 artists, crafts people, and designers living and working in Fort Point participated in the Open Studios 2012. The combined participation of galleries, performances and participatory art projects and the open studios/residences and businesses provided visitors an opportunity for several days of in-depth art immersion.

Because Fort Point artists have their living and studio space under one roof, Open Studios can be considered 'risky.' Yet the artists' open doors were an invitation to feel comfortable asking questions.
  • What does your art mean to you?
  • How do you approach a new piece?
  • What techniques do you use?
  • And many questions about how specific pieces were created
The photos demonstrate clearly the quality of the Fort Point Arts Community.

Read More - Many Photos

Series:  Community Voices Initiative
Bird St Youth Center
Bird Street Youth Councils - Growing Community Leaders

Authored by 13-year-young Jada Cassamajor, this article on the Bird Street Youth Councils reflects the quality care provided by the Bird St Youth Center for its youth and, reciprocally, the enthusiasm the youth  exhibit in wanting to grow into the future leaders of the community. 

The Bird St Youth Council is designed to connect youth to residents, help them learn how to speak out on issues that they care about, and it offer opportunities for youth to give back.

Learn more about Jada, the Youth Councils and a great photo as well.

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