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Vol III No 55 - 09/27/2012
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MBTA & the Fairmount Line - Ten Years of Improvement & Counting

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MBTA & Fairmount - Ten Years & Counting
MBTA Dir of Development - Q&A
MBTA Fairmount Phase I - almost Done
The BRA said:  Spread the Word

Dorchester Bay - Annual Meeting
Dorchester Bay to Create Business Center
Informative Gardening Workshop
Gov Patrick Visits The Food Project
Site Search function Added

Free Electronics Recycling Sep 29
Free Shred Day Sep 29
BW&SC Promotes Recycling

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Ragtime, the Musical at the Strand
UCIA - BRA Update Meeting
Dorchester Bay - Annual Meeting Oct 18
DAC - Open Studios Oct 17-21
UCMS Annual Meeting 2012

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Adult Education Center Needed
Stanford U - Free Online Courses

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UC News Calendar Highlights

Sep 27: Improvement Assoc Mtg **
Sep 28-Oct 7: Ragtime the Musical
Sep 29: Free electronics Recycling
Sep 29:  Free Shred Day

Oct 18: Dorchester Bay - Annual Meeting
Oct 17-21: Dorchester Arts Open Studios
Oct 23: UCMS Annual Meeting **
Oct 25: Dance Salsa at UC Library
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From Issue 55
Education is the Civil Rights Issue of Today
Total Env Impact
LED's win out environmentally over CFL's and incandescents
Social Entrepreneurship Coming of Age
Free Stanford classes to help you build your business(es)
Aug 2012
Oil Spills
Cleaning up Oil Spills using Magnetic Liquids (video)
Climate Change
Is the Internet Killing our Climate?

From Issue 54

Freedom Of Speech Sparks an Outcry of Love
Plastic Bags
Delhi Plastic Bags Ban Begins

Uphams Corner News Calendar of Events - More Events

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Highlights on Events in Greater Uphams Corner

Ragtime at the StrandRagtime at the Strand Theater
Sept. 28 - Oct. 7th


Fiddlehead Theatre Company & The American Civil Liberties Union proudly present

Ragtime The Musical at the historic Strand Theater!

Don't miss this powerful portrait of life in turn-of-the-century America and a relevant tale for today!

For ticket information on one of nine different shows and more information on the Strand Theater, please click here.

Read More about the Musical, the cast and the background

Free Household Electronics RecyclingElectronics Recycling
Bayside Expo Center

In conjunction with Mayor Menino and the City of Boston, Metech Recycling is pleased to offer sponsored electronics recycling for all residents and businesses in the Boston area.

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012 from 9am-2pm, the City of Boston is offering to collect all residential electronic waste (e-waste) at the Bayside Expo Center. Businesses, schools, and non-profits around Boston are being offered a unique opportunity to participate in our sponsored precollection effort leading up to this residential collection day.
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Free Shred Day 9/29/12Free Shred Day
Bayside Expo Parking Lot
Sep 29, 2012 9am - 3pm

Free Shred Day Sponsored by City of Boston Credit Union 9/29/12 - On Saturday, September 29, 2012 between 9 am and 3 pm City of Boston Credit Union will be holding a FREE Personal Document Shredding Day.  Shredding trucks will be available in the Bayside Expo Parking Lot, 200 Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester.

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Boston Water & Sewer Offers Tips / Dates on Boston Recycling
Sep 2012

The Sep/Oct 2012 issue of "Currents," by the Boston Water & Sewer Commission's bimonthly news publication, is entitled "Help Reduce Environmental Pollution."  Their emphasis is the proper disposal of household hazardous waste.  Included is a schedule of hazardous waste disposal dates in the City of Boston and information about disposing of yard waste.

Nov 17, 2012 Hazardous waste drop off,  West Roxbury
Oct 15 - Nov 3, 2012 Leaf and Yard Waste
 View Sep/Oct 2012 Currents

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (DBEDC)

Dorchester Bay Annual Meeting and Dinner 2012
October 18, 2012 6PM

Devine Golf House
Franklin Park
1 Circuit Drive, Dorchester

Dorchester Bay will be hosting  its 2012 Annual Meeting and Dinner on October 18, 2012, 6:00 pm  at the Devine Golf House at Franklin Park, 1 Circuit Drive, Dorchester. The theme for this meeting is "Community Engagement".

Please RSVP by October 10th by calling 617-825-4200 or email Cookie at Ksheers@dbedc.org.

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Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios 2012 - 10th Anniversary
Open StudiosOct 17 - 21

Opening night of performances on Friday, October 19th at the new Black Box Theater in Codman Square.

Special event at Forbes House Museum in Milton on Wednesday, October 17 at 6:30 p.m.

This year is the biggest Open Studios yet!  140 visual artists, 20 sites,  20 authors reading their work, at 2 sites, and over a dozen performances.

Don't miss a single event!

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Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting 2012
October 23, 2012
Uphams Corner Main Street
The UCMS Annual Meeting in 2012 will be a Breakfast Meeting - 8am - 9:30am, Tuesday, October 23rd at Paraiso Restaurant -750 Dudley Street.

EVERYONE is invited. 

Learn about:the Uphams Corner Dining Guide, pop-up galleries and arts-based events, the new information kiosk, partnership with the Boston Foundation and lots more.

R.S.V.P. to Max MacCarthy at:(617) 265-0363 or max@uphamscorner.org

More Information

Meta MovementsOctober is Hispanic Month - Celebrate by Dancing Salsa in the Uphams Corner Library

Thu Oct 25, 2012  6PM

Dance teachers from MetaMovements will demonstrate and lead participants in four different Latin-style dances, starting with Salsa.  MetaMovements is a dancing company in the Boston area led by Anara Piers Frank.

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

MBTA & Fairmount Line - Ten Years of Improvements & Counting - an Overview
Sep 26, 2012

Fairmount Line Near South StationFor over 10 years, the MBTA has been making improvements to the Fairmount Line based on a  feasibility study in 2002 which identified essential infrastructure issues and ridership expansion opportunities (4 new stations being built).

The BRA's Fairmount Transportation Initiative brings transportation and master planning together on one table, a rare opportunity for the MBTA. With the South Station expansion program underway, the full extent of the Fairmount project now runs another decade into the future.

Mr. Joe Cosgrove, MBTA Development Director, spoke extensively about the project at the Sep 12, 2012 CAG meeting (Fairmount Corridor Wide Advisory Group).

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Joe Cosgrove, MBTA Dir of Development Weighs in on the Fairmount Line; Great Q&A Session
Sep 12, 2012
Charlie Ticket Insignia
Joe Cosgrove, Director of Development for the MBTA gave an update on all facets of the MBTA's involvement with the Fairmount Line at the Sep 12, 2012 Fairmount Corridor Wide Advisory Group (CAG) meeting.

"Congratulations," he said, "to the BRA for making an effort to link the two types of planning that rarely get an opportunity to be on the same table at the same time: transportation planning (MBTA) and master planning (City of Boston)."

During his presentation, Mr. Cosgrove:
  • Gave a report on construction work done on the Fairmount Line for the last ten years
  • Talked about ongoing work (phase II)
  • Provided insight into additional work needed to make the Fairmount Line a success (South Station expansion)
  • Talked about his work with the  Fairmount CDC Collaborative
  • Answered questions raised by members of the Advisory Group (CAG)
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Fairmount Corridor Improvements Program - Phase I - Almost Done
Sep 26, 2012

MBCRThe Fairmount Corridor Commuter Rail Line is the only Commuter Rail Branch that exclusively serves the City of Boston and MBTA's Urban Core.

In October of 2002, a Feasibility Study identified the infrastructure upgrades needed to maintain a "State of Good Repair" on the Fairmount Line.

Most of the upgrades have been completed including rehabbing two stations, reconstructing six (6) bridges, de-leading and minor repair to four (4) bridges.  Since the bridge work began in 2005, the Fairmount system has had limited service due to track use restrictions.  Returning the system back to full service remains a challenge.

Read More - Excellent Photos

Uphams Corner Improvement Association Meeting (UCIA)
Thu, Sep 27, 2012 6:30pm


The BRA is depending on the community to provide progress updates to Fairmount Corridor residents / groups.  Community consists of Advisory Group members (CAG / WAG) and anyone who attends the meetings.

We INVITE you to attend the UCIA meeting.  Get a progress report and let your voice be heard.  All commments, questions, ideas and concerns about the Fairmount Initiative will be forwarded to the BRA.  Find out how YOU can get involved, how you can let your voice be heard.

Meeting Info:  6:30 PM, Thu Sep 27, 594 Columbia Rd (Dorchester Bay Building), Ring buzzer #6
Other topics of concern?  What would make you feel really proud of living in Uphams Corner?

Contact:  ucimprove@gmail.com

Bornstein and Pearl Small Business CenterDorchester Bay to Develop Food Processing Small Business Center

Redevelopment of the old Pearl Meat Packing Building will be meeting what residents living nearby say is their number one priority -

Bringing Jobs Back to Uphams Corner.

Many residents worked at Pearl before the company moved to Randolph. Redevelopment of this 35,000 SF site into the Bornstein and Pearl Food Processing Small Business Center is a key component of the Quincy Street Corridor redevelopment project.

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Uphams Corner Library - Urban Gardening
Informative Urban Gardening Workshop at UC Lib
Sep 24 2012

The Uphams Corner Library sponsored a well appreciated community workshop for anyone interested in 'Growing your Own,' especially food.

Presented by Dan Chamberlain on Thursday, September 20, 2012, the workshop was perfect for a small but very dedicated set of residents and librarians.

Topics included what to plant, networking, sustainability, container gardening, gardening maintenance and closing down after the season.

Attendees had a chance to ask questions and get excellent recommendations from a young urban, sustainability oriented youth, who models the next generation of concerned urban citizens.

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Gov Patrick Visits The Food Project

Sep 18, 2012

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick and other officials visited the urban agriculture program in Dorchester run by The Food Project, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE).

Report for BNN News. Aired September 18, 2012.

Search Function added to Uphams Corner News

Introducing Google's Site Search Function into Uphams Corner News. 

The Uphams Corner News site main menu now includes a SEARCH option which is an implementation of the Google search with the SITE qualifier of "uphamscornernews.com."

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With over 825 pages of news on our website, finding information is near impossible.  We expect the new search function to provide access to a wealth of historic information about the greater Uphams Corner area. 

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Featured from Prior Issues

Adult Education Center Sorely Needed in Uphams Corner
September 12, 2012

To:  Uphams Corner News

I am sending a letter of hope, vision and concern to Mayor Menino about the need for adult education opportunities in Uphams Corner, a section of the city that also has a low educational attainment rate.

Can you please publish my letter and share it with the community? Thank you in advance. 

Shemiram Fabian

Dear Mayor Menino:
Education for LiberationThank you so much for all you do to improve the quality of life of the people in the City of Boston.

These days I have been inspired, and motivated by the speeches given by our Democratic leaders at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) who have been laying the pivotal facts, challenges, and hopes for a better future for this country.

We heard amongst other topics how EDUCATION is the most important, and vital subject that brings change, hope, prosperity, and success.

Uphams Corner has a high immigrant population - people who have come here in search of a better life. Many don't speak English and have low skills and find it hard to obtain employment in 21st century work opportunities.

Yet even a little bit of education or job training makes such a huge difference in stabilizing people's lives financially - in liberating them.  So I am asking you for help.  Uphams Corner needs an ADULT EDUCATION CENTER, where people can learn vocational skills or study art, music, business etc.... so that people can be inspired, live creative lives and make a better Boston.

Note:  Image source - See article

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Standford University - Free Online Courses to Help in Starting a Business
16 Courses - Different Start Times - August 20 thru Oct 8, 2012

Stanford UniversityLooking to pick up a few extra skills? The courses include some technology and  entrepreneurship- based subjects that could provide that extra edge.

Stanford University calls itself "The Institution for Entrepreneurship." In its history, the university has spit out notable alumni such as Vint Cerf, now vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, William Hewlett and David Packard of HP, and a number of recognizable technology enthusiasts.

Stanford encourages students to start businesses, and offers courses to that end. For the16 free courses being offered in Fall 2012, students can take them online - courses in business, entrepreneurship, technology, and science. "The courses are open to anyone with a computer, anywhere."

For nine of these courses, Stanford is using Coursera, which partners with universities across the country to organize and launch free courses. It thus far has 16 participating universities, in addition to $16 million in its first round of funding. "Writing in the Sciences" and "Human-Computer Interaction" are two of Stanford's courses being hosted by the startup.

Courses are as varied as Mathematical Thinking, Logic, Crash Course on Creativity, Solar Cells and more.

For more information with the option to sign up Click Here
View online.stanford.edu for all online educational services provided

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