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Vol II No 50 - 08/24/2012
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Destination Center for Uphams Corner - a Food Court? 

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Food Court for Uphams Corner?
Street Fair - Shop, Eat and Have Fun
MEET the PEOPLE at the Street Fair
DSNI Multicultural Festival - A Blast

Communities of Color Prepared to Sue
EE Square Clapp Pear "Repeared"
Jazz Duo Performance Outstanding
Pilgrim Church holds Surprise BDay Party

In Support of the Bottle Bill
NAACP Statement on Violence in Boston
Suffolk Sheriffs - National Night Out

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Aug 22-23: Cleaning Clapp Pear
Aug 24: Grove Hall Lib Ice Cream Social
Aug 24:  Fresh Fridays at First Parish

Sep 8: UCHC Health Festival
Oct 25: Project RIGHT Annual Meeting

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Coalition Prepared to Sue City over Redistricting Map
Aug 23, 2012

A coalition of diverse groups from across the city is prepared to sue the city over the new redistricting map that was approved on Wed, Aug 22 at the weekly City Council meeting by a margin of one.

This map was introduced by Councillor Linehan, Docket #0985.  To be accepted, all that was required were seven or more councilors voting in favor and that is what happened.  The plan has and continues to come under fire with complaints that it reduces the political influence of the city's people of color.

The plan still requires the mayor's signature.  If Mayor Thomas M. Menino does not sign onto the new map, nine city councillor votes will be required to overrule his veto and make the proposed map official. Menino hasn't committed one way or another.

"We will review this map to make sure all residents are properly represented," Menino said in a statement Wednesday. "We will take a close look before making any decisions."

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Note from John McColgan: Cleaning Clapp Pear & Dot Voices Art
Aug 22-23

This week, Wednesday August 22 and Thursday August 23, Artist Laura Baring-Gould and her colleague Jeff Buccacio, artist and art restoration specialist, will begin work cleaning and restoring the "Clapp Pear" and "Dorchester Voices" sculptures in Edward Everett Square. 

Special attention will be paid to small sculptures where acid rain and diesel exhaust have left stains and abrasions.    They will also be cleaning stone around the base of the Pear and hand-painting the lettering which has begun to peel away.

If you're in the Square on Aug 22 or Aug 23, please drop by and give Laura and Jeff a cheer.

 - John McColgan

Grove Hall Library - 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social
Aug 24 2-4pm (2012)Grove Hall Lib - 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social

 Join the Grove Hall Branch Library for their 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social on August 24th from 2pm-4pm. The Ice Cream Social offers Grove Hall Library patrons, community leaders, and visitors a chance to network and celebrate.

This event will feature crafts for children, music (sponsored by the CityWide Friends of the Boston Public Library), and of course ice cream!

More Information

====>   Read about the First Annual Ice Cream Social (lots of photos)

Fresh Fridays at First Parish
Aug 24, 2012Fresh Fridays

First Parish Church
10 Parish Street, Dorchester

The Dorchester Community Food Co-op and the Sustainability Guild International present an exciting series of Friday night events August through September.

These events will be "nutritious nights out" featuring savory food and beverages, live music, slam poetry, activities for kids, local community chefs and cooking demos. Help celebrate the essence of Dorchester through diverse voices, talents and flavors!

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UCHC Health Festival 2012 UCHC Health Festival
Sat Sep 8, 2012 11am to 2pm

Celebrating the 25th year of its operation, the Uphams Corner Health Center will hold their 2012 Health Festival at the Strand Theatre on Saturday, September 8 from 11am to 2pm.

The format is inviting and intends to encourage as many people in the area to participate as possible with health screenings, diabetes check, refreshments, raffles and prizes.

To keep you in the swingin' mood, the Gerason Band will provide live music throughout the event.

Contact 617-288-0970 x33.

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Project RIGHT annual meeting
Project RIGHT - Save the Date

Oct 25, 2012

Project RIGHT is holding its 2012 Annual Meeting and Community Celebration on October 25, 2012.  More information to follow.

Mark your calendars NOW!!

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Pilgrim Church Celebrates Rev John Odams Birthday
Pilgrim Church Celebrates BirthdayAugust 18, 2012

 If you're a member of the Pilgrim Church Facebook group, you learned last week that Rev. John Odam's was having a birthday this week, but it's easy to forget amidst the endless details raining on even one day despite our good intentions.

For the devoted members of Pilgrim church, the question was not about forgetting.  It was about how to have a "surprise" birthday party for their pastor.  Members of the Christian Endeavor Society who run the Browse Thrift Shop had a plan. At the close of service, they would walk in with a surprise Happy Birthday cake and singing for Rev. John.

This was followed by a very special birthday party.

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Food Court for Uphams Corner?  That Would be Amazing!!
Aug 23, 2012
Uphams Corner getting a Food Court?
Uphams Corner News received a Google alert on 8/22/12 that the first floor of 594 Columbia Rd (Payless Shoe) was up for lease, slated to be converted into a Food Court. 

The notifying website is LoopNet which describes itself as the "the most comprehensive resource for commercial real estate online."

According to Jeanne Dubois of Dorchester Bay, LoopNet's presentation is EXPLORATORY only.  But it's a GREAT idea.

Ideas! Ideas!  What do you think would bring people into Uphams Corner? As a resident here, what use of the Payless Shoe site would make you feel proud?  How about another Haley House?  What about community meeting space to encourage the revitalization of all aspects of our community?

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Uphams Corner Street Fair 2012 - Festive, Fun and Good for Business
August 18, 2012

Uphams Corner Street Fair 2012While the rain threatened to keep the crowds away, many businesses opened their stores to the sidewalk, inviting everyone to shop and talk and get to know them. 

From the Strand Theatre down to Dudley Street and down Dudley to Monadnock Street, shoppers checked out the merchandise, visited the eateries and thanked Officers Marie Miller and Kenny Grubbs for the free ice cream cups.

Max MacCarthy from Uphams Corner Main Street said:  "Overall the Street Fair went well.  Paraiso Restaurant was the fullest I have ever seen it. Singh's Roti did very well at the Strand."  You could tell the shoppers were having a good time - Smiles Everywhere.

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Meet the People of Uphams Corner at the Street Fair
August 18, 2012

People in the Uphams Corner Street Fair 2012Free rain parkas and shoppers who remembered to bring their umbrellas.  Everyone else?  They didn't care about the misty, warm and occasionally drizzly day.

"This is exciting - so much to see and do.  I'm getting gifts for my granddaughter."

"Step right this way.  If I take your picture, you get a free gift."  That was how MetroPCS engaged customers in front of their store.

"Hoodsie cups anyone?"  Officers Marie Miller and Kenny Grubbs were all smiles (and when no one was looking) enjoying the ice cream.

Did you make it to the Street Fair?  Browse the photos and recall / imagine the great day!


DSNI Multicultural Festival - a Great Time for the Community
August 18, 2012

DSNI Multicultural FestivalThe Multicultural Festival was undaunted by the threat of rain.  Soccer, food, sales, inflatables for jumping kids and a large protected performance test guaranteed a good time for all.

Not until 4pm did the rain begin in earnest.  By then, the soccer games were over and the crowds were huddled inside the main tent watching Capoeira Angola which is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music.

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EE Square Clapp Pear "Repeared"
EE Square PearAugust 15, 2012

 On July 28, 2012 Michael Lanier and David Scally could be seen working diligently, carrying out their first steps of the mortar repairs to the base of the Clapp Pear in Edward Everett Square.  The mortar had begun to deteriorate, compromising the stability of the artwork. 

So the EE Square Beautification Committee called on the Bricklayers Apprenticeship Program on Mount Vernon Street for assistance in getting the cobblestone base of the pear repointed.

With great care the masons repointed the cobblestones and recalled the days they had created the base back in 2007.

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Legislative Committee Kills Updated Bottle Bill 7/30/12
July 31, 2012

On July 21, 2012 the Massachusetts Senate included an updated bottle bill which caught the attention of  bottle bill enemies and supporters alike.  One of the supporters was Steve Spacek who wrote in congratulating the Massachusetts Senate.  Mr. Spacek is the author of the "American Litter Scorecard."

Unfortunately, the celebrations were shortlived.  On July 30, a joint Senate / House legislative committee killed the updated bottle bill by removing it from a pending jobs bill.

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Jazz Duo Performance at the UC Library Outstanding
August 16, 2012

Jazz Duo Maxam and WrightAt the Uphams Corner Branch Library on Thursday, August 16, 2012, the Jazz Duo delivered engaging renditions of traditional jazz standards including Duke Ellington's "Caravan,"  "Dream a Little Dream" and "Crazy he Calls Me."

Throughout the performance, Maxam's voice ranged from lighthearted and coyly playful to the strength of a jazz power house singer, all with an underscoring of the sound of blues.

Their repertoire is wide-ranging including folk songs, modern and traditional jazz and indie rock.

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NAACP's Statement on Violence in Boston
Aug 17, 2012

NAACP BostonThe Boston NAACP is calling on state and federal officials, clergy, residents, business leaders, activists and anti-violence groups to develop a unified response to the recent fatal shooting of four young women on Harlem Street in Dorchester, as well as a rash of shootings dating back to the murder of a Mattapan family in 2010.

“There are efforts underway on the local, state and federal level to stop the drugs and guns flowing into our city, and there are well-intended pockets of advocacy attempting to address the culture of violence that plagues our neighborhoods,� said Lori Nelson, Chair of the Boston NAACP’s Religious Affairs Committee.

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Suffolk County Sheriff's Department - National Night Out
Aug 17, 2012

Suffolk County Sheriffs - National Night OutThe Suffolk County Sheriff's Department joined with other members of local law enforcement and community organizations to help make National Night Out 2012 a success.

A city and country-wide event that takes place annually, National Night Out is a program that cultivates and strengthens partnerships among the community, youth, police, city agencies and community-based organizations. National Night Out also celebrates the important contributions of Neighborhood Watch groups and each year, organizers work to increase participation in Neighborhood Watch programs among local residents.

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