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Vol II No 47 - 07/13/2012
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"Orpheus in the Underworld" of Upham's Corner

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Offenbach's Great Buffoonery Operetta, "Orpheus in the Underworld"
Orpheus in the Underworld July 26-29 - 8pm and on Sun 3pm
Strand Theatre, Upham's Corner

F R E E - Reserve tickets now

Boston Opera Collaborative presents Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld, July 26th-29th at the Strand Theatre, 543 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA. Thursday-Saturday performances begin at 8:00pm, Sunday at 3:00pm. David Gram directs. Maria Sensi Sellner conducts.

Free admission, thanks to the generous support of The Free for All Concert Fund, Inc.

Come watch an operetta which is an irreverent parody and scathing satire on music of the period and  which culminates in the risque gallop infernal which became known as the music for the "Can-can" and which Saint-Saens borrowed, arranging it for the strings to represent the tortoise in The Carnival of the Animals.

While the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice may be familiar to many of you, Offenbach's operetta takes the tragic tale and spins it into an uproarious farce. In his version, Orpheus and Eurydice grow tired of marriage and Eurydice welcomes her visit to Hell. Even the gods on Mount Olympus stage a revolt to join the party! Only Public Opinion can convince Orpheus to step in and try to save his wife from the best party in all three worlds.

More Information on the Boston Opera Collaborative Performance

Uphams Corner Improvement Association Meeting
Tue, July 24, 2012 6:30 PM, Uphams Corner Health Center

Meeting Location subject to change:  Please RSVP.
Contact UCImprove@gmail.com to confirm or call 617-436-8559.   open calendar
  • Columbia Rd - The Emerald Necklace - Is Uphams Corner the missing link in the Emerald Necklace? Let's  renew the green space from Franklin Park through Uphams Corner and on to Edward Everett Square.  Bring your ideas.  Presented by Marti Glynn
  • St. Kevin's Redevelopment - Time for the community to speak up for innovation in the redevelopment of that site.  Currently proposed as ALL (100%) subsidized housing.  Artists lofts? Civic meeting space? Small theaters to develop the arts?  A PARKING GARAGE???  Bring your ideas to create a continuing community dialog.
  • The Mayor's New Initiative - Posted Street Cleaning - Just ask and it will be given unto you!!
  • SeeClickFix - Another way to report problems to the City - easy to use
  • The Black Baseball Mural - Let's petition to get it repaired.
  • Lots More - Bring your ideas to the GRASS ROOTS organization.

Homes and Gardens Beautification Awards 2012

"Upham's Corner is Beautiful!"  - Five more Awards Issued

UCIA Beautification Awards What a delight!  Upham's Corner residents who are told they will be receiving UCIA Homes & Gardens Awards express such joy and excitement at hearing this.  You can see the pride in their faces.  You can see the surprise - someone is actually paying attention to their efforts and publicly lauding them and holding them up as models to the community. 

But it works both ways.  The photographer, editor and presenters from the Improvement Association are just as pleased to take part.

More certificates are in the works.  UCIA encourages you to stop by these addresses and take note of their beauty.  Reach out and congratulate the person who has put in all the hard work.  You may also contact UCIA directly to submit a nomination. UCImprove@gmail.com

Entertaining the Seniors at Carney HospitalSenior Supper at Carney Hospital
Wed Jun 13, 2012

An Upham's Corner / Roxbury team  volunteered their time at Carney Hospital to entertain the seniors at their June quarterly Senior Supper.  What a delight!  There is nothing like "preaching to the choir" - in this case "singing" - to make you feel like you are on top of the world.

The Carney cafeteria was filled with Seniors who said they are grateful to wake up every morning.  After dinner, listening to their favorite show tunes, sing-a-longs and inspirational melodies, they clapped with resounding enthusiasm, especially to the new verse to "Climb Every Mountain" that opens with "May God be with you."

Read More and Photos

Uphams Corner MainStreet Fundraiser a Good Time for All
June 14, 2012

UCMS Fundraiser - Bird St Youth DanceUphams Corner Mainstreets multi-year "Urban Safari" has been replaced by the "Uphams Corner Adventure," - must closer to home (next door at the Strand), more affordable ($30 instead of $50) and more welcoming.  You did not have to buy a ticket to get in and the best part of the evening were performances by the Bird Street Youth Center dancers.

"We have worked hard to create a special event. As you enjoy the Adventure, please take a moment to consider all of the volunteer hours and donations it has taken to make this event possible. We are grateful to have so many generous people committed to the success of our neighborhood. Your support enables Upham's Corner Main Street to succeed - thank you!"

Read More & Great Photos

Upham's Corner - a Destination for the Arts?

The Upham's Corner Arts Collaborative is looking towards the future of Upham's Corner.  The goal?  Make Upham's Corner into a destination for the arts.  Here's an idea ...

Idea #1 - Just imagine a Mob Scene on Columbia Rd directly in front of the Strand Theatre with the whole community engaged in dance. This YouTube video has so much energy, life and vitality.  Can you imagine this taking place on Columbia Rd right in front of the Strand Theatre.  Let's find a way to show Boston that Upham's Corner is where it's happening.

Mob Scene - From Moscow to Upham's Corner with Love

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Jul 13, Fri
Financial Assistance for Victims of Crime
Jul 14, Sat
People in Harmony Festival
Jul 15, Sun
Area 324 Neighborhood Watch
Jul 17, Tue
Grove Hall Senior Workshop - Nuts & Bolts of Estate Planning
Jul 20, Fri Deadline for signing up for Open Studios
Jul 20, Fri
Grovin' to Motown
Jul 24, Tue
UC Improvement Assoc Meeting
Jul 26-29
Orpheus in the Underworld
Jul 30, Mon
Free Photography Lesson at Franklin Park
Jul 31
BNAN's Rain Campaign (donate now - deadline 7/31)
Aug 6, Mon
National Night Out
Every Friday
DAC at Peabody Farmers Mkt every Fri 3-7pm

Note:  Click the "calendar" to help you add events directly to your calendar from the UC News open calendar

 Understanding Financial Assistance for Victims of Crime
Fri July 13, 2012, 6PM

Freedom House
14 Crawford Street
Dorchester, MA 02121


Read More   open calendar

 Area 324 Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Sun July 15th 3 pm
126 Dacia Street

BBQ Potluck, please bring an item to share
street cleaning signage
public use trash barrels
street lighting

Contact:  area324neighborhoodwatch@gmail.com   open calendar

Grove Hall Senior Workshop
Tue July 17, 2012
11 am to 1pm

United House of Prayer
206 Seaver St, Roxbury

The nuts and bolts of estate planning including durable power of attorney, wills, trusts, etc.  Bryan Hill from Capital Investments and Jeanine Hall from Bank of America.  She will speak on "Savvy Seniors - Smarten Up about Finances."

More information - complete flyer and contact informationopen calendar

People in Harmony through Culture
Bowdoin Geneva Main Streets Saturday, July 14, 2012   2pm - 6pm
The Reverend Allen Park

People in Harmony Through Culture is a multi-cultural festival sponsored by Bowdoin Geneva Main Street. 

The Multi-Cultural Festival recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses whose creative contributions enrich our community. Bowdoin Geneva celebrates our respective cultural heritages in harmony.  July 14 will be a multi-dimensional experience - an interplay of music, the visual arts and expressive cuisine. 

Join us - won't you?  Free Event

More Information and sponsorship opportunities   open calendar

Grovin' to Motown - Four Corners Main Street Fundraiser Four Corners Main Street
Friday, July 20, 2012 7pm

Four Corners Main Street (FCMS) - their annual fundraiser.  "Put on your finest and come out for a night of dinner and dancing that will take you back to a time of Peace, Love, and Soul!" featuring Soul Sound Revue.

FCMS will present Mayor Menino a special award for his hard work and dedication to Four Corners Main Street.

More information   open calendar

 Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Tent at Peabody Square Farmer's Market
Every Friday - End of Season 2012

DAC at Peabody Farmers MktStarting July 6 DAC will have a tent at every farmers market for the duration of the season, and welcomes all artists to join us with your work! The DAC tent will be staffed.  Just drop off your work for display and sale, and pick up again at the end of the day. Small items like cards and jewelry do not need to be picked up each week. Work will need to be clearly priced and labeled, whether it is framed artwork, cards,  jewelry or clothing.

Finally, you would need to provide a detailed inventory. For more information, or to schedule a Friday, write to us at info@dac-online.org  or call Margery at 617 298-4949.  Better yet--stop by and see us!!

Call to Artists

DAC - Open StudiosCalling all artists!!  If you paint, draw, or sculpt, if you sew or weave or collage, if you dance or sing, play in a band or solo, if you write or act or make films, or if you do it all--let us provide you with an audience! 

Register for Open Studios and join one of our group venues or open your own studio on October 20th and 21st. We provide the maps, the ambiance, the blow-out reception with live performances, and the buzz!

$10 for students/seniors/unwaged visual artists.  If you are a performer or film maker, please write to akunst@comcast.net directly for more information.

Registration is open and will end on July 20th so don't put it off!  Register online. 
Need more information? Write to info@dac-online.org.

Free Photography Lesson at Franklin Park
Mon Jul 30, 2012 6PM

ParkARTSThe Boston Parks and Recreation Department's ParkARTS is excited to host the 3rd annual "Pics in the Parks" free photography workshops.

On July 30th, ParkARTS brings its free photography workshop to Schoolmaster Hill, Franklin Park in Dorchester at 6pm. The workshops are led by photography instructor Sarah Berry. Sarah is currently pursuing a masters of Arts Administration at Boston University. She has experience introducing photography to children, teens and adults.

For more info, visit www.cityofboston.gov/parks or call 617-961-3051.  open calendar

National Night Out - Street Safe Boston
Mon Aug 6, 2012 2pm - 6pm

Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School
270 Columbia Road

National Night OutNational Night Out Boston 2012 is the 29th annual citywide celebration to unify our communities throughout the City of Boston. This program cultivates and strengthens partnerships between the community, youth, police, city agencies and community-based organizations. National Night Out also acknowledges the remarkable contributions of Neighborhood Crime Watch groups, and seeks to increase participation in crime watch programs among local residents.

Come have some fun & play in the sun:

Face painting, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Basketball and Baseball games, Volleyball, Flag Football, popcorn, ice cream, Karaoke, Informational tables and lots, lots more

More information   open calendar

Plein Air Paint Sessions
Plein Air - Forbes House Museum Deadline for signing up:  August 11, 2012

Dorchester Historical Society - with theory and critique provided by Vincent Crotty

August 25 through September 29  2:00 to 7:00 p.m.
(no class on Saturday, September 15)

Read More

UC News Recommends

Addicted to Plastic

Addicted to Plastic is a documentary film focusing on a 2-year trip around the world following the life cycle of plastic. The film makes the case that all is not well in our world. Plastic has penetrated the food chain and the ecosystem at disturbing levels.  Consider the North Pacific Central Gyre, aka the Eastern Garbage patch, where air pressure and rotating water currents swirl and push all kinds of floating trash to the water;s surface.

Deadline:  July 31, 2012

Please help the Boston Natural Areas Network to build a sustainable water collection system that will irrigate the City Natives nursery and save 9,000 gallons of city water every year!

Goal:  Raise $1,000 by the end of July.  Can you help? Thanks to those who have already donated, we now have $630 left to raise.

Enjoy the short video and then click here to donate!

Rain Campaign

Upham's Corner News Recommends from Around the Globe

Songs for Unusual Creatures - Michael Hurst
Walmart becomes a library !!
Sustaining Employee Engagement With Strategic Storytelling
Global Warming
Climate Challenge requires a shift from "Me" to "We"
Recycling banks that pay subway credits for bottles
Desalting water, nature's way

Water / waste
Reinventing the toilet by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Homesteading / Survivalism page on Facebook
Toronto bans single-use plastic bags


Click here to see complete list of recommendations
Juneteenth Celebration an Important Tribute to the PastJuneteenth Celebration
June 19, 2012

Boston was a proud participant in the Juneteenth Observance which marks the true end to slavery in the United States.  While the effective date of the Emancipation Proclamation is January 1, 1863, the date (in Texas) on which the final peoples held under slavery were officially released was over two years later on June 19, 1865.

The Boston Juneteenth Committee began its planning for the 2012 event in early spring and held a fundraiser on March 24 at the National Center of Afro-American Artists to coincide with Aretha Franklin's birthday.

With an excellent turn out of close to 100 people, this year's Juneteenth Celebration focused on the continuing issues of black people and their path from slavery towards equality. 

The formal program was in the spirit of worship with prayer, song, readings and a "sermon" delivered by Professor Margaret Burnham.  A memorable and moving event, let's hope the celebration is supported in the years ahead by a greater representation of all Bostonians.

Read More and Photos

SeeClickFix - An Alternate Way to Report Problems to the City of Boston

See Click Fix Boston's Citizens Connect is an award-winning system for reporting issues to the City of Boston and for identifying and participating in the activities and responsibilities of city government.

SeeClickFix (SCF) is an alternative online system for reporting problems that is currently under use by many municipalities throughout the US including Boston.

Some municipalities, such as Sacramento, CA, use it as their primary problem reporting system while others accept it as an alternate source of data (Boston). SeeClickFix is easy to use, both for creating an issue and for adding comments to existing issues.

UC News had the opportunity to review the Interface between SeeClickFix and the City's onlne reporting system and is working with both groups to improve its functionality. 

Thank You DPW

One issue submitted by the Improvement Association through SCF was a request to have a trash barrel installed in the 744-748 block of Dudley Street.  The City responded immediately.  The ticket closed within hours.  And why?  They had already completed the job.  Residents began using the barrel immediately.

DPW installs new trash barrel
Long stretch on Dudley with no
trash receptacle
DPW installs new trash barrel
Residents began using the newly installed
trash barrel immediately

View SeeClickFix map of outstanding issues report to the City.

The Little DudePhotos of the Day
July 12, 2012

UC News encounters a wide variety of unusual and interesting photos that "belong" to tiny news stories.  This issue's catch: 

"The Little Dude"
Officer Harold Gilbert visiting Uphams Corner
Stuffed human dummy on Quincefield St
Freshly painted garden bench at Pilgrim Church

Rat freshly killed by UC News dog on morning walk
 Nancy Laundromat bites the dust
Homemade sauerkraut


The Homeless at St. Kevin's - Reader Comments: "Shame on You!"
Jul 11, 2012
Statue at St. Kevin's
 An "anonymous" reader of Uphams Corner News with fond memories of St. Kevin's and the supreme contributions made by Fr. Kierce over his 50 + years at the school read the UC News article on the homeless at St. Kevin's and was deeply offended. 

Written with a bit of outrageous humor - presenting the makeshift cardboard beds set up by the homeless, surrounded by trash and litter - almost as if they were alternate "vacation" sites, the article's intention was NOT to make fun of the homeless.  Quite the opposite.  It was to call attention to the absurdities of a religious organization treating the St. Kevin's site in such a callous manner.

The resulting exchange between UC News and the Letter to the Editor author led to a new path of understanding and insight.  She had written to Fr. Ahern and asked if there was anything they could do to help and was turned down. The Improvement Association had made a similar suggestion to Fr. Ahern and was also turned down.  [For details on her comments, see Letter to Editor.]

Meanwhile she has started a Facebook page for St. Kevin's and it's WONDERFUL!

Read More

 Virginia Monadnock Garden Issues a Sign of the Times
July 2, 2012

Virginia Monadnock Garden In June the Virginia Monadnock Garden was looking a little rough around the edges, especially along the sidewalk in front of the garden.  It appeared that the gardeners (many of them not residents of Upham's Corner, let alone the Virginia Monadnock area, were taking care of their garden plots and blindly walking past the trash, weeds and litter on the sidewalk.

Through the assistance of the Boston Natural Areas Network, who owns the garden, things are looking a lot better.  Commitments have been made regarding the upkeep and the Westside Neighborhood Association will be working with the gardeners on how to get more of the "locals" assigned a plot.

Read More

Quality-of-Life Issues?  Call 911 - Do NOT Hesitate - Call 911Boston Police Dept Badge
July 10, 2012

At the July Westside Neighborhood Association meeting, residents held a lengthy discussion about loud music from the same two locations (as always) and the week long fireworks explosions associated with the Fourth of July. 

While one resident was convinced that 911 was for emergency calls only, the police officer attending insisted that 911 is also for "quality of life" issues. If loud music, fire works, explosions, other loud noises or anything else is disturbing your quality of life, do not hesitate to call 911. 

Read More

Community Drivers Needed - American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program is in great need of volunteers to drive local cancer patients to and from their chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, especially in need are local patients receiving treatment at Boston area hospitals. 

An integral part of treating cancer successfully is making sure cancer patients receive their treatments, but many find making transportation arrangements is a challenge.  The American Cancer Society provided more than 11,000 rides to cancer patients in Massachusetts last year, but needs new volunteer drivers to keep up with the demand for transportation. 

Read More - Learn how you can volunteer

Dorchester Historical SocietyDorchester Historical Society's Dorchester Descendants Weekend
Artists from all around Dorchester exhibited their work as part of the Dorchester Historical Society's Dorchester Descendants Weekend, June 30 & July 1.

Exhibiting artists include:  Kyara Andrade, Vincent Crotty, Veda Daly, Gary Gartley, Howie Green, Elaine Happnie, James Hobin, Jennifer Johnson, Martha Kempe, Rob Littlefield, Ina Nenortas, David Stokle, Bob Tobio and Barbara Ward.

View photos on Flickr 

Calling It Quits - Uphams not Upham's
July 10, 2011

Uphams Corner - Dorchester Atheneum postcard 1910 Two years ago, when UC News interviewed Zach Cohen, then Ex Dir of Upham's Corner Mainstreet, he was ADAMANT about the correct spelling of our fair city - "Upham's Corner" he said, not "Uphams Corner."  UC News followed suit. 

But times have changed.  Try searching the City of Boston website.  You will find both spellings and, sometimes, both spellings in the same document. Apostrophes are difficult to include in filenames so often a keyword of "upham's" contradicts a filename of xxx-uphams-xxx. 

The Boston Public Library (we understand) has officially dropped the apostrophe (check out the Uphams Corner branch).  Still, how would Mr. John Upham, who kept a dry food market in the square for several years, feel if he thought we were changing his name to Mr. John Uphams?

Maybe times haven't changed that much.  Notice the enscription on the postcard from 1910.  Uphams Corner is missing its apostrophe, a sign of things to come, albeit 100 years later.

The final blow was issued by one of our favorite websites - Wikpedia.  They refer to Uphams Corner as a section of Dorchester - the apostrophe lost to the ages or maybe fallen overboard. 

So Be It!  From now on it's :  Uphams Corner.

Nonquit Green Hosts Community Birthday Party
June 24, 2012

Clarence Brown Birthday PartyThe Nonquit Street Neighborhood Association and Land Trust was established in 1994 and the Nonquit Green opened on June 25, 2002, eight years later.  Ever since then, the "green" has served as a quiet and safe space for local families to gather, relax and socialize. 

On June 24, almost exactly ten years after its opening, the Green was the site of a birthday party for one of the community "regulars," Clarence Brown. Family and friends gathered at the Nonquit Green.
Chef Gloria (Clarence's wife) prepared the barbecue while Clarence and friends, including the little ones, danced to the sounds of soul and hip-hop and rap.  The kids had so much fun they both fell down and scraped their knees. 

Read More - Great photos

UC News Recommends
Articles of interest from around the globe

From Prior Issues

Workshop - Revisiting Upham's Corner

Jackson Turkey Fry
How To:  Add a Google Map to your Website
Pilgrim Health Fair - a Sweet Success

Back Issues

Jun 11
"Get to Exceptional"
May 11
Art Exhibit a Great Success
May 4 Art Exhibit in Upham's Corner
Feb 21 Fairmount at the Strand
Feb 17 Planning Initiative Kickoff

From Prior Issues

Great Neighborhoods Sponsors PlaceMaking to Rethink Upham's Corner
May 31, 2012

Upham's Corner Train Station The Fairmount CDC Collaborative is looking at the entire length of what will become the Fairmount Greenway but on Thursday, May 31, all eyes were on the Upham's Corner commuter rail station and nearby.

Underwritten by the MA Smart Growth Alliance, the Project for Public Spaces facilitated a workshop on how to look at our community through a new and exciting lens - the "Public Spaces lens."

The results were astounding! (not to be biased).  The normal way of looking at the world as a sequence of disconnected dots was replaced by the concept of continuity.  The group learned how public spaces with limited and focused function could be changed with little effort to welcome the whole of a community.  Empty spaces could be reconfigured to create connectedness.

In less than three hours, attendees conducted assessments and presented their findings on how to change the feel, accessibility, function and sense of  community partnership at the train station and on Dudley Street, east and west:  The Kroc Center, the train station, the Leon building and adjacent empty lot, Nonquit Green and Dudley Terrace.  Impressive!

More about the Public Spaces Workshop

Details on the workshop results below.

Creating Public Spaces is the Key
May 31, 2012

Based on crime statistics, Upham's Corner's reputation may be rightly deserved but setting a goal to improve the stats by, for example, 5% or even 10% is not the way to approach the issues. 

A physically disconnected community engenders a psychological state of disconnectedness among its citizenry.  What message does a derelict building or unkempt empty lot send to the people around it and in the community as a whole?  STAY AWAY!

What came out of the PPS (Project for Public Spaces) workshop was so important for our community that Upham's Corner News has put in way more effort than usual to report back (only some of) the workshop findings.

Kroc CenterThe Kroc Center

Crowning glory of Upham's Corner but also a bit daunting and fortress like in its appearance.  At least that is what many of the PPS participants said.

How can we open up that space?  How can it seem less like a gaited community?  How does the surrounding community feel about the Kroc Center?  Is it open and welcoming to the whole of Upham's Corner or only to those who opt to pay for entry?

Photos indeed show a clean angular look bringing modernity to Upham's Corner.  They also demonstrate the Kroc Center's fortress - almost prison-like feel from the basketball court to the locked and guarded soccer field and parking lot.  ACCESS DENIED!  

How can we as a community engage with the Kroc Center to "open" the space to the community?

Read More - photos current and during construction.

Upham's Corner Fairmount Train Station  - The Fairmount Transportation Initiative is what the Mayor and the BRA gave to Upham's Corner instead of a real planning initiative, so this better do well by our fair city.

Upham's Corner Train StationHanging our hats on a train station to make a difference to Upham's Corner is like asking visitors to the Strand Theatre to walk to the back of CVS to park.  T'ain't gonna happen.  As if people would go to South Station to come to Upham's Corner to shop! 

Naysayers (sounds like us, doesn't it?) are quick to say:  Can't be done.  PPS says:  There are no obstacles.  But right now, our station is not as friendly, inviting and safe as it could be.  What can we do quickly, easily and cheaply to make a difference?  Read more - photos

Leon BuildingLeon Building and Empty Lot

This monstrosity is the ugliest, most derelict building in Upham's Corner, and the empty lot across the street doesn't help. What a total waste of community asset. 

Is it any wonder that Terrance Jones was murdered outside the Leon Building?  Both he and his murderer didn't choose to open fire at the Pilgrim Church in the midst of their gardens or on Saturday while Community Lunch was being served.

"Private Property" is the by-word, the lens we see the world through.  Boston's Inspectional Services can only go so far in trying to convince an owner to improve their property which is permission for the owners to continue to "dump" on our community, or do nothing.

How about replacing the ugliness with some beauty.  How about creating a SOWA style Open Market across the two spaces.  That's the idea posed by Javier Torres from the Boston Foundation. 

Read More - Photos

Nonquit GreenNonquit Green - A hidden and precious jewel in Upham's Corner. 

Yet residents were quick to identify that "the park" was not meeting their needs.  A public space becomes a community asset when it is fulfilling the needs of its citizenry AND when it helps create connectedness and encourages community involvement. 

Residents, in the park when the PPS workshop toured, readily expressed their ideas on what would make the Nonquit Green a truly valuable asset to Upham's Corner.  

Read More - Photos

Dudley TerraceDudley Terrace

What is this, the group asked?  It wasn't obvious.  A street?  A parking lot?  A park?  This question is a clue that this tiny alcove would benefit from the PPS approach. 

Two findings:  Removal of the Dudley Terrace Park left a community void and a memorial plaque to a murder victim goes unnoticed.

Friendly?  Welcoming? Adding connectedness to the community?  NO! 

Read More - Photos

Tito Jackson Turkey FryTito Jackson Party Swings - a Turkey Fry to Beat all Others
May 26, 2012

Memorial Day weekend appeared to be the perfect time for Tito Jackson to hold a party - a fundraiser for his campaign chest but also a time for folks to get together and "hang." 

The crowd was jovial and content.  The food was delicious - deep fried turkey, lasagna, peach cobbler, salad, beer, chips and more. And  the music played in surround sound mode.

Read more - Photos of Smiling Faces and Smiling Turkeys

How To:  Add an Interactive Google Map to your Website
Jun 7, 2012

Consider adding an interactive Google map to your website, one with markers that have special meaning to you - where you went on your vacations, where you have lived or worked - a map that creates a source of memories and nostalgia.

Visual displays dramatically improve the communications process, and for a community based newspaper, the use of maps is essential.  Not being JavaScript savvy, UC News decided to document the multi-hour learning process so anyone else could easily implement a map on their website.

Read more

Health Fair  - a "Sweet" Success
Feb 25, 2012

Pilgrim Church Health Fair Every Saturday is a celebration at the Pilgrim Church on Columbia Road.  From 12 noon to 1:30 PM,  they serve a 100% free and a 100% nutritious lunch consisting of salad, fruit, veggies, a main course and a dessert.

On this particular Saturday, Feb 25, it was cold and blustery outside but inside the Pilgrim Church was serving lunch and teaching and demonstrating about healthy eating as part of its Winter Health Fair. 

Shortly after the community guests took their seats, they were the recipients of a presentation about the overabundance of sugar in the normal diet - sugary foods that are pushed by the food industry, presented by the local small grocers and then consumed by the unassuming YOU.

To make the day even brighter the wonderful singers and musicians (including the kids) from the Randolph Tabernacle Choir entertained.  A great day for all.

Note:  UC News was on assignment when this article broke, but it's still worth publishing even today.

Read More

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