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Vol II No 46 - 06/12/2012
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"Get to Exceptional" - Get PlaceMaking in Upham's Corner

Upham's Corner Fairmount Train Station  - The Fairmount Transportation Initiative is what the Mayor and the BRA gave to Upham's Corner instead of a real planning initiative, so this better do well by our fair city.

Upham's Corner Train StationHanging our hats on a train station to make a difference to Upham's Corner is like asking visitors to the Strand Theatre to walk to the back of CVS to park.  T'ain't gonna happen.  As if people would go to South Station to come to Upham's Corner to shop! 

Naysayers (sounds like us, doesn't it?) are quick to say:  Can't be done.  PPS says:  There are no obstacles.  But right now, our station is not as friendly, inviting and safe as it could be.  What can we do quickly, easily and cheaply to make a difference?  Read more - photos

Leon BuildingLeon Building and Empty Lot

This monstrosity is the ugliest, most derelict building in Upham's Corner, and the empty lot across the street doesn't help. What a total waste of community asset. 

Is it any wonder that Terrance Jones was murdered outside the Leon Building?  Both he and his murderer didn't choose to open fire at the Pilgrim Church in the midst of their gardens or on Saturday while Community Lunch was being served.

"Private Property" is the by-word, the lens we see the world through.  Boston's Inspectional Services can only go so far in trying to convince an owner to improve their property which is permission for the owners to continue to "dump" on our community, or do nothing.

How about replacing the ugliness with some beauty.  How about creating a SOWA style Open Market across the two spaces.  That's the idea posed by Javier Torres from the Boston Foundation. 

Read More - Photos

Nonquit GreenNonquit Green - A hidden and precious jewel in Upham's Corner. 

Yet residents were quick to identify that "the park" was not meeting their needs.  A public space becomes a community asset when it is fulfilling the needs of its citizenry AND when it helps create connectedness and encourages community involvement. 

Residents, in the park when the PPS workshop toured, readily expressed their ideas on what would make the Nonquit Green a truly valuable asset to Upham's Corner.  

Read More - Photos

Dudley TerraceDudley Terrace

What is this, the group asked?  It wasn't obvious.  A street?  A parking lot?  A park?  This question is a clue that this tiny alcove would benefit from the PPS approach. 

Two findings:  Removal of the Dudley Terrace Park left a community void and a memorial plaque to a murder victim goes unnoticed.

Friendly?  Welcoming? Adding connectedness to the community?  NO! 

Read More - Photos

From Prior Issues

Got Art?  Upham's Corner sure did! - A Terrific Art Exhibit over the Weekend!
May 4, 2012

UMass Art Exhibit 5/4/12Beginning with a Friday evening reception at the Main Street office and transitioning well over a hundred people into the gallery space on Stoughton Street, the champions of "Art in Upham's Corner" were on a high.  "I really like it here."  "I'd like to come back and work here." 

UMass students exhibiting their multi-media "Synonym for Change" artworks in the newly renovated art gallery couldn't have been more enthusiastic with the "Friends of Upham's Corner Arts Scene" chaperoning the start of a new wave of activity in our cherished neighborhood.

Click here to see a selection of the awesome artwork.

Ashley Overko
"Synonym for Change (Diverge)" - Ashley Overko

This art piece is a combination of two and three dimension, which is a metaphoric representation about divergence that connects to the personal or interpersonal. 

The purpose of the piece is to create an individual response that explores and examines divergence in one's own personal life and on a larger scale of society. 

In creating the art, I wanted to show that divergences happen all the time in everything you do and that's what the lines on the black are all about.  But the reflection is generated by the branch that sits three-dimensionally on top.

Ashley Overko artwork and interview

"How our Paths have Crossed (Adapt)" - Carrie SavageCarrie Savage

"There are all these different paths that each person can take in their lifetime.  My piece is about what happens when those paths cross. My piece also addresses how two people begin to "adapt" to one another over time. It's about the organicity these interactions can have."

Overall the shape of each piece is a mountain.  The surface of each piece has a series of off white stitching which helps make the pieces look like topographical maps. 

But in between is colored thread - dark brown and green - which are trails and represent people in our lives.  I hung each piece so the trails would match up. 

Carrie Savage artwork and interview

Shana Harden"The Death of Innocence (Transform)" - Shana Harden

Literally I was transforming this innocent wedding dress into a dark layered materialized piece of art, more sculptural than anything else.  Although there is an influence of fashion,  it is still wearable in the gallery space and sculpturally it is considered high art and not commercial wear.  So imagine walking into a wedding shop and seeing this dress on display.  People would say:  That needs to be in an art gallery. 

I knew it would be black which has certain  associations with it - darkness, evil. So by taking this one dress, representing innocence and security, and the red roses, and building on top of an object that represents life in general.  We start out with no influence, being completely innocent and having no idea what there world really is.

Shana Harden artwork and interview

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