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Vol II No 45 - 05/11/2012
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Got Art? Sure do! Upham's Corner's Awesome Art Show

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May 4 Art Exhibit in Upham's Corner
Feb 21 Fairmount at the Strand
Feb 17 Planning Initiative Kickoff
Feb 10 Light for Dorchester
Feb 2 Fairmount Indigo Planning

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May 11, FriRevolution of Hope
May 12, SatFriends of the UC Library
May 13, SunWalk for Peace
May 18, FriBike to Work Day
May 19, SatBoston Children's Chorus
May 20, SunBoston City Singers
May 26, SatJohn McDonald in Concert
Jun 14, ThuUCMS Fundraiser

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Alternative Energy
Central Vermont Cow Power - enrolling now ...
Energy Solutions
How do we eliminate our use of fossil fuels?
Short animated movie explaining sustainability
Bottled water
Chicago's Loyola University to ban bottled water sales on campus
Solar Energy
Solar yacht circumnavigates the world

Growing Closer to Mother Earth
The Earth Machine - Taking another Step Towards Sustainability
May 7, 2012

The Earth MachineWhat do you mean:  "That's not enough?"  That's my alterego raising a fuss when I feel "proud" of my recylcing efforts.  She says:  "You want to make a difference?  Start growing your own food and composting the leftovers." 

Tired of listening to her complaints, I bought seedlings and a composter.  Not that a pile of brush, grass and leaves wouldn't have composted on their own just fine, but the thought of attracting every rodent on my street to feast on the leftovers in the middle of the night was enough give me "the willies."

Composter:  Select, purchase, assemble and feed. - story and photos.  What fun!  Add your own thoughts or articles as well.  Let's all step into sustainability together.

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Neighbors Helping NeighborsNeighbors Helping Neighbors
May 8, 2012

When it was time to plant flowers in the tree pit across the street, the neighbors also removed the stray grass and weeds growing out of cracks in the sidewalk. Another neighbor happened by and then a photographer (UC News). 

By then it was a Neighbor Helping Neighbor party.  What a difference in the appearance of the property and the street.  "Let's plan to do this again." 

Read More - Photos

Greater Grove Hall - Boston Shines 2012 Greater Grove Hall - Boston Shines
DND Offers a Helping Hand

On Friday October 27, 2012, staff from Boston's Department of Neighborhood Developer (DND) helped Greater Grove Hall Main Streets in their Boston Shines efforts - a great turnout. 

Click to view larger composite photo.

Upcoming Events

Informational Meeting: Revolution of Hope!
Friday May 11 at 3:30 at the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public LibraryRevolution of Hope

David France, violinist, has been hitting the streets of Boston, having tons of meetings at the State Capital and City Hall trying to garner support for Revolution of Hope.   Local teenegers who want to be in a youth orchestra in Roxbury are excited about this opportunity.  David has finished the first draft of the project's business plan and will be holding an information session for interested students: 5/11/12 3:30pm. 

For more Information:  davidfranceviolin@gmail.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/revolutionofhopeboston

Friends of the Upham's Corner Library - Monthly Meeting
Saturday, May 12, 2012
9:30 AM

The May meeting of the Friends of the Uphams Corner Branch Library will be Saturday, May 12 at 9:30 am in the "round room" off of the children's library.  Please come and bring a neighbor, friend, or family member!  Upcoming elections will be on the agenda, so if you are interested in running for any of the offices or to be a board member, this is the meeting for you!

For more information, email Alexis Frobin:  saveuclibrary@gmail.com

 16th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace May 13

Open to all, the 3.6 mile Mother's Day Walk for Peace is the Louis D Brown Peace Institute's signature fundraising event - support comes from pledges to walkers, general donations, and corporate sponsorships.

Walk on your own or as part of a team to honor or remember a loved one. Registration will be open at 7:00am with the walk starting from Town Field in Fields Corner shortly after 8:30am. 

For more information: http://www.ldbpeaceinstitute.org/

Bike to Work Bike to Work Day
May 18, 2011 7am

On Friday May 18th, State Representative Carlos Henriquez will join DotBike in Field's Corner at 7am to celebrate national bike to work week by riding to city hall plaza for breakfast and bike expo.

"As someone who rides to work and for both recreation and exercise, I am pleased by the leadership of Mayor Menino and all of the bicycling advocate groups for making Boston more bike friendly through access and safety."

DotBike List of Events

Boston Children's Chorus @ The Strand Theatre
Boston Children's Chorus Saturday, May 19 2PM

The Boston Children's Chorus will be hosting their All Choir Season Finale at the Strand on Saturday, May 19th at 2:00 p.m. The Boston Children's Chorus is a leading provider of after school choral training programs for diverse youth and children ages 7 to 18.

  • For more information, contact the Boston Children's Chorus at info@bostonchildrenschorus.org or call 617.778.2242.
  • To contact the Strand Theatre, email melodi.greene@cityofboston.gov or call 617.635.1403. The Strand Theatre is located at 543 Columbia Road in Dorchester.

Boston City SingersBoston City Singers Annual Spring Concert @ The Strand Theatre
Sunday May 20 3:00 PM

The Boston City Singers will be having their Annual Spring Concert on Sunday, May 20th at 3:00 p.m. at the Strand Theater in Dorchester! The concert, SINGING ALL TOGETHER will feature 350 singers from all Boston City Singers Training and Concert Choruses and Kodaly Singing Classes and showcase the pieces the group has been working on throughout the year.

For more information visit their website www.bostoncitysingers.org.

Greater Boston House Concerts presents
John McDonald in a Salon of New MusicJohn McDonald
May 26, 2012  8PM

A "fresh, inventive, urbane, and keen-witted young composer" (Boston Globe) and "a splendid pianist" "with a born pianist's command of colors, textures, dynamics", John McDonald has earned international acclaim as a musician.

Explore the mind and music of composer/pianist John McDonald, in a soiree of his recent compositions for flute, guitar, and piano, with flutist Elizabeth Erenberg, guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan and the composer himself at the piano.

View poster with more information about the artists.

Seats must be reserved prior to concert
$15.00 - students  $20 - general  byob/w
Purchase seats online: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/246014
FB:  www.facebook.com/events/453934717954476/'

Greater Boston House Concerts
21 Virginia St
Boston, MA 02125
www.GBHConcerts.com - 617-947-1330

Upham's Corner Main Street Fundraiser
June 14, 2012 6:30-8:30pm
Strand Theatre
UCMS Fundraiser 2012
Mayor Thomas M. Menino & UCMS present the Upham's Corner Adventure - celebrating the Upham's Corner community - past, present, and future! Come enjoy local food, local entertainment, and local company inside the historic Strand Theater.

For more information and to order tickets ...

From Prior Issues

Dorchester Bay Awarded $150k Grant
Dorchester Bay and Broadband
On Thursday, April 12, 2012 Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, and federal and state officials announced four grant awards from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute totaling $600,000.

The good news for Upham's Corner is that one of the four grant awards went to one of our local CDC's, Dorchester Bay. 

On April 19, the governor's office officially awarded the $150,000 check to Dorchester Bay at a ceremony held at the Strand Theatre. 

This particular loan and grant product from Mass Broadband can be partnered with other DB loans to support and strengthen our local businesses.

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Got Art?  Upham's Corner sure did! - A Terrific Art Exhibit over the Weekend!
May 4, 2012

UMass Art Exhibit 5/4/12Beginning with a Friday evening reception at the Main Street office and transitioning well over a hundred people into the gallery space on Stoughton Street, the champions of "Art in Upham's Corner" were on a high.  "I really like it here."  "I'd like to come back and work here." 

UMass students exhibiting their multi-media "Synonym for Change" artworks in the newly renovated art gallery couldn't have been more enthusiastic with the "Friends of Upham's Corner Arts Scene" chaperoning the start of a new wave of activity in our cherised neighborhood.

Click here to see a selection of the awesome artwork.

Ashley Overko
"Synonym for Change (Diverge)" - Ashley Overko

This art piece is a combination of two and three dimension, which is a metaphoric representation about divergence that connects to the personal or interpersonal. 

The purpose of the piece is to create an individual response that explores and examines divergence in one's own personal life and on a larger scale of society. 

In creating the art, I wanted to show that divergences happen all the time in everything you do and that's what the lines on the black are all about.  But the reflection is generated by the branch that sits three-dimensionally on top.

Ashley Overko artwork and interview

"How our Paths have Crossed (Adapt)" - Carrie SavageCarrie Savage

"There are all these different paths that each person can take in their lifetime.  My piece is about what happens when those paths cross. My piece also addresses how two people begin to "adapt" to one another over time. It's about the organicity these interactions can have."

Overall the shape of each piece is a mountain.  The surface of each piece has a series of off white stitching which helps make the pieces look like topographical maps. 

But in between is colored thread - dark brown and green - which are trails and represent people in our lives.  I hung each piece so the trails would match up. 

Carrie Savage artwork and interview

Shana Harden"The Death of Innocence (Transform)" - Shana Harden

Literally I was transforming this innocent wedding dress into a dark layered materialized piece of art, more sculptural than anything else.  Although there is an influence of fashion,  it is still wearable in the gallery space and sculpturally it is considered high art and not commercial wear.  So imagine walking into a wedding shop and seeing this dress on display.  People would say:  That needs to be in an art gallery. 

I knew it would be black which has certain  associations with it - darkness, evil. So by taking this one dress, representing innocence and security, and the red roses, and building on top of an object that represents life in general.  We start out with no influence, being completely innocent and having no idea what there world really is.

Shana Harden artwork and interview

Vasa Lutheran ChurchAu Revoir and Farewell
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
500 Talbot Ave - Dorchester
Sun May 13, 2012  11 AM
Sat May 19, 2012  2 PM

May 13 is the last Sunday service for a 93 year long church near Ashmont.  May 19 is the closing Festival Eucharist.  Originally called Vasa Lutheran, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church was founded by Swedes recently arrived from "the old" country. 

Lay Minister, Ms. Adelita Callwood, is to be greatly commended for maintaining the church's spiritual message for years.  The church's closing is not a finality, but rather the start of a new beginning.  Mission Director, Tiffany Cheney, will establish a new minstry (still Lutheran) under a new name over the next several months.

Full article including accolade to Ms. Callwood and photos.

From Prior Issues

Upham's Corner Spring Flowers Welcome You

Look closely for the colors of nature
Everywhere in our beautiful community

Make haste for Spring lasts but moments
You'll miss them - the flowers and the grasses

The birds and pools of shiny water
Leaves all bent in windswept waves.

Golden clusters in beds of green
Wild grasses tall and ready to seed

Look closely for the living
And catch the magic of life.

View Photos

Edward Everett Square Residents Cry out for Help
April 11, 2012Edward Everett Square Public Art

The EE Square Residents Committee organized a highly publicized and well attended public meeting to get city officials to pay attention to problems of vagrancy, drinking, drugs, violence and panhandling that has plagued their community for years.

The evening's planned agenda consisted of listening to residents testify to the severity of the problem, hearing from advocates for neighborhood, civic and cultural access and finally providing opportunities for public and private agencies to speak up, all of this to answer the question - What is to be done? 

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St. Kevin's Meeting like a Frenetic "Waiting for Godot"

The Archdiocese of Boston's in-house developer held an update meeting but there is little new to report - a couple modifications but mostly a rehash of the past (history lesson on the developer's accomplishments). 

The real story was the emotional and psychological state of the community during the meeting.  Anger, hostility and a warring attitude toward the developer pervaded the interaction over the entire two-hour meeting.  This was the latest in a series of antagonistic encounters with POUA (poo-wah), the Planning Office for Urban Affairs.  

At the January 2012 Westside meeting with POUA reps present, a resident said she felt like she was in the midst of a contentious divorce proceeding.  The April 24 meeting pitted increasingly more frustrated residents against a "developer team" that didn't care "one hoot" while the residents believed the developer might listen.  But all the developer team said was:  No! No! and No!

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St. Kevin's uses St. Mary's as a Ploy for your Good Graces

Why is the Archdiocese of Boston's in-house developer repeatedly citing St. Mary's Center for Women and Children when they talk about St. Kevin's?St. Mary's Women and Children Center

Analysis of the facts shows that the relationship between St. Kevin's and St. Mary's (SMCWC) may be "notorious" but it is patently unfounded.  The developer's allusion to St. Mary's homeless women and children being somehow related to St. Kevin's is comparable to connecting "saving the baby seals" to snow on the ground in Upham's Corner.  The only (circumstantial) issue they have in common is snow or maybe the cold.

Depending on how the 20 units, cited by St. Kevin's for the St. Mary's residents, are developed (if the developer ever gets funding), St. Mary's may have NO influence on who lives there because the Boston Housing Authority will decide, not St. Mary's.  The developer (now) even admits to this.

Yet at the March 10, 2011 BRA hearing, political stakeholders put themselves on the line for St. Kevin's because of its supposed connection to St. Mary's.  What do these two places have in common? It sure isn't housing.  They are both in Upham's Corner and they are both controlled by the Catholic Church.  That's it!

Who broadcast this erroneous relationship causing all the world to fall for the "pity party" - believing it or in cohoots with its spurious connection?  Marty Walsh, Maureen Feeney, John Barros, Project Hope and the Archdiocese spokespeople (SMCWC and POUA). 

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Community Voice Ignored & Suppressed
April 24, 2012
St. Kevin's Developers
Did they invite you to the party? No? 
Don't worry about it. They invited almost nobody.

The "party" is another event in a string of incompetencies carried out by the Archdiocese of Boston's in-house developer in (mis) managing the St. Kevin's Redevelopment Project.

In a display of callous disregard for standard community involvement, the Planning Office of Urban Affairs (POUA) scheduled an update meeting in response to a demand letter written by the Westside Neighborhood Association but failed to notify almost everybody.

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St. Kevin's offers Beds for the Homeless - Open Air Fresh and Cardboard Comfort St. Kevin's after Boston Shines 4/28/12
April 28, 2012

 While Upham's Corner Main Street and the Department of Neighborhood Services coordinated a concerted effort to comply with the spirit of Boston Shines, not all buildings came through with filying colors.  Photos taken by UC News at St. Kevin's show human waste, an abandoned Boston Shines broom and trash galore.

A bright spot:  St. Kevin's is offering free beds to the homeless or those who choose not to sleep at home.  Touching the ground and open to the sky, these beds offer a healthy alternative to human-made beds. In five different varieties, there is sure to be one that pleases, but come early to select your favorite as they go quickly.

Read More & Photos

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