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Seven Murders in Upham's Corner since 2011 !!

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Seven murders since 2011
Murdering our Youth
Reputation on the Brink
St. Kevin's Project
Winter Farmers' Market - Success!
Carpenters' Union Apprenticeship
Hancock Supports Post Office

Epitaphs for the Murdered
Luis Jorge Tavares
Edmund Andrade, Jr.
Terrance Johnson
Aaron Wornum
Francis Kargbo
Resident Victory Program
Christopher Pichardo

UC News Blog
Duo Diavolo at First Parish
Anthology at Shirley-Eustis
Kaylee Kommits to K-9's

UC News Jan 9
UC News - The Best of 2011
Sleep-walking thru Upham's Corner
SNI Holds Neighborhood Walk
Grove Hall NRT - Doing Well
Hancock Civic Supports Post Office

Diavolo Duo
Jan 21
State Rep Coffee Hour
Jan 27
     DSNI Open House
Jan 27
Concert at Shirley-Eustis Jan 29

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The Best of 2011
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Nutcracker at the Strand
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Give of and to Yourself
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The UC Post Office
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St. Kevin's Developers get an Earful
January 10, 2012

Judy Beckler and Dave A well publicized and highly anticipated "update" from the St. Kevin's developers (POUA) was a "dud."  The POUA reps were "placeholders" for another meeting to be scheduled in late February.  Judy works somewhere else and Dave is still getting his feet wet. 

That didn't stop the residents who expressed for 1 hour, 15 minutes - their discontent with the whole project including massing, density, parking, traffic and the proposal to build subsidized housing. 

As one resident voiced it:  "What are you doing that's positive for Upham's Corner?  Nothing."

Discussion was detailed, pointed, referred back to the original visioning process and made  suggestions on what they, the resdients, wanted in Upham's Corner.  One resident forwarded  a map of the "new" Upham's Corner, depressed artery and all. (Nice!)

The developers will be back in full force in February. And the residents?  Will they still have the steam they showed at this meeting?

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Winter Farmers' Market - Opening Day Success
January 8, 2012

Winter Farmers' Market What a great success!  Neighbors from Upham's Corner attended the event held at the Great Hall in Codman Square and raved about opening day, Sunday, January 8, 2012.

And what did they find? Huge crowds, farmers who had come from far away - fresh, unwashed winter veggies, meat, cheeses, breads and pastry, they said. At least two stands for vegetables - excellent. Lots of winter staples - peas, onions, potatoes and celeriac.  "Fantastic."

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Upham's Corner Post Office - Letter of Support
January 13, 2012Upham's Corner Post Office

 On December 15, 2011 at their December monthly meeting, the Hancock Civic Association agreed to send written opposition to the USPS proposed decision to close the Uphams Corner Station Post Office.

On January 13, 2012, the Postal Service sent back a "form" letter which confirmed receipt of the letter, reiterated the issues compelling the study and confirmed that the Post Office was indeed under consideration for closure.

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Union Carpenters' Apprenticeship Opportunity
January 18, 2012

The New England Carpenters Training Fund (NECTF) will be conducting interview's to establish an "Eligible Pool of Apprentice Applicants". Interviews will be conducted in late March or early April of 2012. Additional interviews will be conducted as demand requires.

Who can Apply?

Anyone age 17 or older, who is a High School graduate or has a GED. High school seniors may apply with a letter from their school stating that they are eligible to graduate within three months. Women, minorities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Duo Diavolo
Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 7pm
Duo Diavolo
The Duo Diavolo will be performing music of Astor Piazzolla, Ravi Shankar, Toru Takemitsu and Antonio Lauro at First Parish Church on Saturday, Jan 21.

Orlando Cela, flute & Venezuelan cuatro and Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar

Admission is free; donations are accepted, reception to follow

First Parish Church, 10 Parish st. Dorchester, MA 02122
Information: 617 436-0527; info@firstparishdorchester.org

For Full information

Rep. Carlos Henriquez - Coffee Hour in Upham's Corner

January 27, 2012
10am - 12pmCup a coffee with Rep. Henriquez

"Come join us," they say, "for a cup of coffee.  Share your concerns with State Rep Carlos Henriquez."

This is your chance to get your voice heard. 

Location:  Easy to find
545 Columbia Rd
The Main Street "store" next to the Strand

Anthology at the Shirley-Eustis House
Sunday, January 29, 2012, 2pm

Anthology in ConcertThe Shirley-Eustis House and Greater Boston House Concerts will be presenting the vocal quartet Anthology in "Hot Music for a Cold Afternoon," an eclectic musical mix of folk, jazz, and classical.

Anthology's varied songs never fails to delight audiences.  They will be singing arrangements of American folk music, such as "Frobisher Bay"; some swinging jazz numbers such as "Java Jive"; cutting-edge classical selections; and a couple of humorous numbers as well. The one constant is that four women's voices make all the music!

The afternoon concert starts at 2pm on Sunday January 29, 2012. A Meet-The-Artists Reception will follow the performance. 

Shirley-Eustis House
33 Shirley St  Roxbury, MA 02119-2725

More Information about the group

Kaylee Commits to Helping the "K" nines
January 6, 2012

Joka and Kaylee, Best of FriendsKaylee's retired neighbor used to be a K-9 police officer, so even though she is only 7 years old, Kaylee Wiroll became curious about how he worked with his furry,  four-legged partners.

Then she learned about the frequent dangers faced by K-9 dogs and, brave as she was, Kaylee embarked (woof woof) on a mission to protect other adorable K-9s.

What did she do?  Find out!  Kaylee and Joka, best friends!

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Seven (7) Murders in Upham's Corner since 2011
January 18, 2012

Murders since 2011Seven murdered?  Really?

The news today:  Someone got shot.  Who? Where? When?  Their condition?  And then we forget.  The initial BPD press release may omit the victim's name. 

Was there an obituary?  Did we hear anything about the circumstances?  Has anyone been arrested?

In response to the desire to learn more, UC News has put together a "Murder Map" and an event table providing the most up-to-date information we were able to locate.

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Murdering the Youth of Upham's Corner
January 17, 2012

Street MemorialSix murders in 2011 and the first murder of 2012 on January 14.  All victims were male and all but one were in their 20's or teen's.

Luis - 18, Edmund - 23, Terrance - 28, Aaron - 25, Francis - 23, Christopher - 18

There has been little reaction from the Upham's Corner community except for one Henriquez meeting whose timing coincided with murder #2.  Murders occur, news gets covered, funerals are held and life goes on.

If the potential closing of the Post Office in Upham's Corner could draw a significant protest crowd, what about the deaths of 7 youth in less than a year?  Nothing? 

Enough is enough! 
If we are all asleep, if we are all comfortably protected within our tiny homes, if we don't take the time to reach out and mourn the deaths of our youth and proclaim: "No more!", there is no hope for our community.

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Upham's Corner Reputation on the Brink
January 18, 2012

A community's reputation is determined by the people who live there but also by the transitional people - those who come to visit (work, shop, schools, etc) and those who move out. What they say, their descriptive language, turns into tightly affixed labels - both good and bad.

Upham's Corner does not have a good reputation and the crime statistics don't help.
Factors within the community provide ripe opportunity for labels like "poor" and "uneducated." 

Finally, residents are beginning to realize that poorly made planning decisions have the power to make the reputation worse.  Well made decisions can improve the reputation.  Upham's Corner can use all the help it can get.

In this article we will look at what one resident had to say about "labels" used to describe Upham's Corner, the urgency of addressing the problem of crime and a not-so-nice conversation about Upham's Corner on the internet.

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Epitaphs for the Murdered and the Lost

January 18, 2012

#1 Luis Jorge Tavares

Luis Jorge Tavares, 18 years old, had come from Cape Verde a year prior and only the week before had lost a brother (back home) to a traffic accident.  He was out on the front porch on Groom Street in Upham's Corner where he lived with his family when he was shot several times.

#2 Edmund Andrade, Jr.

A resident of Boston, Massachusetts, Edmund Andrade, Jr. was born on December 22, 1987 and passed away on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. He had been murdered, fatally shot in the head.

#3 Terrance Johnson

Terrance Johnson lived on the street and, at the age of 28, died there as well. Who knows what prompted that horrible tragedy.  An argument?  A drug deal gone bad?  Regardless, it was another life lost.

#4 Aaron Wornum

At 8:30 am on July 14, 2011 Aaron Wornum and Anthony Robertson were talking to each other on their cell phones close to Sumner and E Cottage Streets when Robertson opened fire and shot Wornum several times.

#5 Francis Kargbo

The argument between Francis Kargbo and his friend Lester James escalated to a physical confrontation in which Kargbo suffered a stab wound to the left side of his chest. He ran down the stairs and into the street where he collapsed. 

#6 (unknown) Victory Program

A man in his 50's who was a resident at the Victory Transitional Home for single men with HIV/AIDS and drug abuse related problems was stabbed several times in the home and died there.

#7 Christopher Pichardo

Responding to a call for a person shot  in the area of 23 Trull Street, officers located Christopher Pichardo nside suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound.  A neighbor said she saw police officers attempting to resuscitate him using CPR but he didn't move.

A Poem of Comfort

Upham's Corner News - The Best of 2011
January 1, 2012

Top 20 articles since the newspaper opened for business in August 2010.  Investigative, events, information, news, nature, youth and humor.  Some interesting surprises - even in the top 10. 

#01 - Dogdom - Human donates bones
#02 - Buttonwood Street abutters oppose ATS Equipment
#03 - Cristo Rey Boston offers new approach to college readiness
#04 - Aaron Wornum, in Memoriam
#05 - Upham's Corner youth writes legislation

#06 - Letter to Paul Roiff Jan 28, 2011
#07 - Dorchester Day Parade
#08 - Boston Youth Fund - How our youth get summer jobs
#09 - Salvation Army MA Division names new leaders
#10 - Violence in the Cape Verdean Community

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Sleep-Walking our Way through Upham's Corner
January 8, 2012

City Parking Lot Signs in Error UC News emphasizes infrastructure reporting - on the assumption such coverage will make a difference.  In 2011 alone there were four neighborhood walks.

Because of the June SNI walk, a few issues have improved.  Also a few problems reported by UC News were corrected. 

Across the board, though, it's not much.  Almost feels like SLEEP WALKING.  At the end of the walk, go back to sleep and in the morning, remember nothing.

What is the problem?  Why are other Boston neighborhoods making progress while Upham's Corner seems to be standing still or crawling ever so slightly? 

Example:  As discussed at the May 24, 2011 SNI meeting, 2-hour parking signs were put up in the City Parking lot without warning.  "A mistake" the group was later told but the signs are stil there six months later. 

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SNI holds Neighborhood Walk in Upham's Corner
December 22, 2011

SNI Neighborhood WalkThe Uphams Corner SNI led neighborhood walk on 12/22/2011 began at The City School a little after one o'clock and the showing was impressive - SNI, DSNI, Main Street, BPD, Upham's Corner News, businesses and a dozen or so area residents, especially three days before Christmas.

Missing were city organizations that typically attend such events - ISD, BTD and Neighborhood Services.

The results echoed the June SNI walk.  Yes, some items have definitely improved.  Still,  the same houses are still a problem, the same streets need repair and the havens for trash and litter are everywhere. 

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Grove Hall NRT Holds "Talk"
January 4, 2012

Due to the excessively cold weather, the January 4, 2012 Grove Hall Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) 'walk' was replaced by a Grove Hall NRT 'talk.'

Boston Police, ISD, residents and UC News attended and Michael Kozu from Project RIGHT moderated.  New issues were first on the agenda followed by reviewing  problems from the past and identifying additional steps to take to make progress.

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