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Vol II No 27 - 09/06/2011
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Happy Anniversary - Upham's Corner News !!

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St Kevin's Community Meeting
UCIA Activities
UC Library gets $50k
Grove Hall Ice Cream Social
DSNI Multi-cultural Fair

Winthrop Community Celebrates
Ma & Pa's Cafe
Bird St Youth End of Summer Gala
Cafe Four Corners Dining Out
Check Cashing Bill Update

Meg Campbell blogging
Main Street Business Breakfast
Fifth Murder in UC - 2011
Boston Preservation Alliance
Discrimination Allegations

Affirmations - Me and UC
Meet Terrence Byrd
Trash Barrel Conflagration
Website Book Review

Upcoming Events
UCHC Open House Sep 8
St. Kevin's Update Sep 12
UCMS Annual Meeting
Sep 25
Preliminary Elections
Sep 27
DAC Open Studios
Oct 21-23

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Build a Website for Free
On the Horizon

UCHC Open House 2011Open House - UC Health Center
Sep 8, 2011 1pm to 4pm
Strand Theatre

The 6th Annual Open House will feature information provided by community agencies from around the City of Boston and live music by Jazz 208 featuring Gil White!

Food and refreshments will be served.

Motivational Speaker Charles ?Poncho Brown, MS presenting to Youth The Monster Presentation?  ALL COMMUNITY YOUTH WELCOME!

More Information

Upham's Corner Main Street Annual Meeting at Strand Theatre
Tue, 10/25/2011 - 5:30pm - 8:00pmUpham's Corner Main Street

Uphams Corner Main Street annual meeting includes board elections, unveiling of new storefront office and recently completed strategic plan.

5:30 p.m. at the Strand Theatre, 543 Columbia Road, Dorchester. Refreshments will be provided.

City Council Preliminary Elections Sep 27, 2011

The last day to register, or change your voting address, for the September 27 Preliminary Municipal Election is Wednesday, September 7.

There will be Preliminary Elections in two City Council Districts that include Upham's Corner - Three and Seven.  A list of candidates can be found on the website: City of Boston Elections.

Voting in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Boston, is address-based.  Voters can make sure that their voting information is current by checking online http://www.cityofboston.gov/elections/voter/   link. 

All new voter registration forms or address changes must be postmarked no later than September 7 in order to be recognized for the Preliminary Election.

The Boston Election Department in Room 241 at Boston City Hall will be open until 8PM for those who wish to register or make changes in person on September 7.  After 5PM, please enter City Hall from the Congress Street side, opposite Faneuil Hall.

For more information, contact 617-635-3767 or visit the website http://www.cityofboston.gov/elections

Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios 2011
October 21-23, 2011DorchesterArts Collaborative
  • The reception is being held at 1243 Adams Street in the Walter Baker Complex  in Lower Mills
  • Group sites for visual artists include First Parish Church, 11 Pearl Street and Humphreys Street Studios
  • Performances will take place from noon to 5 on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend at the Great Hall in Codman Square
  • Readings of original work by poets and writers will take place on Saturday at Pilgrim Church in Uphams Corner
  • DotBike will host their bike tour of public art beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday.  
GET INSPIRED!  Visit the gallery of work by Open Studios exhibitors

Affirmations to Start a New Year
August 31, 2011

New Year's Eve?  It's not even close to January 1.  But for many families Labor Day - a little before, a little after - is the start of a new (school) year.  That changes everything.  And what do we do on New Year's?  We make resolutions that break as easily as a falling egg.

Think of affirmations as resolutions with a goal of changing how we think.  How we think determines how we behave and sets our self-images.  Creating our own set of affirmations and visiting them often is a wonderful way to change our lives.

Affirmations are always stated in the "positive" form.  They are visionary.  We look ahead to our vibrant selves and state HOW WE ARE, not how we are not. 
I DO NOT eat junk food (NO NO). 
I eat healthy food (YES YES).

Here are two sets of affirmations:  One for you (me) and one for Upham's Corner. 

Affirmations for You & Me
  • I travel 'light' - "Junk - be gone!"
  • I have my finances under control and manage my money well.
  • I eat healthy foods.
  • I stay in touch with family and friends.
  • I exercise often.
  • I take on only as much as I can handle and follow through.
  • Accountability is important for me and my team.
  • I make decisions after some deliberation.
  • I am honest but gentle with others.
  • I take care of issues as they arise (procrastination? What's that?).
  • I express myself in positive, creative and supportive ways.
  • If I have helped one person or brightened their day, it was worth it.
  • I welcome all thoughts and seek to understand, learn and grow.
  • I love my work; I love my life.
Affirmation offered by Rev. John Odams: 
Good morning, Lord, this is your day.  I am your child.  Show me the way.

Affirmations for Upham's Corner
  • I love Upham's Corner.
  • I love my neighborhood.
  • I take care of my property and the adjacent public areas.
  • I put litter in its place.
  • I am friendly and greet my neighbors often.
  • I shop locally.
  • I know the shop owners by name and greet them often.
  • I make every effort to be carbon free.
  • I recycle (everything).
  • I am in frequent contact with elected officials and the City.
  • I always say Thank You before I ask for more (city services).
  • I support the growth of urban farming and green spaces.
  • I work to make Upham's Corner more beautiful.
  • I love Upham's Corner.
I love Upham's Corner

Brought to you by the Upham's Corner Improvement Association.

Comment Posted by Meg Campbell | September 5, 2011, 11:40 am | edit   

Really appreciate your positive energy and leadership in our neighborhood!

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Rich Architectural History of Upham's Corner
August 29, 2011

BPA Report Upham's CornerWorkshops held by the Boston Preservation Alliance regarding the rich architectural history of Upham's Corner will soon be available as a final report in early September.

This work has been done in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Historic Boston Incorporated, and in collaboration with Upham's Corner Main Street and many others in the community.

To receive a copy of the report contact:
Erica Lindamood <elindamood@bostonpreservation.org>

Read More

Boston Branch NAACP Raising Awareness
September 2, 2011

"That race is no longer an issue in Boston is false" says Michael Curry, President of the Boston Branch of the NAACP.  A recent WBUR story regarding allegations of discrimination by bars, restaurants and spas in the Greater Boston Area include some stories that were complaints filed with them. 

Read WBUR Article on Racial Discrimination

The complaints more often come from establishments profiling Black or Latino patrons and/or renters in an effort to avoid violence within their establishment.  As is often the case with race, they create dress codes, door policies, music and drink restrictions, and unfair practices within the establishment that most often are based on generalizations--and ARE ILLEGAL. 

Mr. Curry continues:  "We're confident this happens much more frequently than reported, but patrons in Boston have become accepting of this behavior or didn't realize there is a possible recourse (note:  unequally applied requests for ID's for credit card purchases is another violation).  In addition, some people consider it acceptable behavior for owners to protect their establishment in this way."

If you have been unfairly treated in any setting, consider contacting the Boston Branch as well as the Attorney General's Civil Right Division (Maura Healey) and MCAD.  They have both been extremely responsive since the CURE Lounge incident and Julian Tynes's appointment to MCAD. 

For more information contact the Legal Redress Chair Attorney Stephanie Soriano-Mills (sorianos55@hotmail.com).

(Read full press release)

Build a Website for Free
by Mark Bell
Build a Website for Free
Que Publishing and Mark Bell have created an excellent reference for anyone starting out wanting to create a website.  Yes, there are plenty of website hosting services that provide the simplest of human interfaces to get you up and running but the result is often sub par.

How much technical knowledge is required?  Depends on your website goals. 

If your knowledge level is primitive (as in sledge hammer) or if you have acquired the ability to recognize tools (as in images and links) or if you have gone to the next step (as in creating your own css files and javascript) - no matter your lay person level - this book will help you separate out what you know from what you don't know and provide direction on how to improve your capabilities.

To give honor to the idea that learning is enjoyable and useful, we "took the next step" and created a WIKI to organize note taking while reading the book.  These notes serve as a reinforcing reference for returning to the text or advancing to the many references cited.

Enjoy.  Link to Build a Website for Free WIKI

Also on our blog in greater depth

Fifth Murder in Upham's Corner in 2011
August 25, 2011

[BPDNews.com] Boston Police have arrested 24 year old Lester James of Dorchester in connection with a fatal stabbing of a 23 year old male on Sumner Street in Dorchester.
92 Sumner st Dorchester
At 12:13am, August 25, 2011 officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a call for a person stabbed in the area of 92 Sumner Street. On arrival, officers located a 23 year old male suffering from what appeared to be a stab wound. The victim was transported by ambulance to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased.

Homicide detectives as well as officers and investigators from District C-11 conducted an investigation leading to the arrest of Lester James. He was charged with murder and is expected to be arraigned on Friday in Dorchester District Court.

The victim's identity is being withheld pending family notifications.

Chasing away Crime on Blue Hill Ave
August 21, 2011

The City of Boston is launching an assault on prostitution, public boozers, junkies and scofflaw liquor stores along the busy road that cuts a huge swath through the city.

Under a new initiative launched last month, the mayor's Neighborhood Response Team will walk Blue Hill Avenue every two weeks.

(as reported in the Boston Herald)

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On the Horizon
September 5, 2011

Upham's News blog is maintaining a "sticky" post tracking what we are working on.  Helps with the clutter on the desk and gives readers an opportunity to see how we're thinking.

Because we publish periodically (1-3 weeks), timely reporting of upcoming events is not our forte though they are included in the calendar.  What we are best at doing is investigative reporting, and reporting about what happened at an event. 

Always our goal is to report fairly and accurately, but something else.  The true beauty of the community comes from its people. That's why our event reporting always includes a ton of photos - especially people and their beautiful faces.

On the Horizon

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Happy Anniversary - Upham's Corner News
August 26, 2011

Amazing!  Didn't think it could be done, but Yes!  We have been publishing Upham's Corner News for one year, since August 26, 2010. 

August 21st of 2010 we found our first event and the news hasn't stopped happening. In that time period we have published 26 issues covering over 450 articles and 2500 images. On average, that's one issue every two weeks.

A retrospective is coming soon with plans for the next year.  Thanks for your readership and your support.

Nancy Conrad
Editor and Founder
Upham's Corner News

St. Kevin's Development Community Meeting
September 12, 2011 6:30pm

I M P O R T A N T     M E E T I N G ! !

Plan to come to an Upham's Corner community meeting to get an update on the St. Kevin's development project starting with the 2009 St. Kevin's Area Planning Collaborative Report and working forward through the BRA hearing in March and what has happened since.

Upham's Corner Main Street has been invited to talk about the 2009 Collaborative Report and POUA, Inc, the St. Kevin's developers, have been invited to update the community on their current development plans.

This is your opportunity as a resident of Upham's Corner or as a citizen who works in / shops in / travels through Upham's Corner to look at the history of the project and its current status.  It's also an open forum for your ideas, suggestions, concerns and comments.

Date:    Monday, September 12, 2011
Time:    6:30 pm
Where: Cape Verdean Adult Day Care Center
   34 Hancock St Dorchester

For more information, contact: 

Upham's Corner Improvement Association
August 31, 2011

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) is taking a few small steps towards improving the quality of life and to drawing attention to the community of Upham's Corner. 

Community Meeting
Their first major endeavor is to organize and facilitate a St. Kevin's Community Meeting to engage residents in the continuing development process (see above). 

Co-sponsor Greater Boston House Concert
Greater Boston House Concert 10/1/11

UCIA is co-sponsoring the next Greater Boston House Concert scheduled for October 1, 2011.  GBHC provides an intimate setting and a chance to experience music close-up and in relationship with the performing musician. 

That such high quality performances are taking place in Upham's Corner is reason to celebrate and get involved.  More information next issue.
(Click image to enlarge)

Getting Involved
Would you like to help make Upham's Corner a better place to live?  Do you have community event ideas?  Consider joining and making a difference in Upham's Corner.

For more information, contact:  UphamsCorner.Improvement.Assoc@gmail.com

$50k Allocated for new Upham's Corner Library Study
August 31, 2011Upham's corner library

If anyone knows otherwise, let them come forward and speak! 

As far as we can tell, the proposal to locate a new Uphams Corner Library into the St. Kevin's Development project is off the table, at least for now. 

The good news?  The Boston City Council has approved $50,000 in the Expenditures category to get the New Upham's Corner Library project off the ground.

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What can we do to say Thanks?
August 26, 2011
Grove Hall Ice Cream Social 8/26/11
"What can we do to say thanks?"  The Grove Hall librarians wanted to host a community event celebrating the library's relationship with the community "and expressing their gratitude." 

What can we do inside the library - especially on a hot end-of-August dog day - that everyone would enjoy? 

Yes! Let's invite everyone to an ice cream social! 

Read More - Photos

DSNI Holds Multi-Cultural Festival
August 13, 2011
DSNI Multi-cultural Festival

Many weeks in the planning, the DSNI sponsored multi-cultural festival was well attended, was blessed with excellent weather and a fun time for all. 

Dancing, flea market tables, good food prepared by neighbors, information tables and a chance to meet and get to know your neighbors. 
View Photos

Our own Meg Campbell Blogging on the Huffington Post
August 31, 2011Meg Campbell

Meg Campbell is founder and Executive Director of Codman Academy Charter Public School and a strong supporter of the community.  Yet the boundaries of her intellectual influence extend well beyond Dorchester as she is an excellent and interesting writer and blogs for the highly respected Huffington Post.

Meg's most recent post is "What's your Intention this School Year?" Well worth reading, the message carries into all aspects of life.  Live life with intention.

Follow Meg's blog:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/meg-campbell

Winthrop Community Cookout very Successful
August 22, 2011

The Community Celebration held at Winthrop Park was a spirited success with well over 500 people attending.  Community cookoutEveryone, especially the younguns' were excited, energetic, talkative, watching and reaching out to friends and strangers.

Winthrop Park is well laid out to handle simultaneous activities and that is exactly how the organizers set up the event. 

All of it contributed to a feeling of celebration, ease of movement and sense of relaxation and enjoyment. 

More Info - Many photos

Ma & Pa's Cafe - Cooking with Love
211 Blue Hill Ave, Roxbury
August 19, 2011
(617) 606-7042

Ma & Pa's CafeMadeline Colon is the Manager, and Eddie Nunez the owner, of one of the newest restaurants on the Dorchester  - Roxbury line - Ma & Pa's Cafe. It opened for business as a labor of love and it continues that way today.

Reaching out to the community, they offered to spearhead the creation of a back-to-school celebration for the Winthrop Park area as a way of saying:  "Thanks."

Read More

Bird St Youth Center Gala
August 19, 2011

The close of summer program at the Bird Street Youth Center was a resounding success. Over 700 people attended the festivities on Friday, August 19, 2011.Bird St gala
Executive Director, Andrea Kaiser, welcomed the group and thanked the many people who helped coordinate the building renovation efforts so that the gymnasium was ready in time for the 2011 Gala.

Councilor Tito Jackson underscored the importance of the Bird Street Youth Center's programming and emceed the opening of the program.

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Cafe Four Corners Dining Out
August 19, 2011Cafe Four Corners

The Cafe Four Corners dining event was built on the popularity of the recent Four Corners Main Street summer event 'Dining on Main Street,'

In all five local restaurants contributed food and Levy's hosted the party.  Music, poetry readings , artwork on the walls, delicious food - couldn't ask for a better Friday night out. 

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Check Cashing Legislation - An Uphill Climb
August 25, 2011

The checking cashing fee cap legislation written by Upham's Corner youthFair Fees for Families Alex Knowles and sponsored by Rep. Carlos Henriquez has hit some snags along its journey through the MA legislative process.  While the bill is still under consideration, it has changed considerably.  

Alex Knowles gives us an update on testimony at the committee hearing, what changes were made to the bill in committee and what we as citizens of the Commonwealth can do to help.

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Upham's Corner Main Street Business Breakfast
August 24, 2011

UCMS Business Breakfast

The Upham's Corner Main Street Business Breakfast on Wed morning was the first event scheduled by the new UCMS Executive Director, Max MacCarthy, since assuming his position in late July.

He and the board agreed this was the perfect opportunity to begin re-engaging the businesses in conversation.

The breakfast was well attended, delicious and accompanied by a wide variety of comments and suggestions by all present.

Read More - suggestions in detail - photos

Meet Terrence L. ByrdTerrence Byrd DPW
August 31, 2011

The Upham's Corner business district is blessed with the daily presence of strong and dedicated street workers from the Department of Public works. 

This year the Monday-Friday "gig" is being handled by Terrence L. Byrd. 

You can recognize him by his outfit and the smile he wears.  What else?  After he has come and gone, our neighborhood looks so much better.

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Anatomy of the Burned out DPW Trash Barrels
April 12, 2011Burned out DPW Trash Barrel

Night-time vandalism is done by a cult of people who like making their mark in the dark. 

It can take several forms including graffiti and extreme littering but one of the more interesting forms is the purposeful conflagration of DPW trash barrels.

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Reach Out & Read at the Health Center
August 25, 2011Reach Out & Read

Rep. Michael Capuano enthusiastically participated in a Reach Out & Read event held at the Upham's Corner Health Center.  It is a program that prepares America's youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. 

The Upham's Corner Health Center is one of 41 Reach Out & Read programs in Rep. Capuano's district.

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