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Vol I No 25 - 07/27/2011
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And the Winner is . . .Best Garden in Upham's Corner 2011

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In Memoriam, Aaron Wornum
Best Garden for 2011
Restoration Groundbreaking
Wild Mulberry Trees

Featured in the Blog
So you Want to start a Blog?
Ed.Everett Sq Committee
New: "Boston Public Library"
Free Soccer Clinic
A Deep Love for Mother Earth

The Perfect HTML Editor
Farewell from Zach Cohen
A Spanish Evening with Guitar
Seeding Islands of Change

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Urban Planning
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Tito Jackson sworn in
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District 7 Elections
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Upham's Corner Library


Jul 28, 2011 Free soccer clinic Winthrop Park
Jul 29, 2011
Spanish Evening with Guitar - Concert
Aug 2, 2011
First Parish Groundbreaking - Restoration

More Blog Postings

Upham's Corner Main Street

Farewell from Zach Cohen - Departure letter from UCMS Ex Dirblog

We are collecting ideas for Upham's Corner Main Street from residents, neighborhood organizations, other Main Street groups. . .

Complete Streets Walk - Sponsored by two Main Street groups and the City - Exploring the existing conditions on Dorchester Aveblog

Multi-cultural festival - Grove Hall Main Street event - jazz, gospel, dance, hip-hop, R&B, spoken word and arts. Family friendly event!blog

Daily walking tours - Fields Corner Main Street - multimedia walking tour through Fields Corner led by local youth, highlighting the community's past, present, and futureblog

Outdoor Vendor Expo - Browse, shop, meet the new CEOs in your community!  Buy jewelry & accessories, books, specialty items, clothes, handbags, candles, crafts, soaps, food and much more.blog

Dining on Main Street - Four Corners Main Street - five restaurants visited in two hours. Free samples and meet the business owners.UCN

Click here to see all Upham's Corner Main Streets posts

Free Soccer Clinic at Winthrop Park
July 28, 2010 12:30 - 2:30pm

Citi and the WPS (Women's Prof Soccer) will host the Get Active with Citi Soccer Kids clinic at Winthrop Elementary School in Dorchester, MA for 50 students age’s seven to 12.

The clinic will be led by three members of the WPS’s Boston Breakers: Rachel Buehler, Stephanie Cox and Kelley O’Hara, who were all part of the silver medal-winning U.S. Women’s World Cup squad in Germany. Not only will the youth participants fine-tune their soccer ability at the clinic, but they will also learn about the importance of sportsmanship, work ethic and the responsibility that goes along with being a good teammate.

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So You Want to Start a Blog?

Creations by ColemanKudos to Sandy Coleman and her workshop:  “So You Want to Start a Blog?” sponsored by the Dorchester Arts Collaborative

Designed for the novice, the workshop focused on the blog as a tool for motivating artistic creation.  How do you get started? What do you blog about?  What difference does it make?
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Establishing a Deep Love for Mother EarthShade Trees in Upham's Corner

When it comes to our home of all homes – Mother Earth – we operate in a fog of misunderstanding and self-aggrandizement . What catches our interest is not the degradation or the fragility or sustainability. 

We are taught to measure life in $ and what pops up in our analytical minds and stops us at the entrance gate is a sign that says: “How much is it going to cost?”

For you Upham's Corner buffs, can you identify the location?

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The Food ProjectSeeding Islands of Change

Climate change and energy shortages are one and the same.  We consumed energy and helped contribute to climate change.  But the problems are more pervasive. 

Looking at the big picture of greed and life-style – you can predict that it will lead to conflict when the lifelines are taken away – collapse on both sides.blog

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Sumner St #51Best Garden in Upham's Corner 2011
July 23, 2011

Meet Master Gardener, Alex Galan, and view photos of his spectacular garden. 

Inspired by the flowers of his native NorthWest, Alex tends his extensive garden with hours of devotion and "hardy" work.

Story and Many Photos

In Memoriam, Aaron Wornmum
Murdered June 26,2011

Aaron Wornum
Gone from this earth, shot to death, at the age of 25 - his life taken by a youth of 20 years. 

Aaron's friends and family reflect on his short life and the double tragedy of two lives lost.

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First Parish RestorationGround Breaking for First Parish Church
August 2, 2011 9am

First Parish Church on Meetinghouse Hill will hold a ground breaking ceremony at 9am August 2, 2011 with Mayor Menino as a keynote speaker. 

Rev. Arthur Lavoie describes in detail the history of the church, its mission within the community and the restoration work to be undertaken over the next five years.

Story & Photos

A Spanish Evening with Guitar
Fri July 29, 2011

Before heading out west on a tour with SpanishAaron Caplan-Larget dancer Gabriela Granados, classical guitarist Aaron Caplan-Larget will be performing at the second Greater Boston House Concert.

This is a concert in Upham’s Corner you can’t miss! Come to listen, have fun and enjoy a truly memorable evening.

Friday July 29, 8pm 21 Virginia Street $10.00
Reception follows concert

RSVP required:  617-947-1330 Info@AaronLC.com     Read More

Edward Everett Square Committee
July 10, 2011

The residents of 201 East Cottage St. called a meeting to share information and discuss public safety issues in light of the June 26, 2011, fatal shooting in Edward Everett Square.

Other issues identified included the increased presence of homeless people creating public nuisance, public drunkenness, trespassing, lewd and lascivious behavior, and other issues.

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Mulberry Tree - Wild Berries in Upham's Corner
June 28, 2011Mulberries Freshly Picked

A (red) mulberry tree is growing at the front edge of the Virginia-Monadnock garden on Monadnock Street in Upham's Corner and extends its branches well over the public sidewalk.  If it's still early summer, you can pick the wild berries.

Reach up and grab what you can but in no time, the "low-hanging fruit" will disappear and give way to a yearning for stilts.  Bring your 6 ft aluminum ladder and a gathering bowl and make your way up into the upper branches.

Story and Delicious Photos

Boston Public Library Arcadia PublishingNew Book:  "Boston Public Library" written by BPL librarians

Amy E. Ryan, Pres. of the Boston Public Library and Catherine J. Willis, Mgr. Technical Services, have collaborated to create a great resource for anyone interested in Boston's history or stories from the past.

Did you know the idea for a library was first proposed by French ventriloquist Alexandre Vattemare in 1841? 

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Searching for the Perfect HTML Editor

Creating even simple HTML pages that are CSS driven is time-consuming detail work.  Sometimes I yearn for that miraculous editor that can read my mind.

I Need a Better Editor

Not too long ago, after losing the same page three times for failing to save (falling asleep), I decided to look around for a better editor.  I had been using a combination of Kompozer and CoffeeCup Editor. Kompozer is free and CoffeeCup is $45.  It was failing to save in Kompozer that sent me over the edge.

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