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Vol I No 24 - 07/05/2011
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Disingenuous Politics

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An Upham's Corner Divided
City School Counterculture
Dining on Main Street
Disingenuous Politics

DSNI Elects new Board blog
MBTA GM Walks Nbhd
NAACP Opposes Bill blog
Read Your Way to Fenway

Roxbury Mosque - EPA Rated
SNI Neighborhood Walk Jun 21
SNI Meeting Jun 28
Urban Safari - A Great Success

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Recent Postings

Ideas for Upham's Corner Main Street Upham's Corner News is collecting ideas for Upham's Corner Main Street from residents, neighborhood organizations, other Main Street groups. . .
  • Multi-cultural festival - Grove Hall Main Street event - jazz, gospel, dance, hip-hop, R&B, spoken word and arts. Family friendly event! blog
  • Daily walking tours - Fields Corner Main Street - multimedia walking tour through Fields Corner led by local youth, highlighting the community's past, present, and future blog
  • Outdoor Vendor Expo - Browse, shop, meet the new CEOs in your community!  Buy jewelry & accessories, books, specialty items, clothes, handbags, candles, crafts, soaps, food and much more. blog
  • Dining on Main Street - Four Corners Main Street - five restaurants visited in two hours. Free samples of food and meet the business owners.UCN


  • Jay Trivedi Honored - While serving as Director Upham's Elder Service Plan, Boston University honored Mr. Trivedi  for his contributions to the advancement of health and rehabilitation sciences. blog
  • New Combat Zone Progress - Rep. Henriquez said:  "Together, we have identified problem properties, brought together residents and businesses, and shaped policing strategies." June 15, 2011 blog
  • Jerry Lamour, professional photographer for the community, passionate, capturing life and life’s events, the special moments.  blog

Giving Back

  • Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), a global community of innovation, building practical open technology, to solve development problems. blog
  • GoogleServe, an employee-driven initiative organized almost entirely by volunteers, served in 400 projects across the US including in Boston with Cradles to Crayons.

Neighborhood Meetings

  • Area 324 Meeting 6/12/11 - Prostitution, idling school buses, youth, meet & greet neighbors, community beautification  and more. blog


Read Your Way to Fenway
June 15, 2011

What a FUN event - lots of kids, Wally, the Green Monster, excitement, nutritious food.  So what was the occasion? 

Every year the Boston Public Library sponsors the Summer Reading Program which includes many events and activities. 

One of the first and most traditional events is Read Your Way to Fenway, this year at the Grove Hall Branch.

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The City School - A Philosophy of Counterculture
3rd in a Series

City School LogoA simple question, inquisitive minds, a willingness to explore into uncharted areas of social concern - these were the ingredients that gave life to The City School. 

City School practices "a counterculture life."

What do they mean by that?  They are adamant about making sure their students experience their environment as "a place of love, respect and support."

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NAACP Opposes "Natalie's Bill"

The NAACP recognizes the need for increased seat belt use in the Commonwealth and supports all awareness campaigns to encourage safe-driving behavior. However, the Boston Branch is deeply concerned with the primary Seat Belt Law being lobbied before Beacon Hill.

"It is a major concern that elevating the seat belt law to primary eriforcement status could very likely exacerbate an already serious and unchecked problem of racial profiling in Massachusetts," says Stephanie Soriano-Mills, Boston Branch NAACP's Legal Redress Director.

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Mason Pool
Disingenuous Politics - Closing the Mason Pool

For the attendees at the meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2011, the answer was a resounding "NO!"  Parents of children who attend the Mason School and residents who actively use the pool are perplexed by a City of Boston decision.

According to Rep. Nick Collins the Boston Center for Youth  & Families (they run the pool) rejected state funding slated to keep neighborhood centers open sayng they didn't need it.  Two weeks later the story changed:  They would have to close neighborhood centers for lack of funding. 

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Upham's Corner Divided - a Community Weakened

In the prior issue we published an article entitled: "Join with us in Solidarity."  Based on comments to the Editor by Kit Binns, we have re-issued the article as "An Upham's Corner Divided and a Community Weakened" and have included maps. 
  • BPD boundaries for Areas B-2 and C-11  
  • City councilor boundaries:  District 7 (Councilor  Jackson) and District 3 (Councilor Feeney).
Divisions tend to create turf wars and neglect.  If the (competing) groups do not cooperate to resolve issues, one side or the other will lose.  Worse - community issues will be left in abeyance.

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MBTA Walk through North Dorchester (Upham's Corner)

A group led by Rep. Carlos Henriquez and MBTA General Manager Richard Davey walked through a section of North Dorchester.  mbta-tour-062411

Their goals?  Discuss transit related issues raised by constituents and engage in a visioning process. 

Given the redevelopment work taking place on the Fairmont corridor as well as on Quincy Street, what transit changes would be appropriate to support the neighborhood? 

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SNI Neighborhood Walk - Excellent Turnout
June 21, 2011 6:30pm

Over 30 people participated in the Upham's Corner SNI neighborhood walk including police officers, ISD, elected officials and neighborhood residents.

The group - as large as it was - attracted attention.  Residents on their porches, in the yardd and walking around wanted to know what was going on.  Many were surprised and took the opportunity to contribute to the growing list of issues.  Some even joined the walk.

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SNI Meets to Make "Walk" Progress
June 28, 2011

Matt Feeney focused most of the meeting on the June 21st neighborhood walk. Latifa Ziyad, Community Liaison for Constituent Services of ISD, distributed a two page report of issues identified. Some properties have been referred to the housing division.  Many properties will be ticketed by code enforcement.  Empty lots will be referred to the "Clean It and Lien It" group.

Read More ( Online access to list of issues)

Urban Safari
Main Street Urban Safari - a Great Success

Despite the rain,the Upham's Corner Main Street Urban Safari was well attended and a great success.

The band was excellent, the food delicious and the mood uplifting and nostalgic as the group bid farewell to its executive director for the last four and a half years, Zachary Cohen.

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Dining on Main Street - Four Corners
June 18, 2011

Dining on Main Street
Dynell Andrews-Blake, Executive Director of Four Corners Main Street, led a group of more than 15 hungry residents on a tasting tour of restaurants she came to know well in her first six months on the job.

What an incredible collection of eateries - Southern, Jamaican, seafood and more. 

The owners were so hospitable, you can't help but want to return again and again.

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Roxbury MosqueIslamic Society of Boston Cultural Center - Energy Star Label

The EPA is recognizing four congregations in New England for receiving the Energy Star labels in 2011.  The Islamic Society's Cultural Center near Roxbury Community College is one of these. An Energy Star label indicates that a building operates at least 75 percent more efficiently than the average for that building category.

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