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Vol I No 23 - 06/21/2011
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Join with us in Solidarity, Won't You?

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Join with us in solidarity
SNI schedules walkthru
UC News Adding a Blog
Salvation Army - New Leaders
"T" is Gone - In Memoriam (blog)
33 Hancock seeking variance

Of Interest
Cleaning out the Catch Basin
Main Street Urban Safari 2011
St. Mary's Digs In

Neighborhood News
Groom/Humphreys Mtg 6/15 (blog)
Area 324 Nbhd Watch (blog)
Grove Hall Peace Walk
Cristo Rey at the Strand (blog)

More Blog Posts(open blog)
BU scholarship for parents
Jobs:  Part-Time Bookkeeper
Tech - In Honor of Les Paul

6/22/11Main Street Urban Safari
6/22/11Grove Hall Peace Walk
6/23/11Con Fuego Concert
6/23/11Passing the Mic

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Grove Hall Peace Walk

June 22, 2011 5-6:30pm

Deliverance Temple Church
232 Columbia Road, Dorchester
(int. of Columbia Road and Devon Street)

Join us for a peace walk and then meet with us on how we can make our neighborhood safer!
Please call 617-541-5451.x102 

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Join with Us in Solidarity, Won't You?

There is a dividing line in Upham's corner.  It is a strip of land that winds from Franklin Park out to the very tip of South Boston.  It's part of a long sequence of parkways and waterways designed by America's first landscape architect - Frederick Law Olmsted. 

It's a strip of land that Olmsted would never have wanted to be used to separate one group of people from another, one socioeconomic class, one ethnic group, one racial group from any other. But that's how it is in Upham's Corner. 

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"T" is Gone - In Memoriam
Terrence JonesEveryday - all day - he was out on Dudley Street in front of Camilo's Liquors or El Frutero. I never knew his name, and I once tried asking someone.

"Who? Don't know. Don't know any of their names."  The street code? "Don't snitch."

The guys hanging out on Dudley were the alcoholics and the drug dealers, asking for money or just waiting.  The Big Guy was always there, too, seemingly in charge - of what, it wasn't clear.

They were part of my world when I went for walks, just me and the dawgs.  I made a point to see who was there as I rounded the corner onto Dudley . Andreas,  Carlos, Little Joe and his wife, the burly guy and all the other faces I knew so well.  
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Upham's Corner News Blog

We are pleased to announce the selection of WordPress as a blog site to enhance news reporting.  The blog will add flexibility and functionality for both writers and readers.

Since our inception, we have been promoting community awareness and transparency.

Already we have news from a couple neighborhood associations, artist highlights, job posting, farmers' market, and more.  We want to encourage the residents of greater Upham's Corner to get involved, to post blog updates about their community meetings, events, etc.

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Restaurant at 33 Hancock St Seeking Variance
Restaurant at 33 Hancock St
The owners of #33 Hancock Street have requested a "take-out" permit.  This has led to an Appeals Board hearing. 

At issue is this:  33 Hancock Street is located in a 3-family residential subdistrict and take-out is expressly forbidden by zoning.  A variance has to be granted in order for the permit to be issued.

Standard procedure requires the owner (Stephen/Michelle Bingham) to meet with the adjacent neighborhood associations to explain their case and garner their support.  The Bingham's have failed to meet with the neighborhood groups despite numerous requests for meeting attendance.

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St. Mary's Digs in & Repairs Collapsing WallSt. Mary's

"Joshua Fit 'de battle of Jericho" is a well-known spiritual, created out of suffering at a time in the history of the United States when black people were enslaved and forbidden to read, write or gather in groups. Singing, while they carried out their duties, provided an emotional and spiritual outlet as well as a way to form bonds and strength.

Like the Battle of Jericho, the retaining wall on the Stoughton St side of St. Mary's Episcopal Church has had its own battle, ongoing for years - a battle with the trees and their root systems..  Guess who was winning!

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UCMS Urban Safari

June 22, 2011 6-8pm
Franklin Park Zoo

Letter from Zachary Cohen
Executive Director
Upham's Corner Main Street

This year Urban Safari is especially important with the exciting changes occurring within the organization - a new strategic plan, a new storefront office, and new leadership. 

Tickets as well as sponsorship and event info are available at our website http://www.uphamscorner.org/safari11.html.

Chubb Rock presents:  "Passing the Mic"

Thursday, June 23, 2011 7-9pm
The Strand Theater, 543 Columbia Road

Tickets: $20 | Purchase tickets online!

Old-school rappers perform alongside talented Dorchester youth, ages 10-15, when the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club hosts "Passing the Mic" on Thursday, June 23.

.80s and .90s rap stars Chubb Rock, Dana Dane, Gizmo and Milk Dee of Audio 2, Joeski Love, and guest host Celtics center Glen .Big Baby. Davis are headlining the event, which goes from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the The Strand Theatre, 543 Columbia Road, Dorchester.

For more info about this event, read Dorchester Reporter article

Groom/Humphreys  - We Need Help

The June 15 meeting of the Groom/Humphreys Neighborhood Association focused exclusively on the condition of Humphreys Street and surrounding properties.  Residents are baffled as to why this section of Boston/Dorchester has been held hostage by criminals.  The latest worries were set off by the murder on May 31.
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Kroc CenterSalvation Army Names New Leaders

To read the Western Pennsylvania newspapers, you would barely notice the name Major William Bode. 

But here in Boston, Major William Bode is the Divisional Commander of the Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army and his tenure includes much accomplishment and controversy. 

More importantly for Upham's Corner, he put together the team to see through to completion a project swamped in delays and difficulties in fundraising.  He carries with him a crowning accomplishment:  The Kroc Center.

We bid him farewell

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SNI Schedules June Neighborhood Walkthrough in Upham's Corner
City School on Ramsay St (behind CVS)
June 21, 2011  6:30pm

Walk, talk, strategize on how to make a difference

Since the April Safe Neighborhood Initiative meeting, some progress has been but the neighbors on Humphreys St are very concerned because of the murder on May 31st and alleged drug-trafficking. 

Much of the property is struggling to look good amidst the decay and neglect of the other properties.

No matter where you live, please join us in solidarity for the neighborhood walk through on June 21. 

Photo of abandoned property on Humphreys with piles of trash in front.

Getting Help - Cleaning out the Catch Basin

Catch BasinSome of us are blessed with a catch basin opening in the street in front of our homes.  After decades of debris washing into the opening, the catch basin will eventually fill up. 

How do you know when it's a problem?  When the water rushing down the street as if the catch basin were not there. 

Photo essay of Boston Water & Sewer Cleaning the Catch Basin

Thursday June 23, 2011 Con Fuego

Music by Isaac Albeniz " Enrique Granados " Manuel De Falla " Esteban Delgado

New School of Music, Cambridge MA

8pm, doors open at 7:45
Admission: $22 general, $20 - students (intimate and limited seating)

Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/181510

Information: http://www.confuegomusic.com/   
Email:  Info@AaronLC.com

Con Fuego

Musical artists: 
Gabriela Granados, Spanish classical dance
Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello
Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar

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