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Vol I No 21 - 05/06/2011
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Urban Planning in Upham's Corner

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5/06 - Peace Candlelight Vigil
5/08 - Mothers' Day Walk for Peace
5/12 - UC Main Street Annual Mtg
5/18 - Vets Appreciation Lunch
5/22 - City Singers - Walk for Music
6/05 - Dorchester Day Parade

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Peace Candlelight Vigil
May 6, 2011 6:30pm

5th Annual Community Peace Candlelight Vigil. (click image) Peace Candlelight Vigil
Meet at the corner of Dudley and Wendover Streets

Come together to show your courage and to reach for peace.

Click image for more info

Commitment to Community

Rep Carlos Henriquez has scheduled community meetings so your voice can be heard.  There is no agenda except what you make it.

Come with your ideas, concerns, issues and willingness to help out.  Be ready to say what's on your mind.

Meeting @ St. Peter's
Rescheduled TBA
278 Bowdoin St.

Vets Appreciation LunchVets Appreciation Lunch
Wed, May 18, 2011   10am-2pm  

Welcoming, Honoring and Serving Veterans.  The Whittier Street Health Center's Veteran Services invites you. 

Boston City Singers  - Walk for Music

May 22, 2011

Boston City Singers

Boston City Singers is joining the annual  "Walk for Music," a pledge walkathon for Boston's arts community.  Their goal is $25,000.

Full Details

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Upham's Corner Youth Writes Legislation
April 26, 2011Alex Knowles

Little did this Upham's Corner youth realize about  the path she had chosen.

Alexandra Knowles completed her high school project and went on to write important 'fringe banking' legislation which will soon be up for vote in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Disturbed by the cost of check cashing and its impact in the poorer urban communities, Alex researched what other states are doing and formulated a good law for Massachusetts.

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Cristo Rey Boston Offers New Approach to College Readiness
May 3, 2011

 The Cristo Rey Boston High School uses a highly successful model ensuring college readiness.

Students follow a rigorous academic program yet are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities - from the arts to athletics.
Cristo Rey Boston
Students also contribute towards the cost of their education (more than $10,000 per year) by participating in the school's work-study program.

This year and last, 100% of their graduating class were accepted to four-year colleges.

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Project Right Holds Grove Hall Peace Walks
April 27, 2011

Last year (2010) was the first year of the Grove Hall peace walks organized by Project Right.  They started up again in April 2011. 

The purpose is to show visibility, do outreach to the neighborhood and show residents that groups are actively calling for peace and trying to do something about violence.

Story & Photos

The Food Project Build-a-Garden Program
May 1, 2011

Last November (2010), Vincent Randolph, an experienced youth intern at The Food Project, described how they construct a raised bed on client property in under an hour.

When complete, you will have an 8x4 foot bed on a thick plastic tarp (to keep out ground contamination) and filled with organic soil from the urban farm.

Story & Photos

Meet Simba, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Police Dog
May 1, 2011

Simba the Police Dog
Meet Simba, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Police Dog.

Simba is a yellow Labrador retriever who has recently been working in Lynn and Milton.

Ed Geary, Jr., Deputy Director, Communications & External Affairs for the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department asked us to tell Simba's story. 

Story & Photo

Pigeon Droppings at Madrag in Upham's Corner
April 29, 2011

Pigeons living in the rotted, hollow metal ductwork across the front of Madrag Clothing store have dropped almost an inch of pigeon guano on the sidewalk. 

This is a health hazard.

Pigeon droppings are a known factor in two fungal diseases: histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, especially dangerous for immunocompromised people. 

Story & Photos

Tito Jackson Finalizes City Hall Staff
April 26, 2011

Boston City Council approved the staff that District 7 City Councilor Tito H. Jackson has selected to fill the seats in his City Hall office. Councilor Jackson will have a team of five people, all of whom played a role on the campaign that led to Jackson's victory in the special election held on March 15, 2011.

Staff Vitae & Photo

Dimitrio's Permit Suspended
1730 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester

City of Boston Inspectional Services, Health Division, shut down this popular eatery on Wednesday April 27 after finding 31 codeDimitrio's House of Pizza violations. 

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Thought of the Day:  "I never saw a discontented tree" - John Muir.


Urban Planning in Upham's Corner Upham's Corner
May 5, 2011

The BRA recently announced a Planning Initiative for Upham's Corner.  On May 12 Upham's Corner Main Street will share their Strategic Plan with the community.  Other organizations are looking at this area of Boston as well.  The 'planning eye' is starting to focus on this long-neglected but attractive section of Dorchester and we are excited.

Successful urban planning depends on a set of standards that reflect Boston's vision of itself in the future. By measuring choices against a set of futuristic ideals, the Upham's Corner planning process can make sure its recommendations move this neighborhood forward.

Upham's Corner has an opportunity in this planning exercise to become a model of urban planning in Boston.  It's an incredible challenge but it takes guts to step up to the plate and throw away the face mask and the protective clothing in favor of riskier choices that sustain our urban living.

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Letters to the Editor - Rethinking Urban Planning

In response to the article on St. Kevin's development in the last issue of UC News, we received two letters from concerned area residents, one focused on St. Kevin's and how to rethink that design process, the other focused on the whole of Upham's Corner.

These articles reflect the type of thinking that MUST come from area residents - futuristic, holistic and thoughtful.

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Upham's Corner Main Street - A New Beginning
Thu, May 12th (5:30 - 7:30 pm)
Kroc Center, 650 Dudley StUpham's Corner Reinvented

Unveiling the new Upham's Corner Main Street organizational strategic plan.

Upham's Corner Main Street has a lot to celebrate.  With community input they are adopting a new Strategic Plan to guide their work for the next 3 years.  They need the help of all residents and businesses - the individual voices - to
complete the strategic plan. Plan to come with your ideas and vision. 

Click here  To view the plan in advance and submit comments.

5:30 Kroc Center Tour / Reception
6:00 Strategic Plan Unveiling & Community Feedback

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Maria Talks to Teens about Sex
April 29, 2011

 MariaTalks.com is a website providing a straightforward primer on sex, pregnancy and relationships (especially for teens) with state funding.  Maria Talks to Teens

Some elected officials are furious and want it taken down.  Others recognize its importance but want to provide opportunity for public discussion. 

Upham's Corner News supports this website with some reservations. Rep. Carlos Henriquez is soliciting feedback and will be providing opportunities for comment.

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Alma Serret They Celebrated her Life
May 4, 2011

Her family and friends celebrated her life by organizing a memorial service in her honor on May 4, 2011 held at the Strand Theater.

Alma Serret passed away on May 3, 2011 after a short illness.  She was the 40+ year owner of Consuelo's, a hair salon on Dudley Street in Upham's Corner.

They remembered her bright smile and long hair.  They remembered how much she enjoyed dressing and enjoying life.  We will miss her.

SNI Meeting in Upham's Corner - "Very Helpful, One of the Best"
April 25, 2011

Matt Feeney, DA's office, who lead the Upham's Corner Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SNI) meetings closed the April 25, 2011 meeting with a comment: "This has been a very helpful meeting, one of the best we have had because we are addressing specific issues rather than just kind of talking about general problems in the community."

The group of a dozen participants identified a derelict Project Pride house where trash is being dumped, two sets of multiple garages where illegal car repairs and unlicensed flea market activity is occurring and Camilo Liquors where loitering is encouraging illegal alcohol sales and drug dealing.  Photos of all problem areas.

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Stopping Bad Behavior on the #15 Bus
April 24, 2011

Three men have been arrested and charged with interfering with a bus driver and assault and battery on a public employee.  The incident attracted a lot of attention due to its bizarre nature - wanton violence inflicted on the driver who asked for compliance with bus regulations.  Passengers were frightened, calling 911.  The bus crashed, pinning one of the suspects who later "crowed" about his successes.

Something's wrong, very wrong.  The MBTA is asking drivers to "police" the buses, return to their seats with their backs "to the crowd" and expect no retaliation.  There's a better approach.

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Cape Verdean Community Discusses Violence and Adult Daycare Funding
April 21, 2011

Over 260 people - almost all Cape Verdean - turned out for the 4th Commitment to Community meeting held by Rep. Carlos Henriquez. Cape Verde Hundreds of calls had been coming into their office and only two days before, a Cape Verdean youth was murdered on Trull Street.

A dozen or so residents, all speaking in the Cape Verde dialect and assisted by the Daycare Center's translator, came forward to speak passionately about youth violence and the potential closure of their Daycare Facility.

Rep. Henriquez and, later, Councilor-at-large, Ayanna Pressley encouraged them to reach out with their voices to the state and city reps who make the funding decisions.

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Taking a Fresh Look at Savin Hill Village
April 28, 2011

The Savin Hill Village Development Committee (SHVDC) is taking form around the issues and goals of "The Village."  That's clear from their March and April 2011 monthly meetings. Savin Hill Village
They see themselves as a Main Street type entity while being a strictly volunteer organization and that's "not necessarily all bad.  The world has changed.  This group has the possibility of creating something new."

Yes, they are tackling the "same" issues that impact all business districts but this group is being proactively positive, digital, networked, experienced and enthusiastic.  The target area is Savin Hill Ave from Avenue Liquors to the Savin Hill T-station.
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