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Vol I No 20 - 04/21/2011
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St. Kevin's Update, Kroc Dedication Photos, BPL Trustees Silent

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BPL Trustees Invite Comments
St. Kevin's Project Update
Kroc Center Dedication
A Focus on Rebuilding Nbhds

Darrin Howell - Keynote Speaker
Winthrop Peace Garden
The Food Court
Savin Scoop Celebrates

Mouthwatering Meatloaf
Chili Cook-off Winners
Officer Kenny Grubbs
City School & Social Justice

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Henriquez Meeting Schedule
Strand Theatre Events
UC News Calendar Events

4/27 - Dudley Main St Meeting
4/28 - (Postponed) Upham's Corner Reinvented

4/30 - Boston Shines
5/08 - Mothers' Day Walk for Peace
5/22 - City Singers - Walk for Music
6/05 - Dorchester Day Parade

Commitment to Community

Rep Carlos Henriquez has scheduled community meetings so your voice can be heard.  There is no agenda except what you make it.

Come with your ideas, concerns, issues and willingness to help out.  Be ready to say what's on your mind.

Meeting @ St. Peter's
April 26th, 6:30-8:00p.m.
278 Bowdoin St.

Dudley/Grove Hall Main Street Strategic Planning

Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:30-7:30pm
2315 Washington St, Roxbury

Dudley Grove Hall Main Streets

The public is invited to participate - visioning and brainstorming about economic restructuring, commercial and residential areas, crime and it effect on public safety, building the right image.

Uphams Corner Reinvented
Thu, April 28th (5:30 - 7:30 pm)
Kroc Center, 650 Dudley St

Unveiling the new Upham's Corner Main Street organizational strategic plan.
Upham's Corner Reinvented

5:30 Kroc Center Tour / Reception
6:00 Strategic Plan Unveiling & Community Feedback

Boston City Singers  - Walk for Music
May 22, 2011

Boston City Singers

Boston City Singers is joining the annual  "Walk for Music," a pledge walkathon for Boston's arts community.  Their goal is $25,000.

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Savin Scoop Celebrates
Wed, Apr. 6, 2011 4:30pm
107 Savin Hill Ave, Dorchester MA

Savin Scoop
City officials, neighbors and friends from near and far joined Savin Scoop and Mayor Menino as they cut the ribbon to welcome this new business into the Savin Hill Village section of Dorchester. 

Savin Scoop specializes in locally made ice cream, smoothies, frappes, coffee, espresso and many other scrumptious treats right here in the Savin Hill neighborhood.

Celebration photos

Mouthwatering Meatloaf
March 24, 2011

Hosted by First Parish Church, Meetinghouse Hill, the featured kickoff event for the Dorchester Day Parade was delicious and generated happy faces and satisfied appetites. 

Several hundred people attended and enjoyed the mouthwatering meatloaf dinner catered by Gerard's.

Photos of the hungry crowd

Chili Cook-off Winners
April 10, 2011

Chili Cook-off
The Fifth Annual Chili Cook-off  drew 175-200 people to the IBEW Hall on Sunday and the winners have been announced. 

Each contestant contributed their own specialty chili, nachos and cheese while the attendees sampled the best of the best chili in Dorchester.

Proceeds will benefit the Dorchester Day Parade.

Cooks, tasters & photos.

More Links: 
About the Dorchester Day Parade.
Dorchester Day website.

A Look at the City School Programs
Second in a series
April 11, 2011

City School offers programs to teens around issues of social justice during 'out of school time' - after school, weekends and summers.  It is an environment where everyone is accepted and safe. 

Based on peer-to-peer learning, youth develop leadership, organizing and organizational skills. They get an in-depth understanding of issues confronting them in their daily lives, in their communities and in the media. Best of all, they get to follow their passions.

Read More
City School Youth Stories

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Thought of the Day:  Yesterday and Tomorrow live right next door.


BPL Trustees Invite Comment, then What?
BPL Copley Square
A special BPL trustees meeting was held on Feb 24, 2011 where the public was invited to comment.  Speakers contributed a wealth of ideas, offerings of help and new ways of approaching problem solving. 

Two months later the BPL has yet to respond - no meeting minutes, no acknowledgements of the public comments. Wait long enough and no one will remember the meeting even took place.

Upham's Corner News is providing a summary, analysis and commentary of the Public Comments along with a complete transcript.   (To put on their website, our gift).

We ask that the Library/Trustees take time to read the comments, acknowledge the public's contribution and respond respectfully.

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St. Kevin's Development - Update
Apr 12, 2011
St. Kevin's Development Project
Representatives from the Planning Office for Urban Affairs met with the Upham.s Corner Westside Neighborhood Association to solicit feedback on the St. Kevin's development project.

Residents raised concerns over parking, the height of the buildings and traffic and discussed issues beyond the scope of the developer's responsibility that affect the entire neighborhood.

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Salvation Army Kroc Center - Ribbon Cutting & Dediction
Sat, April 2, 2011Kroc Center Dedication

Long in the making, the Kroc Center represents the dream of a community, fostered by a process that straddled well over 100 design meetings. Opportunity, access, safe space and a place to heal, just some of what the residents asked for.

Linda Wendfeldt, shared a story about her mother, Joan Kroc.  .Just Keep Lovin. was her mother's advice.  Kroc Center programs reflect this love.

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Peace Garden at the Winthrop School
April 16, 2011

Winthrop School staff planned a beautification project for Global Youth Services Day, April 16, 2011.  City Year and other volunteers picked up the challenge.  It will take a month or so before the extensive renovations are complete but it already looks great. 

New murals brighten both playgrounds.  New maps of the United States and the world in the play areas help students orient themselves in the world.  A long stretch of wall on Dacia St that previously invited graffiti and gang symbols is now a mural walking tour.  The Louis D Brown Peace Garden teaches the students and the community how to work out differences peacefully.

Story and Photos

Henriquez Community Meeting Focuses on Rebuilding Neighborhoods
April 5, 2011

The second Henriquez Commitment to Community meeting, held at the Thomas Atkins Building, 233 Blue Hill Ave, gave residents a chance to talk about the quality of life in their neighborhoods . what.s missing, wanting to trust the neighbors, isolation, crime and crime prevention.

At each juncture Rep. Henriquez encouraged the residents to get involved. Join your neighborhood association or a neighborhood watch group.  Above all else, don't ignore the problems.  Speak up. Make the phone calls and be heard.

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First Henriquez "Commitment to Community" Meeting
Tue, Mar 29, 2011

State Rep Carlos Henriquez held the first of five scheduled community meetings.  He has ideas, but wanted to use these meetings to give voice to resident issues. 

Issues discussed included prostitution and liquor establishments on Blue Hill Ave, street cleaning - commercial and residential streets, the lack of enforcement or ordinances and its effect, disparity of city services, the importance of police operating visibally and at the street level, close to the impact players. and jobs for the "forgotten" youth 18 to 24.Finally, almost more important than anything else, was how to get more residents involved in community action.

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Strand Theatre Events

Kingdom Easter Explosion For more information visit www.thekingdomchurch.com or call 617-474-9871, 617-635-1403.

 Bobby Perry and Rain CD Release Concert - Featuring special guests Jason Nelson and Natalie Wilson. General tickets are $20. More info:  www.bobbyperryonline.com or call 617-635-1403.

2011 New England Urban Music Awards - Tribute to Women in Music
Join us to celebrate Women in the music industry, this year recognizing the talented, hard working women who are competely dedicated to the performing arts. For more information call 617-686-1377 or visit www.urbanmusicawards.org

Boston Classical Orchestra Concert

Tech Goes Home Graduation

Chinese Cultural Dance Performance (day)

Boston City Singers

Boston Children's Chorus

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Cuban Ballet

Darrin Howell Addresses Youth
Sat April 16, 2011:  Strand Theatre Darrin Howell

GOTCHA.s Sixth Annual Youth Summit was a full-day affair - 1pm to 11pm - workshops, a talent show, dinner and dance with over 100 youth attending. 

The purpose? To bring youth together to address issues that affect their lives, consensus buiilding and promoting positive solutions.

Darrin Howell, keynote speaker, provided a stirring message for the youth based on his own travails.  He and shared with us that inner motivation makes all the difference.  You have to want to succeed as .bad. as you want to breathe. 

Read More

Grubbs Named Youth Officer
Apr 13, 2011

Just announced - Officer Kenny Grubbs, our faithful and beloved B2 CSO (Community Services Officer) has been asked to take over as Youth Officer for all of B2.

From Kenny:  "I'm excited about this.  I did this before, so when I got the announcement, it was good.  Will I miss being the CSO?  You'll see me around everywhere. 

My first step is to contact the community centers and look at what programs will benefit the youth - all the centers.  It needs to be a team effort."

The Mayor's Food Court

The Health Division of Inspectional Services (ISD) inspects Boston restaurants and posts the results online at the City of Boston website. 

The Mayor's Food Court displays the last couple years of inspection reports but some data appears to be missing.  After speaking with Lisa Timberlake from ISD, the Health Division has acknowledged that their data is inconsistent but they don't know why.  They plan, she said, to remove ALL prior years data, retaining only the last.

Upham's Corner News has sent a letter to ISD Health Division requesting that historic data NOT be removed, that such reports are important for all Boston area residents who want to understand a restaurant's history.

Upham's Corner News will be reviewing restaurants as part of the new series "Food Court"  based on the Health Division reports (not what the customers say). We will also be looking at patterns of non-compliance across multiple restaurants. 

Restaurant Inspections - Standards & Procedures

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