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Vol I No 16 - 03/16/2011
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Keeping our Library Cards & Fingers Crossed

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The Upham's Corner Library
Safe Street Team Garners Win
Photos of the Blue Hills

State Poem:  Blue Hills of MA
Boston Ballet at Strand - Vimeo
Photos from Upham's Corner's Past

Preparing for Dorchester Day
How the Boston Youth Fund Works

Coming Events

Strand Theatre Events

3/17 - GOTCHA Youth Job Fair
3/18 - Dorchester Arts Breakfast
3/24 - Meatloaf Dinner (DotDay)
4/1-3 - Kroc Center Dedication
4/16 - Gotcha Youth Summit
4/30 - Boston Shines
5/08 - Mothers' Day Walk for Peace
6/05 - Dorchester Day Parade

From Prior UCN Issues

GOTCHA Youth Program
Restaurant at 33 Hancock - Update
Buttonwood & NStar
Letter to Paul - #2

Moreland St vs. Liquor License
Photo Series:  Painted in White
Elder Art Exhibit

GOTCHA Youth Job Fair

(Click for more details)

Artist Renato A. D. Riccioni
Fri, March 18 2011 ยท 8:00am - 9:00am
Artist Renato A. D. Riccioni will discuss his artwork and journal for Sustainability Guild International

He is a recognized abstract painter and sculptor in the Italian contemporary arts community and the Principal Teacher for the Boston Public School/Museum of Fine Arts Scholarship Program.

$5 cover - coffee/tea, Karen's incredible homemade scones and fresh fruit.
Calendar -  Be sure to check out events on our UC Calendar

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Photos of the Blue Hills

The Blue Hills of Massachusetts is the name of our state poem and the name of a state park of over 7000 acres set aside in Norfolk County, MA. (click to enlarge)
Blue Hills State Park
Here's an idea:

Let's take photos at the park and publish the poem.

Photos of the Blue Hills

In March - quiet, cold, patient, proud and beautiful. 

Commonwealth's State Poem

"Blue Hills of Massachusetts," the official state poem was adopted and recorded into the General Laws in 1981.

"Blue Hills of Massachusetts"
by Katherine E. Mullen of Barre, Official Poem of the Commonwealth

Massachusetts! Massachusetts!
Lovely Bay State by the sea,
Chosen by the Pilgrim Fathers
In their search for liberty.

More . . .

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Upham's Corner Library -
A Cinderella whose Time has Come

Based on the BRA decision to approve the St. Kevin's project, there is hope that a proposed replacement for the existing Upham's Corner Library will be included in the first-floor design. 

The developers like this idea but its outcome depends on funding.

The Upham's Corner Library is like a Cinderella who has been waiting to go to the ball for a long, long time while her many sisters have celebrated.

Door to the Upham's Corner Library
Door leading into library

Upham's Corner Library Series

Boston Ballet at the Strand

Students attending ballet
Students enjoying the Boston Ballet. 
(Click to enlarge)

On Friday, March 11, 2011 the Boston Ballet staged an eclectic set of "dance tidbits," reflecting a wide range of dance styles.

 Boston school youth watched a traditional ballerina in pink, which is what they expected.

But, to their surprise, they also got to see spectacularly agile male dancers in the "modern dance" style. 
That helped dispel the notion that ballet is "for girls." 

Chris Harding's report (BNN) is delightful with comments by the ballet's artistic director, Mikko Nissinen, shots of the ballet performances, interviews with the youth and dance contributions by the youth in attendance.

The Strand Theatre shines in its ability to promote the arts to the residents of Boston.

Vimeo Report for BNN News by Chris Harding

Safe Street Team Garners Win for Upham's Corner

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) assigned to the Uphams Corner Safe Street Team successfully nabbed a man who stole items from a motor vehicle setup as part of a sting operation.

Great big thanks to the Safe Street Team - Read the whole story

Elder Art ShowElders - Art Exhibit
Feb 16 - Mar 16, 2011
Upham's Corner Library

Over 60 people - artists, staff and guests attended the reception at the Upham's Corner Library on 2/16/11. 

View the wonderful watercolors.  Woodworking contributions were made by members of the Men's Group.  Popular with women is sewing and especially embrodery

The art exhibit is a result of the USEP/PACE art therapy program.  Activities Director Paulette Sewell-Reid gives us a detailed history on how the program got started - fascinating.  You also get a chance to meet the artists.

The exhibition will be at the Upham's Corner library through March 16, 2011. 
This art exhibit is A MUST SEE.

Story & Photos

Strand Theatre Events


SweeneyTodd, Presented through spacial arrangements with Music Theatre International, Admission is Free to the Public, no ticket required.
4/7 - 8pm,  4/8 - 8pm, 4/9 - 2pm & 8pm

Bird Street Youth Summit, Free to the Public

New England Urban Music Awards


Boston Classical Orchestra Concert

Tech Goes Home Graduation

Chinese Cultural Dance Performance (day)

Boston City Singers

Boston Children's Chorus

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Cuban Ballet

Boston Youth Fund - How it Works

Of the Mayor's three youth summer jobs programs, the Boston Youth Fund is the largest.  This year through the Hope Line over 7000 teens entered the jobs pool and if funding remains at 2010 levels, 3300 youth will be employed.

Details on this program

Elm Farm SupermarketUpham's Corner History

Two great photos from "Dorchester, Volume 2" by Anthony Mitchell Sammarco. 

This book is a must read for anyone interested in the history of our local community.  Out of print, it is still available through used book dealers online.

View photos

GOTCHA Youth Summit

Sat April 16, 2011 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Strand Theater

Event Details
Youth Summit

Dorchester Day - Getting the Parade Rolling

Dorchester Day is scheduled for June 5, 2011, a Sunday starting at 1pm in Lower Mills and arriving hours later at Columbia Rd. Dorchester Day Parade

But today is March, so why the rush?  Because the parade is EXPENSIVE and events are happening NOW to help raise funds and give DOT residents a chance to celebrate early.  UC News will be covering events and reporting back.

Background on the Dorchester Day Parade.

For a complete list of events, check their website DotDay website.

Coming Up:
  Meatloaf Dinner, March 24, 6:30 PM, First Parish Church

A Closer Look at GOTCHA
Mar 7, 2011

"Get off the corner, hanging around." 

Gotcha - a really terrific youth leadership and development program and a collaborative of 20-25 non-profits.  It works closely with the Boston Youth Fund all year round for creating youth job opportunities.

Story & Photos

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