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Vol I No 14 - 02/28/2011
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Black History, Elder Art, SNI Update and "Hood" News

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Black Baseball: Mural in Need
Black History:  Remember
Buttonwood & NStar
District Improvement Plan

Dogdom:  Act of Kindness
Elder Art Exhibit
Green Ticket Legislation
Letter to Paul - #2

Moreland St vs. Liquor License
Photo Series:  Painted in White
SNI Update - Sgt. Brooks
Upham's Corner named a "CARD"

Upham's Corner Walk Thru
Main Streets still Moving

How can I Help?

Get excited about the issues in our community EVEN IF you don't live next door. 

- Write a letter to the licensing board
- Write a letter / call NStar
- Help restore the Negro Baseball mural
- Help get our merchants on board

This is YOUR community.  You make the difference in its viability and vitality.

New Website Option:  LINKS

Upham's Corner News website now includes a page of links useful to the Greater Upham's Corner area. 

One of the links will open an Upham's Corner "DOCS" page.

DONATE - If you want to donate to a non-profit, check out LINKS.  ** indicates an organization that accepts donations.

Boston Area Church League
Mon, Feb 28, 2011 6-8pm
Boston Area Church League

You are invited -  youth leaders, potential coaches, mentors, churches and youth development organizations.  Be a part of this movement to keep our kids off the streets and constructively engaged.

  Event Details

"Turn the Corner"
Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:30-7:30pm
Yaz's Place

The Upham's Corner Main Street Promotions Committee is sponsoring end-of-month get-togethers. 

It all starts on Feb 28, 2011 a time to celebrate the completion of the Main Street Strategic Plan which will go public in early Spring.

David Russman says:  "Gather up your friends for fun and relaxation. Eat, drink, be merry - 10" or 2'.  Come celebrate the Upham's Corner Business District.

Project R.I.G.H.T., Inc
Tue, March 1, 2011  6-8pm

5:30pm Reception
6-8pm  Full Membership Meeting

Grove Hall Community Center
51 Geneva Ave, Roxbury
Contact:  617-541-5454

International Women's Day
Tue, Mar 8, 2011 5:30-7:30pm
Harvard School of Public Health
International Women's Day @100
100 years old and honoring the radical history & current realities of women in the world - entertainment, food, presentations and a panel discussion on women's lives in Egypt and Tunisia.

Boston Ballet at the Strand
Fri, Mar 11, 2011 7pm
Strand Theatre - FREE!!Boston Ballet at the Strand

The 7pm show - free and open to the general public - will feature performances by Boston Ballet company dancers specially prepared for this one-night-only presentation. 

How to get (free) Tickets (required)

Pilgrim Church
Free Community Lunch   - Every Saturday 12-1:30pm  Story & Photos

Calendar -  Be sure to check out events on our UC Calendar

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Painted in White
Sun, Feb 27, 2011
Snowfall in Upham's Corner 2/27/11
Part of our continuing photo series of Upham's Corner . . .

The beautifying effect of heavy white snow in bringing our winter sky to life was pause for capturing the moment.

View Photos

Black History Month

Saturday February 19, 2011 the Grove Hall Library hosted a "Black Baseball" lecture attended by a dozen enthusiasts.  Upham's Corner News will be reviewing this topic in a future issue.
Black Baseball Mural
The Black Baseball Mural located in Upham's Corner was brought up - very few people knew it existed.  The mural has fallen into hard times and is in need of restoration. 

Story & Photos

A Poem Dedicated to Black History

Robby Thomas, Executive Director of the Boston Area Church League, attended the black baseball lecture.  Not only does he care deeply about baseball and see it as a way of helping develop character in our inner-city "trenches", but he also writes poetry. 

Following is his poem REMEMBER, dedicated to the makers of Black History.


(Dedicated to the makers of Black History)

Remember when justice was partial to Langston's hue and the world made Billie Holiday blue.

When men dreamed like Kings and marched the extra mile,

When we knew Baldwin was coming with the fire next time.

When Malcolm went to Mecca - changed his mind, Cassius became Ali - Liston passed his prime.

When "up you mighty race" made Garvey messiah, and "up from slavery" shared Booker T's ire.

When the voice of Frederick Douglas spoke, and reached the souls of "Dubois" Black folk.

. . . .

(the most powerful vision ...)
. . .remember?)

Read Full Text of "REMEMBER"

Kroc Center Dedication Weekend
April 1-3, 2011

Kroc Center Progress Update

The Kroc Center has scheduled its Dedication Weekend for April 1-3, 2011. Their "soft" open will be earlier but it hasn't yet been announced.

Letter from the Kroc Center

Upham's Corner Main Street

We just got word from Zachary Cohen (2/25/11) that Upham's Corner Main Street is still "on the move."  They had hoped to be in their new location by the end of December but what's another month or two or even three?

The move date is being kept secret but we'll know when we see the lights on and Zach sitting at his new desk with his feet up, enjoying the view.

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Elder Art ShowElders - Art Exhibit
Feb 16 - Mar 16, 2011
Upham's Corner Library

Over 60 people - artists, staff and guests attended the reception at the Upham's Corner Library on 2/16/11. 

View the wonderful watercolors.  Woodworking contributions were made by members of the Men's Group.  Popular with women is sewing and especially embrodery

The art exhibit is a result of the USEP/PACE art therapy program.  Activities Director Paulette Sewell-Reid gives us a detailed history on how the program got started - fascinating.  You also get a chance to meet the artists.

The exhibition will be at the Upham's Corner library through March 16, 2011. 
This art exhibit is A MUST SEE.

Story & Photos

Buttonwood Abutters Butting Heads with NStar

NStar signed a lease agreement with ATS Equipment (late 2010) with the proviso that ATS get abutter agreements. 

ATS did not.  Now the residents face a spoiled view, noise and pollution.

Looks like NStar created the problem by leasing land based on an ASSUMPTION.

ATS Equipment from Buttonwood backyardPoolside view from Buttonwood home. 
Lovely, isn't it?
Story & Photos.

Safe Neighborhood Initiative Update
Feb 15, 2011

We were able to speak with Officer Tommy Brooks a week or so after the first SNI meeting.  He has been making a lot of progress in dealing with Upham's Corner neighborhood issues.  He also talked about how future SNI meetings will be handled. 

Good job, Mr. Brooks!       Read More

Moreland St Residents Up-in-arms

Liriano Market - Blue Hill Ave & Moreland StMoreland Street and Winthrop Street residents are strongly opposed to the Licensing Board granting a liquor license to Liriano's Market.

 This is the seond time in as many months that Liriano's has tried. 

The press has referred to this section of Blue Hill Ave as "the new Combat Zone" and another liquor license, the residents say, is going to make matters worse. 

Read More

Neighborhood Services Walks Thru Upham's Corner

Neighborhood Services Walk-thru Neighborhood Services (Flavio Daveiga) setup a walk-thru of Upham's Corner to begin addressing some of the maintenance issues that come up often at community meetings.  Photo is deteriorating retaining wall on Stoughton Street.

Other groups participating in the walk- Public Works and Upham's Corner Main Street.  After some discussion, the group took a tour of the Business District. 

Story & Photos

Dogdom - Human Donates Bones

Dogdom biscuits Dear Cousin MinPin

We have such a great story to tell you.  You are going to want to move  to Upham's Corner immediately where the humans are soooo . . nice.  

The other day we were taking Mumsie for a walk and we were on our way back, only a block from the den.  

Suddenly Mom stopped even though we were pulling her along really hard.  Seemed she wanted to talk to another human.  yak,yak,yak.  

Read More

Green Ticket Legislation
Feb 15, 2011

A hearing will be held to discuss a proposal for clearing snow from sidewalks using "Green Ticket" money.  The Hearing Order was submitted by Councilor Linehan from District 2 that includes Andrew Square.

Upham's Corner News will be attending and speaking outl  

Full Story & Hearing Order

Heath PropertiesLetter to Paul #2

Dear Paul - What an amazing difference - the "dead trees" sitting on your front porch, looking like phone books, are gone.  You are the greatest.  Time has a way of healing all, even the tiniest problems. 

We went over to visit you at 74 Clarendon Street. No one at home, but next time . . .

Read Letter to Paull #2

Upham's Corner District Improvement Plan
Feb 11, 2011
On February 11, 2011 the BRA (Boston Redevelopment Authority) announced a Planning Initiative focused on Upham's Corner.  In their words "Upham's Corner is set to undergo a District Improvement Plan." 

The BRA will spend $150,000 on a community based planning process to enhance the sustainability of the district and the surrounding neigborhood.  Involved will be the BRA, DND, BTD and Neighborhood Services. 

Read original press release giving full details

Deja Vu
"Application for Designation of the Uphams Corner CARD"

April 11, 1980

Back in 1980 a section ot the City being designated a "CARD or Commercial Area Redevelopment District" was "a precondition for the use of various state financial incentives for commercial development that would be in the public interest of the citizens of Boston."

" . . .implementation of the proposed CARD Plan will serve to avert and reverse the decay of the area covered by the plan and will help deter the movement of commercial enterprises into previously non-commercial areas."

Signed by Mayor Thomas H. White on April 11, 1980.

(Sounds awfully familiar, ... but Upham's Corner hasn't changed much since then, or has it?)

This document was recently digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from the Boston Public Library.  View complete document.
Upham's Corner CARD
Click to enlarge

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