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Vol I No 13 - 01/28/2011
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State of the City Address, Sidewalk Snow Removal, SNI Meeting

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The State of our City
City of Boston Insignia

The State of the City Address on January 11, 2011 was the perfect opportunity to see the many people who together work for the City of Boston or who care about our City government.

It is also a chance to gauge the tenor of the organization that Mayor Thomas Menino has put together over his 18 years of governance.

Upham's Corner News reflects on the event - the people, the camaraderie and the spirit.

[Read full article]

Neighborhood Response Team a Winner

Captain John Davin, B-2 Police, described a 7-month experiment he calls NRT.  It's being implemented in the Dudley Triangle.  It's working and making a huge difference with the businesses. 

Upham's Corner needs an NRT with "boots on the ground,"  not another SNI meeting.

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SNI - Misguided and Ineffective

January 25, 2011

The District Attorney's office held an organizing meeting of the "new" SNI in Upham's Corner.  Over 30 people attended, many of them from the DA's office and the Safe Street Team. 

Residents raised  issues they wanted resolved.  Matt Feeney  turned a deaf ear saying what  they wanted was for the people attending to come back in another month or two with even more people. 

Residents made suggestions on what would be necessary for them to come back (ACTION) and again, Mr. Feeney said: "What we need from you is to come back with more people."

We look at what went wrong, the problems identified by residents and what will work.

[Full Story & Transcript of Meeting]

Sidewalk Snow Removal in Upham's Corner

Nor'easter Dumps 16 Inches of Snow

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, a nor'easter dumped approximately 16 inches of snow in the greater Boston area.  Snowplows worked all day to clear the streets and the next day people returned to work, cars back on the road.  For pedestrians the progress was slower.  

On 1/14/11  Upham's Corner News looked at the vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow in the business district.  Vehicular traffic was moving easily with no problems but pedestrians found it difficult to get around.           [Read More]    [Photos]

Interview with Code Enforcement

Chief Michael E. Mackan discussed with us how his officers enforce the snow removal ordinance.  
  • He emphasized Code Enforcement's attitude to teach first and punish only if necessary. 
  • He also supported the expansion of the snow removal ordinance to include curbs, fire hydrants, handicap ramps and catch basins. 
  • He highlighted the role of the mail carrier and how easily we forget about the impact that our pedestrian walkways have on their ability to deliver the mail.
[Full interview with Chief Mackan]

Issues Identified

In at least ten areas the residents, the businesses, the City, the MBTA and other organizations responsible for pedestrian pathway snow removal are failing to create safe pedestrian walkways after a significant snowfall.

Some issues are already covered by the snow removal ordinance but are not being followed. Others are recommended by the City but are not yet in the ordinance.

Examples:  The width of walkway (too narrow), handicap ramps buried, catch basins blocked, and bus stops and crosswalks not cleared.    [Read More]

Snow Removal Issues 1/14/2011
None of the median strip crosswalks were shoveled.

Boston is Not Pedestrian Friendly

Our sidewalks are not being cleared properly to support safe pedestrian walkways.  This tells you something about Boston's attitude.

Businesses and residents are not deciding to shovel or not shovel based on an ordinance but rather on an attitude.  What's missing is a strong sense of community:  MY neighbors, MY street, MY micro-village (Upham's Corner).

Disregard for the safety and well-being of pedestrians following a snowstorm is a clear indication that Boston is NOT a pedestrian friendly city.   [Read Full article]

Snow Removal Issues 1/14/2011
The only access to the bus is a narrow trampled sheet of packed snow and ice.


Upham's Corner News recommends that we review the City from the perspective of a pedestrian in the wintertime after it snows.  A committee consisting of pedestrians would be a great starting point, eventually getting Code Enforcement involved as well.  

Review/enhance standards, determine who is responsible, in what manner and in what time frame for clearing pedestrian walkways following a major snowstorm.   

*** Upham's Corner News has passed these recommendations onto Councilor Stephen Murphy's office.  They have already begun working with the City on the possibility of enhancing the snow removal ordinance.  They welcome your input.  Contact Seth McCoy at seth.mccoy@cityofboston.gov            [Read full article]

Letter to Paul, January 28, 2011

Dear Paul

I am so excited, and have been, since Joane introduced us on Tuesday.  I haven't been able to sleep. Truly, you are awesome and inspiring.  The question is: "Why am I so interested in you?  There are only a million people in the world.  Why am I focused on you? "   [Read More]

DSNI Volunteers Needed

The Emerson Elementary School and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is looking for volunteer readers for their Reading Buddies Program. Volunteers are needed one or more day/s a week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) from 8:00 - 9:00 am. We are looking for commitments from January - Mid-February; Mid-February - Mid April; or Mid-April - June.

Contact Sharon Sabin at 617-442-9670 or email intern@dsni.org

Boston Youth Fund Jobs Registration

The Boston Youth Fund hires teenagers from 15-18 years old but you must first be registered with Hopeline.  You can register online or over the phone.     [More Details]

Upham's Corner Calendar

We're adding more topics to our Calendar including sustainability issues (green), hearings affecting Upham's Corner, educational opportunities and more. 

[View Calendar]

Savin Hill Development Committee Meeting
Mon, Jan 24, 2011 7pm

Over a dozen people attended the first official meeting of the Savin Hill Village Development Committee.  They agreed on their mission/goals, identified target and study areas and took on their first tasks.   [Read More]

Renew Boston  Energy Initiative

Dorchester Bay (DBEDC) is one of 13 organizations designated by the City of Boston for outreach to area residents to spread the word on Renew Boston. 
Renew Bostonn Logo
Max MacCarthy is the "point person" for Renew Boston at Dorchester Bay. 

He is knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and accessible.  You couldn't work with a better Renew Boston rep.  Give him a call to see how the program can help you.  617-825-4299 x251.  [Read More]

Official Renew Boston website

Climate Change & the Commonwealth

The causes/effects of climate change are well documented from deforestation as a cause to severe weather patterns as a result.

In 2007 and 2008 the Commonwealth made great strides in proactively supporting and promoting a move towards energy efficiency through landmark, emergency legislation:  "The Green Communities Grant Program."  This legislation created MassSave.   [Read More]

View Mass Save website

Boston's Sustainability Goals

The City of Boston has been proactive in moving towards "sustainable" for well over 10 years, shortly after the Kyoto Protocol was established.  Renew Boston is one of the many programs helping Boston deal with climate change. [Read More]

Boston's Climate Action History

Dorchester Bay's Role in Renew Boston

Within a month after announcing Renew Boston (9/2/2010) the City asked for Community Outreach organizations to submit grant requests to enroll Boston residents in the Renew Boston program.     [Read More]

Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
2nd Saturday of the month, 9:30am

Marti Glynn, Chair of the Board of the Upham's Corner Library Friends group, tells us why she is so committed to a first-class library in Upham's Corner.  [Story and photos]

Friends of Upham's Corner LibraryAt the jazz concert on December 16, 2010, Friends gathered in the hall outside and spread the word to passersby. 

Coming soon - Feb 12, 2011 - a Valentine Sweets fundraiser for the Upham's Corner library sponsored by Friends of the Library.

Friends of the Library

Janet Wolford, member of  Friends, created this poster. Her company,  Soul Food Design, specializes in organic, free range, graphic design.  

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