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Vol I No 12 - 12/31/2010
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A Fond Farewell to 2010 and Looking Forward into 2011

Wishes in the New Year from Upham's Corner News

Peace in the New Year

For you ... the Peace that passes all understanding 

May it brighten your spirit
May it shower you with blessings
And may your heart be filled with joy.

Chinese Cultural Performances
November 20, 2010 Chinese Culture Show

A spectacular show of Chinese dance and performing arts at the Strand, illuminating a culture so different from mainline US.

Sixteen performances including youth, teen and adult dancers, voice and piano solos and the martial arts.
Story & Photos

Benjamin the Clown at CSCV
November 20, 2010
Benjamin the Clown
The Cape Verdean Adult Daycare Center (CSCV)  scheduled Benjamin the Clown to entertain the elderly, the staff and lots of kids.  We couldn't  take our eyes away from his magic and fast-moving juggling acts. 
Story & Photos

A Dorchester Christmas
Mon, Dec 6, 2010
A Dorchester ChristmasUpham's Corner, the Strand and the many youth who participated all shared in a joyous holiday spirit.

A Holiday Hug to Stephen Lipsitt and the Boston Classical Orchestra.  What a wonderful event!   
Story & Photos

Christmas with Bobby
Sat, Dec 11, 2010
Christmas with Bobby
Hundreds of parents and children  came to the 11th Annual Christmas wih Bobby at the Strand Theater .. food, gifts, dancing, "break the pinata." 

Isaura Mendes, her team and the kids had a perfect day.
Story & Photos

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Master Urban Gardeners
Mon, Jan 3, 2011 6pm

Presents a documentary film on diverse communities coming together to grow a more sustainable and local food system. 
Details in the Calendar

Pilgrim Church
Free Community Lunch   - Every Saturday 12-1:30pm  Story & Photos

Business Holiday Guide

Over 20 businesses participated in the Upham's Corner 2010 Holiday Guide!  What a wonderful way to virtually stroll your way down Main Street. 

The Holiday Guide will be available through January 2011.

  *** Holiday Guide (HG) Businesses
New Year's Resolutions***

  I Promise ... to make at least 50% of my purchases at Upham's Corner merchants.

Photo Collage Series

Fall Colors - Harbinger of Change
Fall Colors

Yes, winter is officially here with the first snow on Dec 20 and a blizzard on Dec 26.

But do you remember days of Autumn colored with earth tones, low-angled sun rays and hints of winter? Three pages of photos from Upham's Corner - Stunning
View Nature Photos

Holiday Homes
December 25, 2010
Holiday Homes 2010
Throughout Upham's Corner residents have decorated their homes for the holiday, some lavishly, some simply, but all celebating the holiday with meaning. 
Story & over 50 Photos

Deck the Windows of our Main Streets
December 14, 2010
Business Holiday Decorations
Upham's Corner participated in the citywide holiday decoration contest under the sponsorship of our Main Street.

 - The winner is ...
 - Our businesses decked out

Upham's Corner InSight into the News

Bidding a Fond Farewell to 2010

In this our final issue of 2010 UC News reflects back on how we got started and the subsequent journey of discovery and reporting. 

Looking back in 2010 we remember events, neighborhood associations, neighborhood meetings, businesses, traffic, infrastructure repair, decorations, celebrations and economic hard times but above all else, we remember the people we met.  

Upham's Corner News is barely four months old in a community that is hundreds of years old and changing daily.  More than anything else, movements forward, away from and to must be grass-roots based.  It takes people living and working here who are highly motivated to make a difference, who can work patiently, consistently and with vision.

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Looking Forward into 2011

We can think of Upham's Corner much as we think of ourselves - a living, breathing, organic entity needing care - TLC.  Much like a newly planted seed or crops growing in raised bed gardens, if treated well, these verdant resources will deliver food to sustain us and the next generation.   

Upham's Corner News will be asking how today's news reflects on the long-term socio-economic growth of Upham's Corner.  If we can't answer that question today, then we need to not forget to ask it tomorrow or the day after. 

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Safe Street Team Visits UCWNA
December 14, 2010

Officer Tommy Brooks attended the Upham's Corner Westside Neighborhood Association meeting on December 14, 2010 and described how the Upham's Corner Safe Street Team operates.  He also noted their participation in the upcoming quarterly meetings sponsored by the District Attorney's office and encouraged us all to attend.   Read More

Open Letter to Officer Brooks

Following up on Sgt Brooks' offer to help solve problems that dimiish the quality of life in our community, Upham's Corner News has written an Open Letter to Officer Brooks asking for his assistance in tackling the Hot Spots that plague our business district.  Read More

The Safe Street Team Initiative

Safe Street Teams is a Boston Police Department "initiative" for handling high-crime areas. Created in 2007, the Safe Street Teams "foster police and community engagement on a more personal level." 

They "provide a reassuring presence in neighborhoods through walking the beat and focusing on proactive and preventive measures to reduce crime, enforce public safety and improve the quality of life in the areas they are assigned."   Read More

Trip Hazard Repair
November 18, 2010

ADA sidewalk repair created a trip hazard which we called to the attention of the contractor.  They weren't authorized to repair it, they said, but the next day began their work. Walking is now a lot safer. Story & Photos

Repairing the Strand Theatre Sidewalk
December 2, 2010

Months ago, after a utility excavation almost directly in front of the Strand Theatre, an ugly patch of asphalt was used to fill in a stretch of sidewalk where bricks were meant to be.  Late in November a crew showed up to complete the sidewalk repairs.  The result is excellent. Story & Photos

Restaurant 33 will be "Springing" into Action
December 14, 2010

The BLB issued its final license to Restaurant at 33 Hancock Street giving full  permission to open.  Mr. Bingham, the owner, is planning a Spring opening - warm weather, flowers in bloom and hungry residents ready to venture out for a taste of "the finer life."   Read More

Getting Help - Boston Police Explain B2/C11 Districts
December 15, 2010

Even some police officers get confused about where B2 stops and C11 begins.  BPD communications investigated and provided an official desciption and we created a map.  Read More

About Town
Thur, December 30, 2010

 - Dorchester Collegiate Academy
 - Cataloni's - Licensing Board Hearing rescheduled
 - One Hotspot done - graffiti on the side of Rainbow

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