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Vol I No 9 - 11/18/2010
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A Focus on the Arts in Upham's Corner

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500 Lights on our Holiday Tree

It's true!  Supervisor Clif Sullivan and maintenance mechanic Ian Umansky wired up the Upham's Corner holiday tree (under Santa's careful guidance).  Great story & wonderful photos

Upham's Corner Calendar

Get involved in Upham's Corner.   Speak out, contribute, make a difference.  Find all the meetings and events here.  View Calendar

Santa Lighting the Upham's Corner Tree

Santa and his sleigh of merry elves will light the Upham's Corner Holiday tree at 5pm, Saturday Nov 27, 2010.  Complete Schedule

Maxwell Flea Market

Follow-up on a series of articles on the shutdown of Maxwell Flea Market - what our readers had to say.  Read More

Community Greenhouse

The Food Project and DSNI are working with the community to determine the best use of the greenhouses on Brook Ave.  Next meeting Fri 11/20/10 5pm  View Flyer and dates

About Town

- Vandalism at L&M Bargain
- Car vandalism Monadnock St
- Stoughton St acid power washing
Stories & Photos

Meet the New Owner

 Steven Bingham is the new owner of  33 Hancock St - formerly Ka' Carlos.  What are his plans for this potentially exciting addition to our neighborhood? Story & Photos

Looking Back - Ka' Carlos in 2005

How much has changed in five short years!   In 2005 Ka' Carlos was honored as the Upham's Corner Main Street Business of the Year.  Read More

The Food Project - More about Urban Growing

Muller Mirville led us on an eye-opening tour of The Food Project back in September.  Now he's ready to teach us more about urban growing and The Food Project activities.  Story & Photos

Getting Help - The Police Department Speaks Out

Police Officer Edward Chrispin gives us tips on
-  911 and cell phones
-  The right mindset and staying safe
-  What to do in an emergency 
Read More

Mayor Thomas M. Menino Invites You to

Strand Holiday Event 2010 A DORCHESTER CHRISTMAS


Monday, Deccember 6, 2010 at 7pm

Event details

The Art Scene is Growing in Upham's Corner

Upham's Corner Artist - Work Dedicated in Peabody Square

Sleeping Moon DedicationWell before the four clock starting hour on October 26, 2010, people began assembling at the outer edge of the Ashmont MBTA station. 

Clusters of friends, neighbors and city and state officials formed about the enshrouded sculpture.  The weather was spectacular - a warm upper 60s in late October.

Joyce Linehan and Rosanne Foley opened the program expressing their grateful thanks to the many contributors and participants who enabled the five year long process to culminate in this dedication.

Story & Photos

Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios

The 9th Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios weekend took place October 22-23, 2010 with all events spanning from October 17 through October 26.  Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios
  • Friday night - event reception

  • Saturday morning - DotBike tour of Dorchester art

  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons  -  Open Studios
Read More

Public Artwork Dedicated in Edward Everett Square - Great Success

A large crowd of excited well-wishers attended the unveiling of the newest public artwork in Edward Everett Square - neighbors, collaborators, public officials and the artists who made it all happen. Were you there on October 16, 2010?Edward Everett Square Public Artwork

Read the story.  Look closely at the many photos - the dedication, the art and the artists who fashioned the work and its placement in Everett Square. 

You will find yourself just as excited as we were that day - partaking in a celebration of Dorchester's past and Dorchester's future. 

Story & Photos

Special Events

11/27/10   5pm, Sat
Holiday Tree Lighting

12/6/10   7pm, Mon
Strand Holiday Concert

Market Place

A Dorchester Christmas $5.00

Ticket Sales:

Upham's Corner Beauty Supplies
769 Dudley St
9am - 6pm Monday -Saturday
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Jackson Market

Spend a little at Jackson Market - get a free cup of coffee. 
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Navarez Clothing

Stop in at  Navarez Clothing for the lowest prices in town.
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Free Community Lunch

Pilgrim Church
Every Satruday

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