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Vol I No 8 - 11/04/2010
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City Evicts Maxwell Flea Market - What Happened?  Why?  You be the Judge.

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About Town
Each issue we'll be collecting the little stories into one article we're calling "About Town."  
  • Cataloni's repaired
  • 33 Hancock - news from Pablo Juan
  • Camilo Liquors helping out
  • St. Mary's gets a new roof
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Boo Bash at the Strand
What an amazing and well run family event - safe, fun, healthy and a great alternative to the "streets."  Photos of the Boo Bash activities and the  kids in costume  - so heart-warming.  Funny Story & Beautiful Photos

#5-10 Pleasant Street Halloween Event
For nigh on 10 years, this low-number set of houses on Pleasant Street has celebrated Halloween in a big way. Funny Story & Photos

Fall Scenes & Colors
Colors are changing and leaves are drifting downward. Fall is in the air. Come take a look at the attractive decorations set out by Upham's Corner residents.Photos

Report on Voting in Upham's Corner
A quick look at voting activity at the UC Library polling station  Story & Photos

Focus on business: "Only One Design"
We are featuring this business for a second time with more photos.  Only One Design is an Upham's Corner secret and it needs more spotlight.  Santa Cabrera's boutique for women is out of this world  Story & photos

Friends of Upham's Corner
Would you like to join a group of people who  want to work towards a better future for Upham's Corner? More

Help with Recycling and Waste Management
Boston Public Works provides residents with environmentally friendly ways to handle their trash.  They also encourage composting and recycling. More

Maxwell Flea Market is Gone.  What Happened?

Complete Story

Maxwell Flea Market closed at the end of August 2010.  How surprising, how sad. Our thoughts were: "This long-standing Upham's Corner institution is owed a simple obituary - maybe some history - a few words of homage  - some type of closure."Maxwell Flea Market - All about Community

One phone call led to days of investigative  research.  The flea market's shutdown was not a simple business decision.  Close to 50 people lost their jobs when they had done nothing wrong. Furthermore, during the "eviction" process the Flea Market was not provided with due process while other tenants in the same building were.

The City of Boston Fire Department, the Department of Neighborhood Development, the Flea Market owner, Marcy Navarro, and through her, the vendors - they are all characters in this story, Housing Court as well.  We have the deepest respect for all parties involved and thank them for taking the time to tell their stories.
  1. Remembering Maxwell Flea Market - Who were these "little people," the vendors with no economic clout and little understanding of their legal rights, that they could so easily have been locked out of their work place with no warning and no recourse?

  2. Why did the Fire Department file a criminal complaint against DND?  Read Fire Marshall Kodzis' account.

  3. What was DND's role in managing 65 E Cottage Street?  Why did they "evict" the flea market with no warning and no due process?  Read the Dept of Neighborhood Development narrative from Lucy Warsh.

  4. What was it like to manage the flea market after DND took over the building?  What was it like in the closing days?  Read Marcy Navarro's account.  Includes details of what happened in court.

  5. The final days - dumpsters in an empty parking lot, a couple guys showing up to go to the flea market and people setting up "shop" on Humphreys St.  Photos

  6. Upham's Corner News has listened to all parties involved and examined ISD violation reports, Fire Department abatements, court documents and DND transmittals.  We conclude our presentation with the final article:  "Recommendations & Comments."

  7. To get clear on the actual events, take a look at the Dates & Documents
Give each person's story consideration. They worked hard to make sure their accounts were complete and accurate.  Think of yourselves as jurors listening to court testimony.  
  1. What do you think happened and why?  
  2. Could the situation have been handled differently?  
  3. Is there a lesson we - all of us - can learn from this event?  
The City of Boston owes us a better understanding of what happened and closure for everyone - owner, vendors, customers, neighbors and the Upham's Corner community.  

We seek to listen, learn, repair and heal.  Can you join us in this process?
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