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Vol I No 7 - 10/22/2010
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Public Artwork Dedication and Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios

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Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios this weekend
DAC is committed to bringing art to Dorchester based on their deep appreciation for the people of Dorchester  Schedule of events

Upham's Corner sculptor - dedication of his "Sleeping Moon"
Joseph Wheelwright's commissioned sculpture will be dedicated in Peabody Square Oct 26 - a great day for him and Upham's Corner  Story & photos

Focus on business: "Only One Design"
An exquisite clothing design shop for women of all sizes and styles, Only One Design is an Upham's Corner secret and it needs more spotlight.  Santa Cabrera's work is out of this world Story & photos

Thanks to Linda Webster
Linda Webster's good graces have helped take some of the "hotspots" out of our business district.  Full story & photos

Caught in the act
Hotspot: The alley continues its role as the Upham's Corner outdoor urninal. We caught a perpetrator in "the act."     Funny story & photos

Upham's Corner Main Streets moving
UCMS will be moving to a different office on Columbia Rd.  They are allowing us to document their challenges in renovating a really bad looking store front.  Photos & story

Shifting the Image
Upham's Corner News holds high the mirror that reflects back who we are.  It's always a surprise, too, what we see The Story

Upham's Corner ShinesFriends of Upham's Corner

Would you like to join a group of people who  want to work towards a better future for Upham's Corner? More

Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios this Weekend

What is Open Studios? Many artists live in Dorchester and have home studios. Dorchester Arts CollaborativeMany artists work in group sites such as the Pearl Street Studios or the Humphreys Street Studios.  Many pieces of public art exist in Dorchester and that number is growing.

The question is this:  

How can we celebrate and share the rich artistic abundance here in Dorchester with everyone?

Open Studios is more than a week long event with particular emphasis on getting to know the art, celebrating the art and getting to know the artists and their work in Dorchester.  There's a reception, a bike ride and two afternoons of visits to local area artist studios.

More about this event and how to contact them.

Upham's Corner Artist - Dedication of his "Sleeping Moon" in Peabody Square

Join us for the Dedication of Sleeping Moon.

"Sleeping Moon" is a monumental bronze sculpture by Upham's Corner artist, Joseph Wheelwright.  It will be dedicated in a City Celebration at 4pm, Tuesday, October 26, 2010.  
Sleeping Moon
Special guests will include: Mayor Thomas M. Menino MBTA General Manager Richard A. Davey and there will be a performance by the Boston City Singers.  

The celebration will be held at the Ashmont Station Plaza - corner of Dorchester Avenue and Ashmont Street

Read full story with schedule details

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Help with Recycling and Waste Management

Boston Public Works provides residents with environmentally friendly ways to handle their trash.  They also encourage composting and recycling. More

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