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Vol I No 6 - 10/15/2010
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Headline: Public Artwork Dedication in Edward Everett Square - October 16, 2010

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010
Nancy J. Conrad

Ground Breaking Public Art Unveiled

Plan to be in Edward Everett Square before 1pm.  Bring your camera and good spirits.  Plan to congratulate your fellow Dorchestrians for their wonderful efforts and results.

Edward Everett Square is proudly setting its place on the artist's map of Boston. Saturday, October 16, 2010 is a day for celebrating.  

At 1pm dignitaries, artists, Friends of Edward Everett Square and the EES Committee will begin the ribbon cutting ceremony.  

This event represents the culmination of 15 years of collaboration among community groups, city agencies and the artist, Laura Baring-Gould.  
Edward Everett Square Public Art Dedication
"The final project redefines the capacity of public art to enhance the aesthetic experience, promote historic appreciation, and catalyze urban renewal."

All of us, artist or not, can feel proud of the work that area residents put into this effort.

Everyone benefits.  High quality art naturally raises our expectations and provides a foundation for hope. 

The Favorite Clapp Pear

We are all familiar with the 12 foot sculpture of Dorchester's Clapp pear - a reminder of our roots grounded in agriculture.  This represented the completion of one of the early phases of the artistic design work headed up by Ms. Baring-Gould.  

Full Event Details and more photos

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