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Vol I No 5 - 10/05/2010
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Headline: Upham's Corner Hot Spots - A Blight on our Business District

Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Nancy J. Conrad

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Upham’s Corner has long had irritating spots (hot spots) that never seem to go away.  Residents complain; some take action; the City helps out. Upham's Corner Hotspots Those of us who have lived here "forever" can't remember a time when we were free of problems.  

This article is first in a series called “Upham’s Corner Hot Spots.”

Our goals are  pride-based.  We will ask what might be causing our neighborhood to be "blighted" with apparent neglect. Then we will look at recurring “hot spots”  we believe can be rectified through education, resident action and help from the City of Boston.  These include:

  • Trash and litter
  • Graffiti
  • Human waste
  • Disrepair and neglect
  • Loitering & More

Realistically we need to ask ourselves: Why do we put up with this?
Upham's Corner Hotspots
Is it possible we have given up?  Or maybe we have grown accustomed to a way of life?  

If Upham's Corner were our child, personally unclean and unkempt (whew!!), we would take  steps to correct the problem (or else!). 

If we didn't, we could be accused of neglect and bad parenting.

“Here’s a great-looking place on the map - ‘Upham’s Corner – Strand Theater’ – Let’s go visit.”

Yes! Let's go visit Upham's Corner. Let's pretend we are visiting for the very first time. What impression do we get of our city? 
  • Do we like what we see?
  • Does it draw us in?
  • Do we want to live here?
  • Do we want to shop here?
  • Do we want to set up business here?
Isn't it time to recommit to ourselves and to our community?

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Hazardous Waste Drop-off

Public Works is providing two hazardous waste drop off days for Boston residents only - Oct 9 and Nov 13.   They are also providing free document shredding and more ...Link to City of Boston Info

Yard Waste Pickup

Leaves start falling soon but the City will start the Leaf and Yard Waste Collection on October 18.  Last day for pickup is 11/27/10.  More Details

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New Series - Upham's Corner Hotspots

Upham's Corner has problem areas that the residents, businesses and shoppers seem to tolerate.  They are ugly and bring down what could be a very attractive section of Dorchester.

We'll begin by suggesting that Hotspots be a priority for us.  Solutions are available, and they are not hard to implement.  

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Second in a series on Upham's Corner Defined, we look at the Fernald Terrace Rock section of Upham's Corner.

The topography of the "Rock" isolates this section from the rest of Upham's Corner.  

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Walk for Dudley 2010

Follow-up article on the DSNI-sponsored "Walk for Dudley"

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