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Vol I No 4 - 9/08/2010
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Feature Article: The Food Project - a Private Tour

Posted: Monday, September 20, 2010
Nancy J. Conrad
The Food Project (TFP) is a visionary experiment in urban farming. Muller Mirville is a 16-year-old youth who wants to be a math teacher "when he grows up."

Two years ago, quite by chance, they met.  Muller liked The Food Project work immediately and they've been teammates ever since.

This is the story of The Food Project as seen through the eyes of Muller Mirville.

Muller lives in Upham’s Corner and attends the Urban Sciences Academy, a part of West Roxbury High. 

A couple years ago a counselor pointed him to The Food Project for a summer job. Now he works there full-time summers. When school's in session, he gets to do related activities like cooking for shelters.

He's enthusiastic. He loves talking about the kids and the outreach, how he gets to lead, motivate and teach others and the sense he has of making a difference in the world, one child at a time. 

Muller took us on a tour of The Food Project sites in Roxbury.

  • The Urban Learning Farm
  • The Shirley Eustis mansion orchard
  • The main production farm
  • An abandoned greenhouse they just acquired
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Call for your Memories

As you probably know, after 15 years Maxwell Flea Market has closed.  Do you have good memories you'ld like to share with us? If so, please contact the Editor 617-436-8559 or email us at uphamscornernews@gmail.com.


Photo Tour - Upham's Corner Trees & Gardens

First in a series of photos of Upham's Corner trees & gardens.  Last issue we dubbed this series "a matter of pride."  

It shows how members of our community are taking pride where they live and where they work. Start the Photo Tour

Maybe we should Notify DSS

25 Virginia St is a group house for the Mental Health Department.  Vinfen is the corporation that "runs" the house.  The "house" is getting to be a problem ... Read More

Advisory Board Ideas

Several people have signed onto the Advisory Board and they brought their ideas along.  Check it out!

Your Voice is Important

We welcome your input - photos, stories, ideas and suggestions.

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The Faces of Upham's Corner - New

A photo collage series - faces of Upham's Corner.  People in all walks of life - their pictures included in the photo collage  - stunning  Read More
Walk for Dudley 2010

DSNI-sponsored Walk for Dudley scheduled for Sat 9/25/2010.  Don't miss it!
MBTA Series Starting 
  • The disappearing bus seat
  • Bus routes and commuter rail in Upham's Corner
  • A new bus seat upgrade program
  • Condition of bus stops
  • MBTA online tools

Stories in the Making

  • The Food Project - Part II
  • Maxwell Flea Market
  • What's up with Cataloni's Bar?
  • Shifting the Image

Restoration Carpenter - Master Builder Needed

We're looking for an historic restoration specialist - primarily exterior. Know of anyone?

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