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Vol I No 1 - 8/26/2010
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Feature Article: Geraldo Serrano Honored

Posted: Saturday, August 21, 2010
Nancy J. Conrad
The sun was shining - the weather, perfect. Friends, family, neighbors and city officials gathered at Dudley Terrace to celebrate and remember the life of Geraldo Serrano. A half dozen people each spoke of their love and respect for Mr. Serrano and of his lifelong commitment to the community. Geraldo Serrano

Mayor Menino lauded the Upham's Corner neighborhood for providing information leading to the arrests.

"We all need to look after each other, to identify issues and to step forward. You have a strong community here. Everyone including the mayor's office, the district attorney, the police department, churches and community groups worked together to make a difference."

Addressing Mr. Serrano as if he were present, the mayor seemed to speak from his heart:

"Thank you, thank you, for your years of commitment to this part of our city."

Donna Haskins, a former tenant leader, remembered Geraldo with emotion -- always present and caring. "He loved his family, she said. "He loved working at the store, he loved his Bible and he treated everyone as if they were part of his family."

Donna, who had moved away from Upham's Corner, recently returned for a vist. Getting off the bus, she looked across the street at the store where Geraldo worked. It wasn't the same store.The name she had known for decades, Hermanos Unidos, was gone. Yet she still looked inside the store for her friend as if nothing had changed. He wasn't there. She felt heartbroken and saddened.

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