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Upham's Corner Main Street - A New Beginning

Posted: April 28, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

UCMS Reinvented Upham's Corner Main Street
Annual Community Meeting

Upham's Corner Main Street has a lot to celebrate.  With community input they are adopting a new Strategic Plan to guide our work for the next 3 years, they just moved into the new street level office right next to the Strand Theatre in the heart of Upham's Corner and they will be hiring a new executive director.

Join them for refreshments and conversation at our Annual Community Meeting at the Kroc Center on Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:30pm - accomplishments over the year, community awards and the unveiling of the (tentative) strategic plan.

And they need your help and input.  The voices of residents and businesses are needed to complete the strategic plan. Plan to come with your ideas and vision. 

Congratulations to Zachary Cohen, Executive Director

After five years of dedicated work, our Executive Directory, Zachary Cohen, is leaving us to enter business school - MIT's Sloan School of Management. Zach, good job!

Yes, Zach's commitment, ideas and leadership will sorely be missed.  We look forward to a new and equally committed person in his stead. 

Teamwork - Main Street, Businesses & Residents

Main Street can only be as strong as its member businesses, residents and institutions make it. There's plenty of opportunity for EVERYONE to join in and share ideas.

Turn the Corner Sat
4/30/2011 4-6pm Restaurant Laura
Annual Meeting Thu
5/12/2011 5:30-7:30pm Kroc Center
Board Meeting Tue
5/17/2011 6-8pm UCMS Office
Turn the Corner Tue
5/31/2011 4-6pm TBA
Board Meeting Tue 6/21/11 6-8pm UCMS Office
Urban Safari Wed

Franklin Park Zoo (speial tribute to Zach)

** Note:  Board meetings are always the third Tuesday of the month and EVERYONE is welcome to attend.

Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Upham's Corner Main Street,

I write to you at a very exciting time for the organization.  We are just putting the finishing touches on our new storefront office next to the Strand Theatre. On May 12, at our Annual Meeting we will present the 1st draft of a new and exciting Plan to guide our organization for the next 3 years. And this summer we will welcome a new Executive Director.

It's with some sadness that I report the departure of our current Executive Director, Zachary Cohen. For the past 5 years Zach has been our lead staff through every project, event and meeting.  We will all miss his energy, his ideas and his commitment to Upham's Corner. But of course we are happy that he is taking the next step in his career and attaining an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

In the coming months you will see a transformed UCMS - new location, new staff and new plans! We need everyone's support through this transition and we want everyone to be part of this new beginning.  Upham's Corner Main Street can only be as strong as its member businesses, residents and institutions can make it. That's why we need your energy, your input and your participation.

So join us on May 12 at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, and have your voice heard.  If you can't make it then, come to one of our Turn the Corner get-togethers on the last day of every month (the next one is Saturday 4-6 at Restaurant Laura). And of course come to our Urban Safari, June 22 at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Best wishes,

Matthew Bruce
President, Upham's Corner Main Street  mbruce@uphamscorner.org

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