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Uphams Corner Main Street Fundraiser 2013 - Planning on-Track

Planning is On Track

UCMS FundraiserMax MacCarthy, Executive Director, Uphams Corner Main Street (UCMS), provided a 2013 UCMS fundraiser update to the Main Street Board at its May meeting (5/21). "Everything is on track and we expect an interesting and fun event. The theme is Celebrating Creative Community with a focus on creative businesses, artists and projects going on in the neighborhood."

Max said the fundraiser will be in the theater of the Strand not in the lobby as in prior years and he noted that Boston Main Street has used the theater format very successfully in prior years. Attendees will be able to walk around, explore and look at the display stations in detail. Chris Cook will feature prominently in the walking tour of displays and will be accompanied by a "mystery guest." Fred Woodard and his jazz group will be providing background music.

Tito Jackson will conduct the Silent Auction and the Board looks forward a repeat of last year - "very entertaining." UCMS has already received paintings, timeshare and car rental certificates, a signed hockey puck from the Boston Bruins and a "goodie" basket from the Dorchester Historical Society.

The more the merrier, so think about what YOU can donate and give Max a call (617.265.0363).

Fundraising Goals

The UCMS goal is to raise $15,000 after expenses so the $16, 000 raised thus far (from sponsors) needs to reach about $21,000 by June 13, the day of the fundraiser. Cutoff for ads is May 31 and if anyone would like to include an ad but does not know how to format it, Max is willing to help out.

The group discussed "angel contributors," those who create pre-paid tickets so that others can come for free or at a reduced price. As greatly appreciated as the donations are, they seem to be "hidden" from public view - at least that was the feedback from several board members. "Can we highlight angel donors better?"

Money contributed supposedly targets Angel Tickets, but what really happens? This year UCMS will display a poster highlighting the impact the Angel Ticket contributors have made. Hopefully, as a result of the Angel contributions, groups of people will come from some of the local non-profits like Bird Street, Dorchester Bay and others.

The next couple of weeks will be transitioning to selling tickets. "Each one, bring one" - so goes the expressioin - but in this case the UCMS Board is being asked to each bring five people.


Max MacCarthy 617.265.0363

UCMS 2013 Fundraiser

Celebrating Creative Community
Uphams Corner Main Street Fundraiser

Thu, Jun 13, 2013, 6:30-8:30 PM
The Strand Theater
543 Columbia Rd, Dorchester

Have fun and meet members of the community
Celebrate UCMS' volunteer-based effort to revitalize the Upham's Corner business district
Help raise money for the work of Uphams Corner Main Street.


Posted: May 22, 2013 Nancy J Conrad

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